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Chapter 5

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Reine bit her lip as she gave her Gerard the box of clothes she had packed, and smiled warmly to him.

“You okay?” He asked her, concern evident in his eyes as he could tell something was bothering Reine.

“I’m fine” Reine smoothly answered, and thought of the shorter man of the band in the bathroom waiting for her.

“We’re just waiting downstairs, then we’ll take this stuff over when Frank heads down” Gerard told her.

“Actually, I was going to see if Frank would help me wrap this stuff from my draws, my photo frames and things” Reine told him, biting her lip after, this would give her and Frank time, not that she knew what he wanted.

“Okay, we’ll be about 20 minutes then” Gerard told her, he grinned at her once more and then ducked out of the room.

Reine listened for his foot prints going down the stairs, and sighed as she closed the door to her apartment. Was this really going to be worth it? Did she need drugs this badly? Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard her bathroom door open, and she turned and found a smirking Frank making his way over to her.

She looked over his appearance and saw that he really wasn’t bad looking at all. He was wearing a pair of light coloured jeans which had rips in them on the knees, with a misfits band tee on. His brown coloured hair was free of the dreadlocks she had seen him with once or twice in the club, and his hair was just shorter now, and it looked like he was trying to grow it. His drugged up eyes eyed her body as he now stopped directly in front of her.

“How old are you?” He asked, eyebrow raised and he pulled a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and holding it out to Reine.

“21” She answered quietly and she accepted the cigarette from him.

“Me too’ He told her smirking and then lit his cigarette and then hers. ‘Where have they gone?” He asked, looking over at the now shut apartment door.

“Taken some of my stuff to Rays. I said you were going to help me wrap some pictures” Reine quietly told him, not daring to look into his eyes.

“Good idea. Do we have to do that?” He asked, inhaling deeply on the cig.

“I’ve already done them” She said, pointing over to the thing laid out on her bed.

“Planned ahead. I like it… So, Reine. How much do you want this pill?” He asked, smirking as he took a step closer.

“I don’t know…” She answered, looking up and meeting his eyes. She could of got lost in them from the intensity they held.

“Well, how about you come a little closer to me?” He grinned, putting his cig out in the ashtray and held his hand out to her.

Reine quickly took one last drag off her cig and put it out in the ashtray next to them, and took Frank’s hand. She could feel his fingertips were rough on her skin slightly from playing guitar, and he pulled her closer to him, so their chests were now pressed together.

“You were fucking amazing at the club you know” Frank whispered to her, lifting his hand up and pushing a piece of Reine’s brunette hair behind her ear.

“Everyone there was. We were paid to be amazing” She whispered to him, and felt Frank move his hands to her waist, and softly rub her skin there under her top.

“You, Reine, were different though. The way you moved… It drove me crazy. And every other guy there that was with me” He told her, licking his lips softly, and Reine could feel her body responding to the way he was softly rubbing her waist, the words he was saying and the way he was saying them. It was clouding her mind, and all she could think of was Frank lips on hers.

“That’s why you came back so much? Paid for the one to ones?” She asked him, whispering just like him, but knowing there was no need to since they were the only two in the apartment.

“Once, I got paid $100 for a gig at a bar once. I spent all of it on you in one night” He told her, and Reine leant her head closer to his.

“You should of just introduced yourself, you wouldn’t of had to pay” She told him, without really knowing what she was saying. Frank seemed like a drug his self. Any feelings she had towards anyone else, Gerard, were gone in the last 4 minutes of been alone and this close with Frank.

“Here” Frank said, and let his hands drop from his waist whilst he reached in his pocket and found the bag of pills he had, he quickly pulled one out and stuffed the bag in his pocket and held the pill in between his thumb and finger in front of her mouth. “You want this?” He asked, and Reine nodded.

Frank moved to place the pill in Reine’s mouth, and she opened her mouth slightly, waiting for him to place it in. But all too quickly, Frank moved his fingers and placed the pill in his mouth, before crushing his lips to Reine’s. Reine felt her lips smash against Franks, and instantly opened her mouth where she felt Frank’s tongue push the small pill in her mouth. They pulled back slightly to Reine could swallow it, and then Frank pulled Reine’s lips back to his own, his hand gripped her hair tightly.

Reine moaned into the kiss they shared, as it instantly heated up, and Frank manoeuvred them so Reine was pressed up against the cabinets in the kitchen in her apartment. She felt his hands fumble with her tee and he reached under and grabbed her breast, softly groping it, and finding her nipple, pinching it softly, making Reine moan more into his mouth. Reine’s hands clawed at Frank’s clothed back, and tried to pull him closer to her body, but she knew they were already pushed together enough.

They both broke apart when they heard the buzzer to Reine’s apartment go off, and they looked at each other panting.

“Leave it” Frank panted, and moved to kiss her again. They kissed softly for a moment, until it buzzed again and Reine groaned.

“It might be the guys. They might of forgotten something” She told him, and Frank growled in frustration, and moved away from her.

Reine straightened her top, and rubbed a finger over her swollen lips, then walked over to the buzzer.

“Hello?” She asked.

“Reine, its me. I’ve forgotten my keys” Ray came through the speaker, and Reine pressed the buzzer to allow him into the apartment.

Just before she opened her apartment door for Ray to come in she turned to Frank and saw him lighting another cig and he seemed to be trying to adjust his self in the trouser area.

“Please don’t tell them” She said, and he nodded, then turned and walked over to her bed.

Reine opened her door, and found Ray and Gerard stood there.

“I’m going to stay here and start helping you with your bed” Gerard told her, walking into the apartment.

Reine was quite glad that Gerard’s face seemed to smack her back into reality. What had she just been doing with Frank?
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