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saturday nights suck

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I spent the whole day locked inside my room,music blaring.I didnt even want to think about the world outside my window,much less become part of it.Mabey one of these days it will finally just stop trying to suck me under its wheels and crush me. "Frank,I'm going to the store,im out of vodka.Ill be back in about a half an hour.Behave." my mother called from the other side of the door,though barley audible over my music.

After about five minutes of waiting for me to tell her bye,with no such luck,she finally left.Somtimes I wanted to be able to tell her I love her,but I know that those rare moments where she doesnt hate me,is only because her mind isnt clouded over by alchahaul(A/N:sorry if i spelled that wrong),and will only last untill she goes to the store.

I sit on my floor,not moving as my fringe falls into face,obscuring my vision.I went to swallow,but my throat is to dry,I need soda.I pad down the stairs in my scooby doo socks to the dinning room.Like the kid I am,I just had to slide across the tile floor to the fidge,but landed on my ass instead of looking like Elvis.

Ouch... I rubbed my sore bone and got a Dr.Pepper and a bag of skittles,sour fizzy skittles that is.I padded back up the stairs to my room,where my sanctuary of music was pumping throughout about,filling the space with the glorious sound of the Misfits.I laid my head bck against my bed,as I was sitting on the floor,and listened to the music,ocasionaly popping a skittle in my mouth or taking a drink of my soda.

KNOCK,KNOCK I groaned and stood up,swaying a little from te head rush it had given me,and went to get the front door.I expected to see my mom,completly out of it fom drinking on her way home.But it wasnt her,it was Ray. "Whats up,brocoli head?" I ask,and watch a his face screws up at the nickname I had just given him.

"What?Your har kinda does look like brocoli.Want a skittle?" I askand pour a cuple skittles in his hand as his head banged with his frantic nodding.I noticed I was almost out of skittles.I need to get one of those jumbo bags.

I motioned for Ray to fallow me into the living room,and plopped down on the couch.I could still hear the sound of the Misfits playing upstairs but i was to lazy to go turn it off. "Saturdays suck,man." Ray said and put his head in his hands.

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