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Where did all the good times go?

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I still loved him. It's been 2 years since I seen him. Ryan, the boy with the chesnut hair. The boy with the hazel eyes. The boy that stole my heart.

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I knocked on the front door hoping Ryan would answer.
"Hello?" A dark-haired boy answered the door. Brendon. I knew all of them Spencer, Jon, and Ryan.
"Hey Brendon." I smiled and thought if he would even remember me.
"Oh hi. Uhm do I know you?" He raised one eyebrow.
"I'm Alex. How can you not remember me. We were like best friends." I laughed and smiled.
"Oh my god Alex!" He hugged me. "It's been a long time how are you?" He opened the door fully so I could walk inside.
"I've been pretty good. I don't have time to talk I just needed to ask Ryan something." I said looking at my phone.
"Oh ok. Ryan! Someone's here to see you!" He yelled up the stairs. An obviously very tired and confused Ryan came down the stairs.
"Hi? Uh who is this?" Ryan pointed to me.
"Alex. Do you remember me, Ryan?" I said crossing my arms.
"Yeah Alex are you the one I... you know." He pulled his eyebrows together.
"Yeah. Well I came here to ask you something." I looked at everyone in the room and was about to leave. I didn't want to make this any harder than it shoudl be.
"Sure what's your question?" He said shrugging.
"Would you like to meet your daughter?" I pointed to the car. Everyone gasped.
"What?! Daughter?! But, but we used protection I made sure!" He said nearly crying.
"Yeah well I guess the condom broke or something. Listen you don't have to see her or even acknowlegde her exsistance I just wanted you to know that she loves you and she never stops talking about you." I walked to the front door and opened it. A little 2 year old girl came running out of the car, arms up and laughing.
"Sage? I thought I told you to stay in the car." I said looking down at her and laughing.
"Mommy!" She laughed and dug her face into my leg. "I love you mommy!" We both smiled. Ryan walked out to see her smiling. She had his smile, eyes, hair, and his personality.
"I love you too babygirl." I picked her up and kissed her cheek.
"Alex? Is this?" Ryan was shaking as I put Sage down.
"Yeah this is Sage. She looks just like you, Ryan." I smiled.
"I see the resemblance." Brendon smiled as Sage ran over to him and hugged his legs too.
"I don't!" Ryan snapped. he was on the verge of crying I could tell.
"Ryan, like I said you don't have to have anything to do with her." I said looking at him hoping he would remember how he used to be. That sweet innocent boy that I fell in love with was now cold-hearted and mean. He was so full of hate.
"I don't want anything to do with you or her so just go!" He said throwings his arms up.
"Ryan, what happened? You used to be so sweet. You used to love everthing and you were so happy. I used to love you." I started crying and Brendon took Sage in the house to color.
"Hah used to love me? You never loved me!" He screamed at me.
"Don't be stupid of course I love you!" I screamed back.
"If your really love me you wouldn't have left! You're the reason I'm like this!" He screamed some more. I was starting to get scared. I've never heard Ryan scream before.
"I didn't have a choice Ryan. I knew you had your whole career ahead of you and I didn't want to ruin that." I was basically whispering now. He looked shocked. I just decided to give up. "I'm going to get Sage and we're leaving. Don't worry you'll never hear from us again."

ok so i decided to write a second story this is probably gonna be like 5 or 6 chapters long or something like that idk
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