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Bob's Pov

I walked back to the tree and everyone was sleeping so I sat there and thought, I tried not thinking about Cameron but everything relates to her. I'm fucking in love with her, He Perfect mix of brown and blond hair, he always changing color eyes, her broken/ lopsided glasses, they way her clothes had Sasha,Her Dog, Fur all over them, the way she fought with the teachers, the way she smelled, her hardly ever matching socks, the same Misfits bag shes had from 3rd grade, Everything was perfect about her, but she didn't love me as much as I loved her. I sat under the tree till I heard a faint “Bob?” I looked up it was the girl from my math class, uh whats her name? Cat! That’s it. “uh Hi.. Its Cat right?” I asked looking at her, she had dyed red hair with blue and green streaks in it with Lime green eyes, and a Pink tee shirt that said “I Go for the drummer” and black shorts. She giggled “Yeah I’m Cat. Whatcha thinking about?” she asked sitting next to me. “Life issues” I said Laughing. “Like what?” She asked. “Girl issues.” she smiled “Do you like someone?” “Uh yeah. Do you know Cameron Murray?” I asked “Yeah shes in my Reading class, shes kinda weird but I think shes cool.” she said with a smile, she had braces the rubber bands were Lime green and Blue. “Yeah that’s who I like.” I said sighing “Then ask her out!” she said. “I can’t, she has a boyfriend and she said that she loves me but she loves him more.” “Oh” She said sighing “Life sucks, Bob” she said patting my back. I laughed “It sure dose Cat, it sure does.

Cameron's Pov
Mikey and I walked back to the tree hand in hand and found Bob and Cat talking and the rest of the group asleep. “Uh Hey Bob....” I said not looking at him. “Uh Hey.....” He said playing with his shoe strings. “Hi!” Cat said sad getting up and walking over to me “Uh Hi....?” I said. “This isn't awkward, at all....” Mikey said putting one hand in his Sweatshirt pocket and leaving the other holding my hand. “Nope I said Putting our hands in his sweatshirt pocket. We all stood there for a minute. “I'm sorry Bob” I said going over and hugging him. He gulped and sighed “It's cool... I guess......” I looked puzzled and let go of him “I guess? What Do you mean “I Guess” “ I Don't know...” He said Looking at me with puppy dog eyes. “Bob your my best friend and sometimes We have to make a choice it might be for the best even if......” I trailed off “ If if what?” He asked “Even if it Ruins a friendship.” I said Walking over to Mikey and taking his hand “ I'm Sorry Bob I really am, But I doubt you wanna be friends anymore.” I was ready to cry, I've known Bob from toddler years, I don't want to lose him but I might and I might as well tell myself he hates me and never wants to be friends again. Bob stayed quite. “Told ya” I began crying, Mikey Pulled me into a hung and We walked to the “Secret place.” all it was was a large Hole in the woods that the group used to hang out in when we didn't want to go to school. “Mikey He hates me!” I bawled into Mikey's Chest. “No He doesn’t, babe.” He Said Stroking my hair

Cat's Pov
Bob Just Stood there then ran after Cameron and Mikey. “Bob Wait I need to talk to you!” I screamed running after him. “What Cat?” he said turning around and looking at me. “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.” I said and walked away. Everyone else had woke up by now. “Hi! I said walking over to them. “Hi Cat!” Gabby said, she got up and hugged me. We had been Besties for along time. “Hi Ray!” I said Running over and Putting chips in his fro. “Hi Cat.” he said Shaking his fro. “Come on Ray! Your no fun!” I squeaked. He laughed. “Hey Gerard!” I Said “Who's your new Friend??” “Frank. Frank this is Cat One of my best friends. Cat this is Frank My boyfriend.” Gerard Said Gesturing at us “ Hi Frank!” I said shaking his hand “Hi Cat...” he said and gulped like he was in pain. “ you okay?” I asked him. “Yeah Kinda.” he said “Stitches?” Gerard asked “Yeah.” Frank answered. “sorry if I hurt you Frank!” I said, Freaking out.

Bob's Pov
Ran Ran As fast is I Could Replaying what Cat said “[/If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.”/] Maybe I should stop fighting for Cameron Shes Made Her choice, Ah Fuck it ,If you love something, Then fight for it, I'm going to Fight for her weather Mikey Likes it or not. I wasn’t paying attention and Ran Smack in to Cameron “Cameron! Uh...” I blinked like a movie projector. I didn't know what to say. “Uh I...... Uh......I..........Sorry!” I yelled and ran off. I'm Such a fucking wimp. I ran till I got to the old park, the park with the pond. This is My Secret Place, No ones knows about it but me. A White cat with blood spots on it walked past me “Here Kitty kitty kitty!” I called for it sitting down clapping my hands. It walked over to me and climbed in my lap. I looked the blood spots, Bullet wounds and dog bites. “Poor Kitty” Meow I Stood up cuddling it in my arms “I'll Call you.....” I sat there for a minute. What was I going to call this cat? What was I going to do with it? Take it to the Vet? Take it Home? I shrugged “Ghost” I nodded. It did fit because He was lurking in the shadows and he was White. “Perfect” I nodded. He just looked at me. “Lets get you to the Vet, Huh Ghost?” Mew I Walked back to the school I saw Cat, Mikey, Cameron, Gabby, and Ray, but no Gerard and Frank. “Uh Guys I found a cat, I’m taking Him to the vet, Wanna Come?” “Aww Poor Kitty!” Cat Said getting up and petting the cat “I'm coming!” she said right away. “We're coming!” Gabby yelled Grabbing Rays hand. “We'll come.” Cameron said in a faint voice. She stood Up she was looking at the ground, her hood up, hair in her face. Mikey put his arm around her, He looked at me, He looked like He might have been crying, Wait is Cameron Crying??? “You don't have to go if you don't want to babe” He said to Cameron. “I know.” she said still looking at the ground. Mikey Took Her Chin and Put her head up and brushed the hair out of her face and Kissed her Quick. When he pulled away I could see he face better. She had been crying, He make-up was running down her face, Her eyes were bloodshot and red and puffy under them. She looked at me and Put her hood back up ad hair in her face She murmured “Mikey he hates, I can tell.”
I hadn't thought much about her lately but seeing her like that just Tore me apart. “No he doesn’t Baby, your just self-concuss.” Mikey said Rubbing her back. “I Don't hate you.” I said walking to my car and putting the cat on the passenger seat. Everyone got in my car, everyone but Cameron and Mikey.

Mikey's Pov
I can't stand seeing Cameron Like this, Thinking We hate her and Pitty her and feel like we have to be nice to her. She sat next to me, her head resting on my shoulder. She was sound sleep. “He Loves you more then you know” I whispered in her ear, she just yawned and went back to snoring. I smiled Shes my rebel and shes perfect. Now I see why Bob likes her so much, Shes Fucking gorgeous. “I love you.” I said and Looked at her, She was Drooling on my misfits hoodie. I pulled up to the vets, “Cameron, Babe you need to wake up” I said Shaking her. “ I don't want to Mikes” she whinnied. “I know Babe” She sat up and Pulled me into a kiss, She slightly bit my lip and I Moaned slightly, she ran her tongue over my lips, I parted my lips and we made- out for like 15 minutes till we heard a tap and the car window and a “ COME ON LOVE BIRDS!!!!” outside the window. Cameron Flipped them off and kissed me one last time and began to get out then looked at me and laughed. “what?” I said. She just took off her hoodie and said “ Hold the in front of you” and got out. I looked down. Fuck! “Coming Mikey?” Cameron said though the window. “Yeah..” I said I got out of the car and took my hoodie off and gave Cameron back her hoodie and tied mine around my waist so no one would notice. “Boner?” Bob whispered in my ear . “Yeah..” I said awkwardly. He laughed. Cameron came up to Us “ Bob Can we talk?” I said. Bob Handed me His Cat and walked off.

Cameron's Pov
“Bob, Do you hate me? Honestly! No Pitty Cameron or I Feel Bad for her! No None of that Shit!” I said. “ No I Love you” he said. I was taken back, even after our fight he still loves me. “ But I kind of like cat” He said Grinning. “Ask her out!” I said “You two would be perfect for each other! Well You Like Cats and her Name is Cat so that’s a Plus” I said laughing. “Yeah” Bob Said laughing. “ you forgive me?” I asked when we both calmed down. “Of course” he said ruffling my hair. “good” I said walking back to the Vets. We went inside and found out that Bob's Cat would be fine. “Whats the cat's name?” the lady behind the desk asked. “Ghost” bob replied. “That’s cool!” I said “I would have called it Bullets.” He gave me a confused look “Why?” “Because of its bullet wounds.” I said walking over and picking up a magazine; Nothing good so I stood up and walked over to Bob and lied my head on him. The Lady behind the desk gave us a look, I flipped her off and walked till I found Mikey and the group. “Hi Mikey!” I said sitting in his lap. “Hey babe!” he said kissing my cheek. “where’s Gerard and Frank?” I asked. Mikey sighed “ Off Probably doing it” I looked shocked “Well then” I grinned. Bob Came in and told us we could leave, the cat will have to stay over night. “That sucks” I said standing up and Hugging Bob. “You staying at my house, Bob?” Mikey Asked “Yeah, Sure!” Bob Said as we walked out to the cars.

Franks Pov
Gerard and I Lied on the Bed, Not Saying or doing anything. Gerard got up and Got Dressed and Looked at me, Still Lying on the bed.”Frankie Gonna Get Dressed?” He asked me Walking into the bathroom. I Got Up and Got Dressed. Yawn “Tired Frankie?” He asked as He Smacked My ass. “Yeah I said Jumping on his back and making him carry me Up Stairs. “ I Get My Stitches out tomorrow right Gee?” I asked as he carried me upstairs. Mikey and the Group walked thought the door. Cameron was Holding on to Mikey's Arm, Ray had his arms wrapped around Gabby's Shoulders and Bob Looked worried “You Okay Bob?” I asked. They All Jumped “Were the Fuck did you Come from?” Cameron said holding on to Mikey Tighter. I laughed “ Downstairs” “I'm Not Okay now!” Bob yelled. Cameron, Mikey, Ray and Gabby all went up to Mikey's room, Bob Raided our fridge and gee and I Just stood there. “what happened after we Left?” I asked Bob, He Looked up at me. “I Don’t know. I wasn't there the whole time. All I know it I found a cat and we took it to the vet.” He walked Upstairs so we fallowed. Cameron and Mikey were Playing a First Person Shooter game Gabby was Laughing every time Cameron Killed Mikey and Ray was Laughing every time Cameron Yelled at Mikey for Killing her. “But Mmmikey! I'm your Girlfriend.” Cameron said Looking at Mikey with puppy dog eyes. “Yeah? I'm Your Boyfriend.” He would Respond “But Mikey I'm your Girlfriend your suppose to take it easy on me” she would say with her bottom lip out. “Nope!” Mikey said starting the game again “Jerk!” She Would Squeal then knock him over so he would lose. “Cheater! Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!” he would yell! Gabby laughed till she turned red and ran out of air. It was perfect. Gerard sat me down on the bed and sat on the floor and we watched them for almost 4 hours straight it was about 12:00am. Cameron yawned “I'm Tired” she said. Mikey Got Up and Got Blankets and Pillows and Mattresses and set them up. “everyone Sleeping up here?” he asked Looking at Gerard and I. “Yeah” Gerard answered.

Gabby's Pov
We All Got Ready For Bed Mikey Gave Cameron Some of His Clothes for Her to Sleep in and ray had extra clothes he Gave Me to Sleep in. Cameron and I went in the bathroom to get Ready. “ You Really Love Mikey Don't Ya?” I Said Grinning “Yeah. But I Love Bob to.” she bit her lip then Smiled. “ What?” Cat asked. Cameron Looked Over “nothing.” we got out of the bathroom and Sat on our Beds. “Bob You Gonna Do What we talked about earlier?” Cameron Asked Lying on Mikey's Bed Cuddling Up to Him. Mikey Wrapped his arms around her. “Yeah.” Bob said Getting excited he got up and walked over to cats bed and Sat down. The began talking but no one could hear them. “So?” I Said looking at Everyone who was Intently watching Bob and Cat. They all ignored me so I looked over and watched them as well. Bob leaned over and kissed Cat.
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