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saturday nights suck part 2

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Mikey had only left about an hour ago,and I have already called Emily over.The second after Mikey walked out my door,thoughts of Frank clouded my mind.Apperently I will get to see him,and learn what he is hiding,it's been nagging at my mind all day!I mean seriously,why can't I get this guy outta my head?!

DING DONG that's Emily,mabey she can take my mind off Frank....

~2 hours later~

Not even Emily could take him off my mind,everything she did,I saw Frank instead of her.I should have never excepted that chat invite.....he's brain washed me with his gorgousness(A/N:sorry if i spelled that wrong XP).Ive never known anyone to do this type of thing to me before.What's wrog with me?I must be coming down with somthing,yeah thats it.The flu or somthing,deffinatly.

I ran my hand through my shagy shoulder-length black hair,letting it fall back into my eyes.I fell onto the couch and switched the TV to ninja worrior.I dont know why but I find it imensly amusing to watch wannabes get creamed on the spider walk.I kicked my feet up on te coffee table,but felt somthing under them,so I took them down.And there,all pink and strappy,was Emily's purse.I opened it and found a cell phone,wallet,gum,and a note book.

This couldnt be the very same notebook she had dropped friday,could it?Sure enough it was.All purple and doodled on.I know I really shouldnt intrude,but who's gunna know?I starred at the cover for a moment,as if it could reveal the contints so I wouldnt have to open it.Nothing,just the doodles and stickers.I sighed and opened the book to the first page,witch was dated and addressed.

Dear Amber,
How does he do this to me?He strikes fear into my heart,but at the same time,makes it beat faster than humanly possible.No matter how many things I give myself to do,he always seems to creep into mind and poision it to the core with is image.He makes me want to scream,hit someone,cry,and sing all at the same time.I want him dead but at the same time I want to never let him out of my sight,for fear that he chooses another over me.I want to keep him with me forever,even though he would show no intrest in me no matter what.I guess I will have to settle for watching from a distance.But no matter what,I will always have feelings for Gerard Way.

I slapped it closed,I need see no more.She had had feelings for me for this long?I almost felt bad for only using her for pleasure,but like many others,she should conside herself lucky I even asked for her number.I smirked and dropped the book,kicking my feet back up and returning to my show,Frank still clouding my mind.


"Dude,whats wrong?Did somthing happen between you and Maddie?" I asked him,and put my skittles and drink down,trying to help one of my only friends.He sighed and picked up his his a little to look at me. "We were at the park,and I fucking kissed her!" the frustration was plain on his face,and I rolled my eyes. "Did you wait to see what she thought,or did you run?" its not like I didnt already know the answer,but stil its better to be sure.

"....I ran.I couldnt stand to sit there and watch her begine to hate me.It would have been to much!" he bellowed the last part and,and his breath began to come in short shallow breaths.I mentally face palmed Ray. "You retarded oak tree." he looked confused at me,but realisation slowly took over, "She likes me,doesnt she?When did she tell you this,and why wasnt I informed about it?" he said,sounding all buisness like. "About a month ago,when she first fucking came here.Retard." he shook his head and and sighed.

"I really screwed up,do you think its to late to go get her?" he asked his eyes full of fear.I patted his shoulder,"Come on,Ill come with you,and we'll get her back for 'ya." I said and grabbed my jacket,shoes,and wrote a note for my mum.Then we headed out for Rays girl.
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