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Chapter 4

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Pretty short chapter. But its like 1.30am here lol! I'll update soon hopefully!

Reine ran a hand through her hair as she looked around her now packed up apartment. She was going to miss it. She was going to miss having her own space, her window that overlooked the park. She was going to miss everything about it. She shook her head, and thought to her self, ‘moving on now. New start’. And just as she was about to raise the glass of vodka and lemonade to her mouth, the buzzer to her apartment rang. Quickly putting the drink down, she ran over and answered the buzzer.

“Hello?” She asked.

“Its us…” Gerard answered, and Reine felt a slight hint of butterflies in her stomach as she thought about seeing Gerard. She had to get a grip on herself, she had only been away from him for 15 hours, and only known him 2 days.

She quickly opened the door to her apartment and was greeted by Gerard smirking face, and 3 other men behind him.

“Reine. Its good seeing you again” Gerard said, walking into the apartment and wrapping his arms around her, hugging her warmly. Reine smiled and hugged him back, then they both pulled away, and Gerard prepared to introduce the two new men to Reine.

“Reine, you know Ray, obviously as your moving in with him today. This, is my brother Mikey, he’s the bassist for My Chem, and this is Frank, you know him from Pencey Prep, and our new guitarist” Gerard explained, and Reine smiled warmly at Mikey and then looked to Frank who was eyeing her with lust filled eyes.

“Nice to meet you both” Reine told them, and she tried to look away from Franks intense gaze at her, as she now remembered him from a few of the one on one dances she had given him.

“Nice to meet you too” They both quietly answered, and Reine smiled, looking around her apartment.

“I can’t believe your giving this up to come and live with me Reine” Ray told her, walking around the apartment and stopping at the large window, gazing out of it.

“Don’t really have a choice’ And Reine was then surrounded by laughing men, all except Ray. ‘I mean about leaving, I’m going to love living with you” She quickly told him, walking over and hugging him.

“Whatever dude, the damage has been done” Ray mumbled, and then grinned teasingly at her.

“Right, are these all the boxes? And your bed right? And all the dressers?” Gerard asked, looking a bit more worried as he eyed more objects that needed moving.

“Yeah please. I’m leaving everything else though” She grinned to him, and Gerard smiled back.

“Its just as well I like you” He grinned to her, but said it so no-one else would hear.

Reine grinned and then walked to the other side of the room, and started putting a few of her clothes in some boxes.

“I recognise you, you know” She stopped doing what she was doing and turned around, finding Frank stood in front of her. He was stood pretty close and she could smell booze on his breath and his pupils looked big.

“Are you drunk? And high?” She asked, frowning at his eyes.

“I had a pill and a few beers, yeah. But don’t tell them guys” He answered, indicating with his thumb to the others in the room. Reine bit her lips, and then looked into Franks eyes again.

“You got any pills left?” She asked, whispering.

“You take drugs?” Frank asked, smirking at her and then fished a bag out of his pocket.

“Just now and then… Feeling pretty shit today so I just want to be a bit spaced out, you know what I mean” She answered, looking at the bag which held a few pills in there.

“Meet me in your bathroom, send them down with some boxes” Frank told her, and then walked away, winking at her.

Reine looked down at the floor, and took a deep breath, what was Frank going to want in return for the pill?
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