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Chapter Two

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Gerard's POV

This morning I was rudely awoken by my dumb brother screaming about his toast getting stuck in the toaster, and then sticking a fork in said toaster. Again. I swear, he needs to learn that metal forks and toasters do not go together. I also need to teach him that there is no reason for him to be making toast at 5 AM. I mean, who does that? After that whole ordeal, I officially started my day with a few lovely cups of coffee and comic books I had bought the other day. By my fourth cup, it was around 6 AM, which meant it was time for me to get a shower. I didn't have work today, so I could just walk around town and do whatever. So after my shower, I picked out a mediocre outfit and told Mikey that I'd be out all day, probably.

I started my epic day by going to Starbucks and getting another coffee, and a brownie. After that, I just walked around aimlessly for about an hour, staring into the sky, or at the sidewalk. Suddenly, I found myself across the street from the tattoo shop where that cute guy worked. Of course, I walked straight over and entered the shop. I looked around the shop for 'cute guy', but he either he wasn't there, or he was in the back. I decided that I'd look at the tattoo books again until I spotted him. After a few minutes of looking at badly drawn dolphins, I heard a door open and close. I turned, and there he was in all of his sexiness. I involuntarily stared for about 30 seconds before I turned back around. Then I heard his sweet voice. "Man, I can't believe Pete made me restock all of the ink in the back. He should have made Joey do it, after all he is the apprentice." He said. I really needed to find out his name... I looked around, and after a while he came up to me. "Hello. Weren't you in here yesterday?" he questioned. Oh my god. What do I say? "Um, yeah..." Great job, Gerard. "Why are you in here again today? Would you like to get a tattoo?" he cocked his head to the side ever so slightly, just like a puppy. "Oh no no no. I'm afraid of needles." He looked puzzled. "Then why are you in a tattoo shop?" I racked my brain for an answer. "I like to look at the tattoo books. I'm an artist, so." I looked down at my shoes. It's a force of habit. "Oh, that's so cool. Maybe you could draw something that the shop could add." "Really?" I asked. "Sure. My manager wouldn't mind, he doesn't really pay attention to what's in the books." He smiled. His smile was the most gorgeous smile I had ever seen. "O-okay." I stuttered. "And maybe after you sketch a little something, I'll give you a tattoo." He winked. My eyes widened and I was about to say something, but he stopped me. "An airbrush one, don't worry." He laughed. I sighed a sigh of relief.

"So, do you have any paper or anything?" "Oh sure, lemme go get one." He walked to the back room and I stood there awkwardly, looking at my shoes. A few moments later he came back with some paper and a few art supplies. He led me over to the counter, and I started to draw. I had decided on doing a simple bat carrying a heart. Not one of those Valentine's Day hearts, an actual heart. It took me about 15 minutes to sketch it, and 10 to shade it. "There you go." I handed him the sheet, and his face lit up. "Oh wow, this is amazing, um... I'm sorry, what's your name?" "Oh, I'm Gerard." I smiled. "I'm Frank. Or Frankie." He smiled back at me. "Now it's time for that tattoo." He said, walking over to the light board. "Just sit down at one of the clean tattooing stations." I nodded and sat down at one a few feet from the light board. "So are you going to use mine at a stencil or something?" I asked. "Mhm." He muttered while tracing my sketch. After a minute or so, 'cute gu - er, Frank, was done. He went to the back and got the airbrush machine and brought it out to the front. "Why exactly do you have an airbrush machine in a tattoo shop?" I questioned. It was a little strange, you have to admit. "I actually have no idea..." he pondered. "Alright, so where would you like this?" he asked. I thought for a moment. "My neck." "Alright." He smiled. I moved my hair out of the way and he placed the stencil on my neck. "This might be a little cold, okay?" he said. I nodded, and he started. It was cold, I almost jumped out of the chair when it hit my skin. Frank giggled and continued on.

After 5 minutes or so, it was done. I got out of the chair and walked over to the mirror to check it out. It was absolutely amazing. "Oh woooow!" I exclaimed. Frank laughed and asked me, "Do you like it?" "I love it!" I replied, giving him a hug. As soon as I realized what I was doing, I let go of him, and looked down at the floor, blushing slightly. He chuckled and spoke, "Hey, maybe he could hang out some time, yeah?" I looked up at him. "Sure." I smiled. "Here, right your number on my hand." He said, handing me a Sharpie. I nodded and wrote down my number and gave the Sharpie back to him. He, in turn, wrote his number on my hand. We said our goodbyes and I left the store, smiling contently. I walked towards my apartment with my hands in my pocket, thinking that Mikey would surely freak out about my 'tattoo' and the number on my hand.

Thank you all for the kind reviews on my last chapter! I'm so sorry that this has taken so long to get to y'all. School sucks. Also, THANK YOU for getting my story green!! :D My first one.

Ergh. I feel like I'm not writing them long enough.. you guys would give me feedback if you feel like they aren't long enough, right? T_T
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