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The Aftermath

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The two men wake up, and Slash begins thinking of all what just happened.

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Slash stirred and awoke. He lifted his head up and looked down at Axl's sleeping face. He still felt his arms around him, and he could not help but make a soft chuckle at all this. He rubbed his own eyes with one set of fingers before placing it back around Axl; how long they had slept on this couch, he did not know. Axl looking so calm always seemed quite refreshing and wonderful to him. This was similar to those other times when Slash was pretty content and would treat Axl like "his princess". He leaned down to softly kiss Axl's neck, chin, and landed on his lips.
"Mmm," he murmured through his throat, as he lifted one hand to gently stroke Axl's soft cheek with his fingers.
Axl soon seemed to sense these touches; he slowly flickered his eyes open and gazed at the dark-skinned man right above him. He slowly moved his hands back onto Slash's shoulders and pushed him away a little. Slash then opened his eyes and his lips were still puckered, looking down at the man who had woken up. There was a few seconds of silence between the two.
"Hello, there," Axl said, groggily, with a faint smile on his face.
"I can see my kiss has woken you up," Slash stated, followed by laughter.
Axl laughed quietly as he turned his head to the side, rubbing his own eyes with his fingers. On that night, when he got to have an intimate moment with Slash on this couch, he did not stay with him for very long, as he pushed him off, sat up, and began to re-dress. This time, they fell asleep in each others' arms, taking a nap for at least several hours.
"Do you, um...," Slash began to say, "want something to eat?"
Axl nodded, "Yeah."
Slash slowly lifted himself off and the two men sat up. Some exhales were released, probably by their warm skin now feeling more contact with the air around. Who would have thought that they would make love again on this sofa? They both began to re-dress themselves, putting everything back on, but their shoes.
"Or," Axl seemed to interrupt, as he suddenly faced Slash, lifting a hand to his chest. "Maybe I could find something to cook for ourselves?"
"Yeah, okay," he agreed, and sat back down on the sofa. "I'll just, uh, wait here while you're at it."
Axl merrily walked out of the room, turning to his lover with a smile on his face before exiting.
Slash hung his head down, closed his eyes, and clasped his hands together. Thoughts began to race around his head again: Wow, I can't believe what just happened. I just confessed to Axl for the first time of what happened to me before he lived here. I never thought I'd ever do that. Cry, especially! Yeah, he's seen me in fury and anger before, but not exactly in tears. Oh, God... Slash began having more painful memories about his fights with Axl. The way he would beat him, leaving him bruised and in pain. Did he feel bad whenever this happened? Deep down inside, of course! There were times when he actually apologized and/or begged for forgiveness, in fear that Axl would then completely hate him and choose to end their relationship permanently.
Yes, there were also times when the two would act like a loving couple - when Slash would contently hug his Axl Rose, talk to him, smile, and gently kiss him. But in other times, it was like he used him as a punching bag.
This is what made a lump form in Slash's throat, but he knew he did not want to cry anymore. He remembered that night once again. The night of many times when Axl attempted to leave him. But, as always, Axl ended up staying, meaning more abuse from his partner. This was also one of the many times the two seemed to recall on how much they really loved each other. How much Slash felt like he truly needed Axl, like he was the last person to at least keep him company with no one else around. The main reason why Axl returned was because he - like always - had a feeling that said he cannot even live without Slash. This make-up was quite differant, though. Slash then remembered visually how he got a scared Axl aroused, made him moan, and how beautiful, blissful he looked underneath him. He remembered their laughs. He recalled on how he breathed and moaned himself, and the way he landed on top of Axl when it was over.
W-what I'm that...after that happened... well, that was all we both really needed. Yeah... Everything really seemed to calm down more than before after it was all over. Pfft, why didn't I think of it before? No wonder Axl decided to move back in with me, and I got the courage to finally apologize and confess to him! Wow, I guess sex can really bring you satisfaction-- the gentle kind, especially.
Slash laughed to himself. He simply sat on that couch, eventually lying down on his back, and then turned on the T.V., as he waited for Axl to finish dinner for them. Still marvelling at how they have managed to survive their relationship through all this.
The following night, after a wonderful meal together, spending time un-packing Axl's things and watching shows like David Letterman, the two men could not have been any happier than peacefully sleeping together in their bed after their seperation. Axl snuggled himself on one of the pillows as Slash had an arm wrapped around him. What would be ahead of them after this day would now only fill them with a more positively-challenged feeling.
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