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slipknot singing and good dreams

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Ray and Frank go and see Maddie,and Gerard wakes up from a certain amazing dream ;)

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okie people,funny story,I was in home ec. writing this chapie out and was told to go demonstate te proper way to set a table for a classy dinner.When I was done I looked at my teacher for approval,and guess what I saw?My teacher reading it.when I came over,she told me that I should try writing in the third from all that,I was wondering if you would likeme to try writing in th third person?


We walked at hurried pace the while way to Maddies house,getting soaked to the bone by the harsh pounding rain.It was fallingas if it would do so again,and I can feel te sqwishing in my shoes.Eww.Ray is so going to owe me if I get sick.

"There's her house,come on." he grabbed my jacket sleeve like a aggitated five year old,desperate to get to the toy store before it closes.I pouted but picked up my pace,hateing the wind as it lashed against my face.I huged my jacket a bit closer,pulling in as much warmth as possible in this weather.

I smiled as the rain dissapared when we stepped on the porch,but Ray looked so nervous,like he'd welcome the rain if only he didnt have to face her.He's chewing his lip so hard it might bleed. "Think happy thoughts." I said and wrapped my knuckles twice against the wooden door.

In seconds Maddies dad was standing there,with a book in his hand.Had we interupted his reading?Opps... "Hey,sorry to be by so late but we really need to talk to Madaline." I said in a shivering voice that seemed to run away into the cold as his hard stare on us stayd firmly in place.He seemed toughtful for a moment then grunted Maddies name just loud enough for the sound to carry upstairs.

When she ran down the stairs and caught sight of us,I could tell she wanted to just run right back up,but she stayed. "Hey Frankie...Ray." She hesitated with his name,as if not even sure he was there or not. "Hey,could we...?" and I pointed up the stairs in the general direction of her room.She nodded and started walking,and I felt releived to not have her dad's eyes boring into our backs anymore.

She shut the door behind us and turned slowly. "Whats up?" she asked,feeling the akwardness hanging in the air. "Ok Maddie,I know you probally dont want to see me right now,or ever for that matter,but im sorry I ran away after I kissed you.I really like you,as if that isnt obvious,and I was hopeing mabey you just might want to be my girlfriend?" He said in one breath,where'd all that energy come from?His eyes were sqweezed shut,and his body was tense.

She laughed.Yep thats right,laughed.Rays eyes shot open,the hurt clear for all to see. "Why are you laughing at me?" He said,his voice qwivering,and dieing out. "Because you look like you expected me to say 'no'" she smiled and I sighed with relief.She is one crazy bitch.Ray smiled lightly and hugged her "I can take that as a yes,right?" she giggled and nodded.I turned away and watched the rain pound down on the window.Wow,its really picked up out there.

"Um,guys..." they looked over my shoulder and saw the glass vibrating with each rain drop.Ray's hand automatically shot up to his hair.God he's obsessed with that cloud up there!
We ended up staying at Maddies tonight,her father not wanting to be responsible for us getting hit by an out of controll car.Me and Ray had to sleep in the guest room,of course,but as long as we were awake,we could hang with Maddie.

I ended up listening to my ipod on full blast,while they were kissing behind my back,I swear to God that I will get them back,one day,some way.Or wait,how bout now?I switched the song to phycosocial by slipknot and unpluged my head phones.I turned around just in time to see them jump apart and Maddie start jumpig around and singing.

Ray glared at me,and if looks could kill...ouch.


I fell asleep whatching Bad Girls Club,and dreamed of that beautiful facethats been plauging me all day.In my dream,Frank had sat down on my lap and just started kissing me,no words,just kissed me,and as it went on,the dream seemed more real,i could feel evey touch,tase his mouth,smell his cocoa shampoo and coffee scented breath when he came up fo air.

I woke up to find a problem awaiting me,just to show me how bad I was in for this guy,taunting me.I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my fce and starred at my self in the mirror. "You need to get over him.He doesnt want you,and he's obviously not good for you.He has poisioned your mind,and invaded your dreams.Get the fuck over him." I mumbled this to myself,starring into my on eyes as I did so.

The words sunk in,but that arrogont voice ive learned to live by in the back of my mind said other wise. "You know that he wants you,he'd die for a kiss,and lor knows what he'd do for somthing more.And you want him to,go get him.Track him down and get him now." I knew all to well that this voice was the only reason I wasnt picked on and hated,but worshiped and loved.I ran to my room and put a flash drive into my computer and reaserched people named Frank in the Belleville area.I found a 41 year old Frank earnest,a 8 year old franklin Rochester,and a 15 Frank Iero.I guessing its the last one.

I downloaded the address into my flash and walked out to my car.I smirked as the black car shined in the moon light.I climbed in and plugged the flash into the stereo,putting the address into my GPS,and sped off into the night. "Turn right." the british accented machine ordered.I continued to drive untill the machine stated I had arrived at my desired address.

The house was dark,and had a sad feeling to it.I shook it off and walked to the door,not even worried about what I was going to say.I knocked and waited untill a clearly drunk woman opened the door with a bottle of vodca in her hand. "what'dya want boy?" she slurred dunkenly. "Does Frank Iero live here?" she sneered at the name and nodded. "But he aint here.He's at his friends,Madaline." A pang of hut throbbed through me.Madaline.That must be his girlfriend.

"Oh well, thanks any way.Good night." I said and staggered back to my car.I havent felt this much pain since that day I left home.It pumped through me with every heart beat.I wanted to kill and destroy this 'Madaline' chick.....

longest chapie yet!I hope you liked it!
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