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Chapter 3

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Gerard and Reine walked down Cuozzo Street in Belleville, each of them nursing a hangover that was causing them to both wearing sun glasses even though it was cloudy. Gerard was still wearing his black denim jeans, a pair of dark brown shoes and his black shirt, a trench coat hung loosely off his body. Reine had decided on wearing some skinny jeans and a Misfits t-shirt with a baggy black cardigan wrapped closely to her curvy body.

They had woken up in the morning both of them in Reine‘s bed, and grinned to each other, remembering what they had been talking about the night before. Reine had asked Gerard if he had been serious last night about giving her the job of merch and working with their manager, and he had said he defiantly was, and was going to take her to Rays apartment today to discuss with him her staying there. So they both made coffee, had painkillers, and then headed over to Ray’s house, which was about a half an hour walk.

“Urrg, my fucking head is killing me” Reine whined, putting a hand to her head.

“Tell me about it. I think I might have to ask if Ray has got any booze in, see if that will work!” Gerard told her, and then stopped in front of a apartment block. Reine could see that each apartment had a small balcony, and the building looked small and pretty grim. “Its nothing special, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up, but Ray’s nice enough and he’ll take care of you”

Reine bit her lip, and then followed Gerard to the entrance of the apartment building where he pushed the buzzer 7 and they waited for someone to answer.

“Yo?” Reine smiled as she heard a slightly higher pitched voice than Gerard’s, on the speaker.

“Dude, its me Gerard. I think I’ve found you a room mate. I’ve brought her round” Gerard spoke into the intercom.

“Her? Alright, come on up” They heard the doors buzz, and Gerard pushed the door open, standing aside and allowing Reine to go up the stairs first.

“Thanks” Reine quietly said, and she waiting for Gerard to come in before following him up the stairs and to the apartment door marked 7.

They got to the door, and found the door open slightly, Gerard pushed the door open and they were both greeted by a man, and Reine noticed this first, who had a big curly brown head of hair. She smiled when she saw his warm smile at her.

“Hey Gerard” Ray smiled to Gerard, and then he turned his eyes to Reine.

“Ray, this is Reine. She’s who I thought could move in with you. And I’ve also hired her to work in Merch with us, and close to our manager” Gerard explained, and Ray nodded along with him.

“I recognise you…’ Ray trailed off, and Reine cringed, wondering if he too had been to the strip bar she used to work. ‘Your Reine Maletta. Used to work at that club in New York. You were a Promoter for it?” Ray asked her, and Reine let out a silent breath of relief.

“Maletta? I didn’t know that was your surname” Gerard quietly said, a look of confusion on his face.

“I told you last night. Its Italian’ She turned back to Ray. ‘Yes. I used to work there, they fired me yesterday. Nothing to do with my job, they were making cut backs, and decided that they no longer needed a promoter since the club was doing so well” Reine told him, a small smile on her face.

“Ah, sorry I didn’t know. You were very good though, from what I heard. You’ll be good for the band” Ray smiled widely to her as he sat down on a chair in the kitchen next to the table.

“Gerard said the same thing, I just hope I don’t let you guys down” She answered him, and saw Gerard pull a cig out of his packet, and then offered one to her.

“Okay smoking in here dude?” Gerard asked.

“Go out on the balcony” Ray told them, standing up and opening the balcony door, standing outside on it. ‘So, you think you could really live here?” Ray asked, as they looked out over the neighbourhood.

“How big is the room I would be in? And how much is rent and everything?” She asked, lighting the cig.

“The room is fairly big, and in total it’ll be $200 a month” Ray answered her.

“$200 a month? That cheap?” Reine asked, shock laced her voice.

“My uncle owns them, so I’ve got a discount” Ray answered, and Gerard and Reine quickly finished their cigs.

“I’ll show you the room now” Ray said, and led them both into the spare bedroom.

Reine got a shock from the size of it, Ray was right, it was fairly big. She would be able to easily fit all her stuff in there.

“You think you could share with me then Ray?” She asked him, standing in the middle of the spare room, looking around.

“Of course! You don’t mind living with a boy?” He grinned to her, and Reine shook her head laughing.

“From what I’ve seen, your one of the few ones that are tidy! When can I move in?” She asked, excitedly walking over to Ray and Gerard.

“Whenever you want” Ray said and then was quickly pulled into a tight hug from Reine.

“It’ll be this week if possible? My rent is due next week and I don’t think I’ll be getting my full wage from the club, only half of it” Reine explained, and they now walked back into the kitchen.

“This week is good” Ray smiled to her.

“My grandparents bought us a van for the band the other day. You need a hand moving stuff?” Gerard piped up, flicking his hair from his eyes.

“Gerard, you sweetheart! That would be brilliant” Reine smiled to him, and rested a arm around his shoulder, smiling widely to him.

“It’ll have to be tomorrow though. I’m off work then, and I think Mikey and Frank are as well” He told her, and Reine nodded.

“I’m off as well, so I’ll be here to help” Ray told them, and Reine’s smile got wider.

“I think I’ve landed with the right bunch of guys here” She told them.
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