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An Intimate Moment + Aftermath (Alternative)

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In which Slash & Axl Rose *don't* go all the way!

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"I'm so sorry," Slash said sadly, "I'm so sorry for all the pain and trouble I caused you for so long. I knew I should've known better, but, what could I have done in that state of mind? Hell, I even thought about killing myself with that damn gun! I'm really sorry for being such a heartless jerk, I was just so angry..." His voice trailed off as more tears began to re-emerge.
"It's okay," Axl whispered, running his hand down Slash's arm as his boyfriend sniffed. "I forgive you. And now that I understand why you've been like this, I'm not mad at you. In fact, I sympathize with and love you even more now." A smile came across Slash's face as tears dropped on Axl. "We should now come out of our shells...and get help."
In the past, there have been several reports of heard assault by neighbors, a couple of arrests leading to temporary imprisonments, and even concern by family and friends. But none of that managed to further work nor soften the relationship between them, considering that Slash mercilessly kept on abusing him.
More memories and guilt came across Slash as he muttered something, teardrops still falling off his face. He brought the bit of Axl's hair to his lips and gave it a kiss.
"I don't hate you," Axl assured, "I've just been scared of you all those times, and--" He could not finish his sentence, for Slash was now kissing him again, but a little more passionatley.
"We'll talk about it later," he said softly after retreating, with a broken voice, "Right now, I want to share another intimate moment with you."
Axl mouthed "oh" and nodded. Slash lifted him off his back to sit up in front of him; began to remove his shirt from the bottom. Axl raised his arms for him to take it off easier. After it was off, he folded it and set it aside, and took a look at Axl's bare skin. No more bruises. His skin was as light, clear, and luscious-looking as the day they first met. Slash drew out a soft sigh that was full of arousement before placing his hands around Axl and bringing him closer. A shiver ran through Axl, and he felt like he had no choice but to wrap his arms around Slash as well (like earlier).
Slash began to slowly kiss the side of Axl's neck and near his shoulder. He let his hands wander around Axl's bare torso. By then, the only sounds heard in the room were light smacking and breathing. He stopped the kissing, and they gazed at each other for a minute.
"You're so beautiful," Slash softly whispered, running his fingers down Axl's cheek.
"Thanks," Axl replied with a smile. He moved one hand from Slash's shoulder to his curled hair, "You're not so bad-looking yourself."
Slash felt another lump forming in his throat; he returned to kissing and embracing Axl's soft skin. He dug his hands a little deeper, but not hard enough to hurt. Axl only dazed off, eyes half-shut, as he felt his lover surrounding him. Pretty soon, he, too, began to kiss Slash's skin. Axl's tension began to rise a little, but he did not know why. Was it because the last time they something like this, Slash was in a bad mood with him, after saying, "You're scared of me"? Whatever the reason, he felt his own heart begin to beat a little faster.
He caressed Slash's skin around in his hands, as the two men gently kissed each others' side of shoulders.
"Mmph," Axl moaned breathlessly.
It was not long before they brought their own lips together in another loving kiss. By then, they realized how close they were pressing their bodies together. The kiss broke apart and took a look at themselves.
Slash then, very slowly, thrusted himself against Axl. A sigh was exhaled, for this movement was quite gentle. Axl gripped on Slash's shoulders and the worried-like expression had returned.
Slash did this again. And then again. After a minute of what looked like deep thinking, he gazed at Axl deep in his eyes, before bringing his hand down Axl's back and pushing him towards. This was responded by Axl acting hesitant in thrusting himself against Slash, but he did it anyway. His expression showed a bit of embarrassment; his face was flushed. Slash smiled lightly and did more of the thrusting himself. But it was not hard or rough - since they were still wearing pants - it was more gentle.
After he had seemed to pick up a rhythm, he continued this rubbing against Axl, who looked much more calm now. The grip on Slash's shoulders had lessened, and he now had his hands over his abs. Faint squeaks were heard coming from the sofa by each thrust Slash provided with a soft grunt; Axl made low, soft exhales. When these movements were becoming more used to, he looked into Slash's eyes again, and Slash nodded.
Axl then knew what Slash meant by that silent nod. Although acting shy before, he managed to proceed in doing what Slash had been wanting him to: To thrust his hips back. Which he did, trying at first to keep up with Slash's.
"There you go...," Slash encouraged breathelessly, "You have it."
Axl only moaned in return, for he felt so pleasured at the friction. What was next heard in the room was heavy breathing.
"You know," Slash whispered a little breathlessly, "I'm doing this for you." A stiffled sigh escaped from his throat. "Now...every time we do something like this...I'll be soft and gentle for you."
A smile came across Axl's sleepy-like face. That is when Slash then brought his one hand to Axl's warm cheek and leaned in to kiss his mouth. He let his other hand wander the back of Axl's body.
"Mmph," muttered Axl through the kiss, as another shiver ran through him again.
He cupped a hand over Slash's hair, tangling his fingers through it. His lips went down to Slash's chin, neck, and then the slope of his shoulder. Slash let out a groan and desperatley felt his boyfriend's wonderful skin against his as the thrusts went on. Axl became so aroused that he then had his hands rubbing them downwards and up Slash's back. Feeling each others' hands all around, Slash felt like he could not take it anymore, and the thrusts sped up a bit.
"Ah...Oh, my...!" cried Axl, as he began to feel the pleasure building up a lot more than before.
Slash dug his face by Axl's neck, who managed to pick up the same pace of their friction. When the last three thrusts came, they both pressed their bodies against each other as much as possible.
"Ahh!" Axl moaned, eyes shut, his face all red and sweaty, hips pressed against and hands squeezed around Slash, who was moaning as well. They both heard and felt each other orgasm.
"Ahh...!" Slash moaned, eyes tightly closed, face flushed, teeth somewhat clenched, and muscles tensing.
Afterwards, the two let out a breath, hips sank backwards, breathed heavily. Slash fell forwards, pushing Axl down on his back on the sofa. He looked as though he would fall asleep at any minute. Slash then snapped open his eyes, brought his head up, and gazed down at him.
"That's all I wanted for you," he breathed light-heartedly. "For you to feel satisfied... once again." He chuckled lightly, thrusted onto Axl several more times, made a brief moan, and gave him another kiss. He lied back down on top of Axl, feeling one another's warm and damp bodies, and their arms wrapped around each other. "I can't live without you," he whispered breathlessly, "And I don't think I ever will."
"It's all better now, you know," Axl whispered back with a smile, "And it will continue to be. Just you wait. I'm back here, I now know you a lot better, and... love hurts, no matter what."
Slash made a mumuring sound as he listened to Axl's words. He shut his eyes, and they both comfortably fell asleep.
Slash stirred and awoke. He lifted his head up and looked down at Axl's sleeping face. He still felt his arms around him, and he could not help but make a soft chuckle at all this. He rubbed his own eyes with one set of fingers before placing it back around Axl; how long they had slept on this couch, he did not know. Axl looking so at peace always seemed quite refreshing and wonderful to him. This was similar to those other times when Slash was pretty content and would treat Axl like "his princess". He leaned down to softly kiss Axl's lips.
"Mmm," he murmured through his throat, as he lifted one hand to gently stroke Axl's soft cheek with his fingers.
Axl soon seemed to sense these touches; he slowly flickered his eyes open and gazed at the dark-skinned man right above him. He slowly moved his hands back onto Slash's shoulders and pushed him away a little. Slash then opened his eyes and his lips were still puckered, looking down at the man who had woken up. There were a few seconds of silence between the two.
"Hello, there," Axl said, groggily, with a faint smile on his face.
"I can see my kiss has woken you up," Slash stated, followed by laughter.
Axl laughed quietly as he turned his head to the side, rubbing his own eyes with his fingers. On that night, when he got to have an intimate moment with Slash on this couch the first time, he did not stay with him for very long, as he pushed him off, sat up, and began to re-dress himself. This time, they fell asleep in each others' arms, taking a nap for at least several hours.
"Do you, um...," Slash began to say, "want something to eat?"
Axl nodded, "Yeah."
Slash slowly lifted himself off and the two men sat up. Some exhales were released, probably by their warm skin now feeling more contact with the air around. Slash genuinley handed Axl his shirt, which he thanked for, and slipped back on.
"Or," Axl started to, as he suddenly faced Slash, lifting a hand to his chest. "Maybe I could find something to cook for ourselves?"
"Yeah, okay," he agreed, and sat back down on the sofa. "I'll just, uh, wait here while you're at it."
Axl merrily walked out of the room, turning to his lover with a smile on his face before exiting.
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