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An Intimate Moment

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Slash decides to have an intimate moment with his reconciled partner.

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The kissing continued as Slash started to lean in more and slowly back Axl down on the sofa. But this was not rough or forceful. It was slow and quite feeble. Yet again, another flashback came to Slash's mind when he left Axl's lips red, puffy, and bruised after a gripping kiss before watching him walk out of the house. Axl did give him a gentle kiss back, replying "I love you, too," and the gentle kissing is what Slash was doing now.
Slash placed one hand by Axl's torso when he began lying his back down on the couch, making sure he was comfortable. Now lying down, including resting his head, Axl had his hands around Slash, too, and looked up at him. Slash only stared down at him, a stare that seemed to be filled with both sadness and hope. This was the same spot they had actually had sex on that night as well before Axl calmly got up and re-dressed himself to leave. This time, the only thing Slash removed was thier own shoes and Axl's leather jacket. Slash quickly placed his hands on Axl's shoulders and kissed his neck. Axl froze in place, with a calm-looking expression in his face, before sighing and laying his head back down again. He closed his eyes as he felt Slash's lips continuing to move around his neck, and his hands now slowly sliding from his shoulders to his chest. Slash's mouth soon dug deeper in Axl's throat, causing Axl to let out a little stiffled sigh.
After kissing his neck, Slash lifted his head and Axl opened his eyes to meet his. Slash then started to softly kiss Axl with a slightly open mouth. Every now and then, Slash would break away from him to catch some breath, and Axl did the same by turning his head over, exhaling; his eyes still closed before meeting Slash's lips again.
As this continued, Slash then began to slowly break away again, and sat up. He also stroked a bit of Axl's long, orange hair in one hand.
"I'm so sorry," Slash said sadly, "I'm so sorry for all the pain and trouble I caused you for so long. I knew I should've known better, but, what could I have done in that state of mind? Hell, I even thought about killing myself with that damn gun! I'm really sorry for being such a heartless jerk, I was just so angry..." His voice trailed off as more tears began to re-emerge.
"It's okay," Axl whispered, running his hand down Slash's arm as his boyfriend sniffed. "I forgive you. And now that I understand why you've been like this, I'm not mad at you. In fact, I sympathize with and love you even more now." A smile came across Slash's face as tears dropped onto Axl. "We should now come out of our shells...and get help."
In the past, there have been several reports of heard assault by neighbors, a couple of arrests leading to temporary imprisonments, and even concern by family and friends. But none of that managed to further work nor soften the relationship between them, considering that Slash mercilessly kept on abusing him.
More memories and guilt came across Slash as he muttered something, teardrops still falling off his face. He brought the bit of Axl's hair to his lips and gave it a kiss.
"I don't hate you," Axl assured, "I've just been scared of you all those times, and--" He could not finish his sentence, for Slash was now kissing him again, but a little more passionatley.
"We'll talk about it later," he said softly after retreating, with a broken voice, "Right now, I want to share another intimate moment with you, like last time."
Axl mouthed "oh" and nodded. He and Slash sat up a bit, and Slash began to remove his shirt from the bottom. Axl raised his arms for him to take it off easier. After it was off, he tossed it aside and took a look at Axl's bare skin. No more bruises. His skin was as light, clear, and luscious-looking as the day they first met. Slash drew out a soft sigh that was full of arousement, before placing both hands on Axl's waist and leaning down to kiss his chest. A shiver ran through Axl, and he wrapped his arms around Slash.
Slash could not stop kissing Axl's soft skin. Recent memories occured of simply seeing Axl's bruised-up body after he had taken a beating, and an expression that contained anger and sadness. Despite this, however, he had only managed to draw blood from his lover a few times in their lives.
Slash let his hands wander the bare sides of Axl. He kissed up to Axl's neck, and his cheek, where their eyes met. He stopped the kissing, and they gazed at each other for a minute.
"You're so beautiful," Slash softly whispered, running his fingers down Axl's chest. His nose sniffed yet again.
"Thanks," Axl replied with a smile. He moved one hand from Slash's shoulder to his hair, "You're not so bad-looking yourself."
Slash's face began to heat up; he started removing his own pants, undoing the button and zipper. He managed to pull them, along with his boxers, down to his ankles. Axl only continued to stare at his face, as Slash then undid and removed his jeans completely. Afterwards, he roamed his eyes around a naked Axl Rose. Axl's tension began to rise a little, but he did not know why. Was it because the last time they did this, Slash was in a bad mood with him, after saying, "You're scared of me"? Whatever the reason, he felt his own heart begin to beat a little faster.
After a moment of silence, Slash once again placed his hands around Axl's bare hips, and brought himself closer. He, very slowly, slipped himself inside of Axl.
"Ahh," Axl moaned breathlessly.
It hurt, but at the same time, it felt somewhat nice. Slash, hearing this moan, reminded himself of that night again-- when he silently and slowly stripped Axl down and brought him to his lap. Axl gripped on Slash's shoulders and turned his head downwards, wincing a little.
Last time, Slash had managed to set his own pace by gently lifting Axl up and down. This time, he sort of froze in place, as if hesitant on what else to do. After a minute of what looked like deep thinking, he then pulled halfway out of Axl and slipped back in again. This responded with faint squeezing on his shoulders, followed by a small sigh from Axl. His expression still showed a bit of pain; his face was now more flushed. Slash did this again, and then again. But it was not hard or rough-- it was more gentle.
After he had then seemed to pick up a rhythm, he continued thrusting into Axl, who looked much more calm now. The grip on Slash's shoulders had lessened, and he now had his hands over his abs. Faint squeaks were heard coming from the sofa by each thrust Slash provided with a soft grunt; and this seemed to arouse Axl by making low, soft exhales. When the thrusts came to a halt - with the only sounds audible being their breathing - Slash took his hands from Axl's waist and put them over his shoulders, slowly backing him down.
With his back on the sofa once again, Slash continued to sit up, look down, and slowly thrust into him, resuming the low squeaks of the sofa. Another flashback came to Axl's mind, as he remained silent: this was just about the exact same way they engaged in intercourse the last time. The night he also thought, This is probably the gentlest sex we've ever had. This must have been surprising, considering that a few minutes earlier, Slash was being his aggressive, compulsive self towards him, frightening the poor, defenseless man.
Gentle..., Axl thought, before whispering out loud, "So...gentle."
Slash heard this and made a small smile, before feeling the urge to speed the pace a little, which he did. But it was still soothingly. His softly-heard grunts soon came back as did Axl's heavy breathing.
"You know," Slash whispered a little breathlessly, "I'm doing this for you." A stiffled sigh escaped from his throat. "Now...every time we do something like this...I'll be soft and gentle for you."
A smile came across Axl's sleepy-like face. That is when Slash then brought his lips down and kissed his chest some more. He let a hand wander up and feel the side of his soft belly.
"Ah," whispered Axl, as a shiver ran through him again.
He cupped a hand over Slash's curly hair, tangling his fingers through it. The kisses went up to his neck, chin, and, finally, his mouth. Slash openly and passionatley kissed his mouth as the thrusts went on. Small noises were made through all of this. Axl became so excited that he then had his hands around Slash, rubbing them downwards and up. Feeling his hands all around him, Slash broke his mouth apart from Axl, who chuckled softly. He groaned, blushed even more, and - very lightly - sank his teeth at the slope of Axl's neck. He did not know what came over him to do that. He did not bite down hard, and he believed that he only wanted to continue to kiss Axl with a wide, open mouth, teeth slightly involved.
"Ah...Oh, my Go--!" cried Axl, as he began to feel the pleasure building up more than before.
Slash sprang and sat back up; he slowed down his thrusts, slowing them down for Axl. This was followed by placing the tips of his fingers on both of Axl's nipples, rubbing and clutching them gently. When the last three thrusts came, Slash dug as deep as he could into Axl, who swayed his hips against his, and finally ejaculated.
"Ahh!" Axl moaned, eyes shut, face all red and sweaty, and hips thrusted upwards. His hands tightly squeezed around Slash, who was moaning as well. They both heard and felt each other orgasm.
"Ahh...," Slash moaned, eyes closed, face flushed, teeth somewhat clenched, and muscles tensing.
Afterwards, the two let out a breath, hips sank, breathed heavily, and Axl slowly lifted one leg up. He looked as though he would fall asleep at any minute. Slash then snapped open his eyes and gazed down at him.
"That's all I wanted for you," he said light-heartedly. "For you to feel satisfied... once again." He chuckled lightly, thrusted in several more times, made a brief moan, and pulled out. He then lied down on top of Axl, feeling one another's warm and damp body, and their arms wrapped around each other. "I can't live without you," he whispered breathlessly, "And I don't think I ever will."
"It's all better now, you know," Axl whispered back, "And it will continue to be. Just you wait. I'm back here, I now know you a lot better, and... love hurts, no matter what."
Slash made a droning sound before giving the slope of Axl's neck a kiss, followed by burying his head there; and they both comfortably fell asleep.
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