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Frank is a 19 year old tattoo artist living in Newark, New Jersey. Gerard is a 23 year old artist also living in Newark with his brother Mikey, who is 20. I suck at descriptions. lol.

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Frank's POV:

I trudged down the sidewalk, looking down at the cracked pavement. It was winter in Jersey, and I was heading towards my amazingly awesome job. I work at a tattoo shop down the road from my shitty apartment in Newark, New Jersey. The cold air blew around my tiny frame as I reached my destination. I was always the first one there, on account of me living not so far away. I unlocked the doors and started to get everything up and running for the day, humming along to a random combination of songs in my head.

As I was getting out the appointment book, my good friend Bob, who is the piercer at the shop, walked through the door. "Sup, Frankie?" he asked as he took off his large coat and stuffed it in the closet. I raised an eyebrow at him as he struggled to keep the thing in. "Why do wear that thing? Itís too big for the closet.." I asked. He turned around and looked at me, "I wear it because it's really warm, unlike your hoodie." He told me, smirking. "Hey!" I yelled, "Don't be making fun of my hoodie! We've been through a lot together." I crossed my arms and pouted. Bob came over and patted my head. "Don't be mad Frankie." He chuckled. I scrunched up my face and looked at the appointment book. Today I had 3 appointments, all in the afternoon so I could basically just hang out all morning. Thank god today's a slow day for me, I've been booked full all week and I really needed a break. Our manager, Pete came in a few minutes later and went straight to his office, which wasn't anything new. He only talks to us when he absolutely has to. I really don't know why.. I guess he's just anti-social. I, on the other hand, love to talk to people.

After an hour of mucking around, I went up to Bob after he had just pierced this kid's cartilage. "Hey Bobbert," I started, "How about piercing my lip and nose for me?" I sat in the piercing chair and looked up at him, giving my signature puppy dog look. "Hm.. alright." He said. I smiled as he got together his supplies. I looked around for a bit when I saw a guy looking at the tattoo books we had out. I hopped out of the chair and went up to him. "Need help with anything?" I asked, smiling. He jumped slightly and shook his head, "No thanks. Just looking." He smiled slightly. "Oh well, if you need anything I’ll be here all day." ...Why did I say that? Of course I'll be here all day, I work here.. god Frank, you are really stupid sometimes. I walked back over to the piercing chair where Bob was waiting. I've been wanting to get pierced for quite a while now, I've just never had time to get them done, being busy and all. A few minutes later, I had two small, shiny metal rings on the left side of my bottom lip, and on the right side of my nostril. I looked pretty sweet; all of the guys would want me now. I looked over to the tattoo books and that guy was still there, but this time he was kind of staring at me. As soon as he noticed me looking at him, he turned away and walked out of the store. I raised my eyebrow and skipped around the shop.

At around 12:30, it was time for my first appointment. One of my usual clients, and one of my best friends, Jepha wanted to get a dagger down his knuckles. It was a pretty sweet idea. After I got done tattooing him, he wanted to hang around for the rest of the day. While I was drawing up the tattoo for my second appointment, an eighteen year old girl's first tattoo, Jepha tried to psych her out. It was actually quite funny, she was so uncomfortable and freaked out by the time I finished drawing her tattoo up. She was actually quite calm when I tattooed her, though. My last appointment was right after that, and I was done for the day. Jepha and I hung around until Bob was done, then we all went out for pizza.

Gerard’s POV:

This morning was just horrible. I pitched an idea for a show that I made up called The Breakfast Monkey to Cartoon Network in New York City, and they rejected it. All of my work for that pitch, and they rejected it. Once I got off the ferry, I just sulked around Newark, walking into random stores and coffee shops now and then. After my 3rd cup of coffee, I walked into a tattoo shop, not to get a tattoo, I’m afraid of needles, but just to look at the sample tattoos. I don’t really know why I suddenly wanted to go look, but I’m glad I did.

As soon as I walked in, my eyes went straight to a guy in the piercing chair. He looked pretty young, and he was quite cute. I shook my head and began to look at the tattoo books. "Need help with anything?" I jumped and turned around. It was the cute guy, I guess he worked here. "No thanks. Just looking." I said. "Oh well, if you need anything I’ll be here all day." He turned around and walked away. I couldn’t help but look at his ass, it was nice. Yeah, I’m a pervert, sue me. I looked around at the art for a little be longer, occasionally sneaking glances at ‘cute guy’. He got his nose and lip pierced, and let me tell you, he looked hotter than before. Oh god, he caught me staring, leave Gerard, leave! I turned and walked straight out of the shop, heading towards my brother, Mikey, and I's apartment. I couldn't wait to tell him about 'cute guy'.

I got home about 20 minutes later, to see Mikey sitting on the floor of the living room in his boxers, eating Cheetos and playing a game on our Xbox. He didn't respond to me coming in, so I guess he was too engrossed in his video game to even notice my presence. I decided I could have a little fun with this, so I snuck up behind him and yelled, "Mikey!" He jumped about three feet in the air, and I fell to the ground having a laughing fit. He paused the game and looked at me, he looked mad and scared at the same time. "Gerard, you dick! You made me die!" he yelled, pointing to the words 'Game Over' flashing on the screen. In between giggles I spoke, "I'm sorry Mikes, it was just too temping." he pouted and I ruffled his hair. "Don't be a baby, Mikey, you can restart it." He grumbled and I went to the kitchen and grabbed a can of Coke. I walked back into the living room and watched Mikey play for a little bit before heading back to my room slash art studio. I'll wait until Mikey was done with his game before telling him about 'cute guy'. In the meantime, I sat down at my desk and drew mindlessly.

About 20 minutes later, Mikey came into my room, now wearing a shirt, and sat on my bed cross-legged. "So Gee, how was your meeting with Cartoon Network?" he asked. I looked at the vampire I drew and sighed, "I don't want to talk about it.." I turned around and looked down. "They rejected it, huh?" he said. I nodded. "Well, they're stupid Gerard, your show was awesome. They'll regret rejecting it." he stated before walking over to hug me. I smiled, "Thanks Mikey." "No problemo, bro." he smiled back, sitting on my bed again. "Anything else interesting happen today?" he questioned, eyebrow raised. I grinned and nodded, "I saw this really cute guy at this tattoo shop a couple of blocks from here." "Ooo.. what's his name?" Mikey asked, interested. "I dunno. I'm just going to call him 'cute guy' until I figure it out." I shrugged. "Oh.. did he work there or something?" I nodded, "He said he was going to be there all day, so I assume so." Mikey smiled at me. "Alright. I hope you get to talk to him one day, you could use a friend besides me and Ray." I stuck my tongue out at him as he got up and walked out of my room. I hope that I could talk to 'cute guy' some day, too.

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