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Bulletproof Heart

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Frank Tells storeis

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Sorry for not updating sooner. so this chapter is about 200 words longer!

Frank's Pov
I went downstairs with the guys, forgetting my room was a mess.
“uhh sorry it's uhm a mess.” I stuttered out
“ its cool, man. My room is worse.” Ray said going on about his room and how bad it was.
“Shit!” i said running up stairs to talk to my mom about the tombstones
“Hey mom i found something i need you to look at”
“Yeah Frank?” She said Finishing up supper
“What is this about?” i said asking. Showing her the picture i took with my phone.
“Your father is from around here, not me, so i wouldn't know.”
Ugh she called him father. “ M'kay Mom Thats all i guess”
“supper will be ready soon.” she said, telling me to tell the guys to come up soon.
I went down the stairs to here ray, Mikey and Gerard talking, about me.

Gerard's Pov
i was quite for awhile after frank left.
“So Gerard-” Mikey said in a cooing voice before i cut him off.
“Shut it Mikey” I said walking around franks room looking at stuff.
“Gerard do you like Frank, a little much?” Bob and Ray said Laughing.
“Fuck you Guys” I said, Pissed

Frank's pov
I went in my room, Slamming the door behind me.
“What wrong Frankie?” Gerard asked.
“My mom and calling Frank SR. “Your Dad.” I said Disgusted
“Oh. You don't like him, do you Frankie?” Gerard said Coming over to me and pulling me into a hug.
He Begin rubbing my back.
“ Frankie don't worry about him” He said leading over to Bob,Ray And Mikey.
“Hey frank” Mikey said Rubbing my back as while. “ It'll Be okay someday” He said Try to Calm me down.
“Yeah Frank. It'll be okay someday. Now that you got us in your life, Mostly me” Ray said Joking around.
“Frank Me and Ray are the kids at school that don't get picked on, that much, so if you want to tell every one you know us, they will freak out.” Bob said with a smile on his face, his Ice Blue eyes Shining.
“Thanks Guys” I said Smiling at them. I Should Probably tell and show you guys some stuff though-”
“DINNERS READY!” My mom shouted from upstairs.
We All ran upstairs.
“ I'll tell you guys after supper” i said when we got upstairs.
“Okay Frank-” I cut Gerard Off
“ My mom doesn't know im Bi. She would abuse me more then my dad did if she found out.” i wisped to them. They all nodded
“ We can Help you pack your things then you could tell her and if she didn't want you here you could come live with us” Gerard wisped
i nodded. Perfect i could live with one of my best friends and my boyfriend!!!
My mom sat down a vegan meatloaf on the table.
“Are you Vegan?” Gerard asked my mom.
“Uhm No Dear” She said looking at me
“Oh right. Guys I'm Vegan” i said smiling
“Thats Cool” Gerard said Holding my hand under the table.
“ Cool with us” Ray Said Ginning
~ 1 Hour Later~

“Thanks Mom!” I said going down to the basement with the guys.
“Your mom is a good cook” Ray Said Liking his fingers.
“ Do you play gutair?” I asked him
“ Uh Yeah... Do you?” he said looking at me like i was an idiot.
“ Uh Yeah!” I Said Jumping around the room.
Gerard jut laughed his cute little laugh. Man I love him.
I ran over to him and and jumped in his lap
I giggled.
“sorry Gee” I said sounding like a five year old.
“ it's okay Frankie.” He said Planting a small kiss on my lips.
I just grinned like a little kid.
“ Anyway Frank..” Mikey Said trailing off
Shit i forgot about telling them my stores.

“ Okay” i said sounding as calm as i could. I Pulled my shirt off and traced the scare on my heart.
Gerard's eyes got really big.
“Wh-ha-hat happened?” Gerard asked, panicked
When I Was four and a half my dad took a bottle to my chest.”
I Traced the on on my side.
“When i was five and a half my dad took a knife and cut my side open.”
I turned around.
“ The on straight down my spine if from when he tried taking my spine out of my body.”
“The on Near my head is when he tried to behead me.”
“The One on my lower back is from him just plainly beating me.”
I Ran to the bathroom and put on some shorts.
“The on on my Ankle is from more beating”
“ the rest are from him just plainly beating me.”
“ Oh my god” Mikey said freaked out.
“Yeah. My mom and i have been running from him for a year, when i was fifteen.”
Gerard got up and hugged me and started crying. He ran his hands though my short hair.
“Why are you crying Gee?” I asked hugging him.
“ Because Of what you've been though, Frankie.” He said Looking down at me with his perfect hazel eyes. I giggled.
“It's not that bad Gee.” i said “ Expacily now that i have you, and Ray.” We all laughed.
“But Gee it not that bad now that i have you guys.”
Buh Beyz I Luv you!
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