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But Does Anyone Notice, There's a Corpse in This Bed

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Frank's birhtday!

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A/N: Hey everyone! I know this one isn't very long, but I just have alot going on with school and rehersal! But thanks for being patient as always. I love you all and enjoy(:

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
― Gerard Way
Chapter 8: But Does Anyone Notice, There’s a Corpse in This Bed.
Paige’s POV:

Oh my fucking God. I couldn’t believe that Gerard was here. Now. Especially since I was with Jared, I was still getting over the fact that he was alive. As soon as I saw him my jaw dropped. I grabbed Jared’s hand and made my way through the crowd, trying to get as far away from him as possible. I was just walking through the party with Jared, when suddenly somebody grabbed my hand and pulled me into a dark closet.

“What the fuck!” I yelled out. Then light filled the room. I couldn’t believe it…Gerard was standing right in front of me, I didn’t think he would ever be standing right in front of me again. He had cut his shoulder length black hair so it was short and yet messy. I had no idea what to say.

“Hey.” he said somberly.

I was still just sitting there; he was actually alive, breathing, right in front of me. There were so many emotions in my head. But the first one that showed itself was anger. I looked at Gerard for at least two more seconds, and then I slapped him right across the face, and watched his head turn. It felt good, and he deserved it. Making me think he was dead like that.

“Okay I guess I deserved that.” he muttered.

I slapped him again, this time in the chest.

“OUCH, damn it.” he gasped, as my hand hit his chest.

I stared at the floor; I couldn’t look into his hazel eyes without tearing up. I didn’t plan on speaking to him either. I was not objecting to physical violence.

“Paige, please look at me.” his voice was cracking at this point and I could resist but look up. I could feel tears strolling down my face now.

“I’m so sorry. I never should have done this. I just wanted to keep you---”

“Don’t you dare say you wanted to keep me fucking safe.” I gained the courage to say, I looked at him coldly in the eye.

“But I did.” he defended himself.

“NO. Because keeping me safe would have been to stay here with me, and fight this together! Not let me think you’re dead and leave me the fuck here. ALONE.” I scolded him. Even though the closet was roomy I was still about 5 inches away from his face.

“Paige. I love you, so much.” he rested his voice.

“Fuck you.” I muttered.

“Fuck it, if you don’t believe me I’ll just have to show you.” he said firmly.


Gerard grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. I could feel the fireworks going off just like they used. For a moment I forgot about everything. Then I remembered everything and I pushed him off of me.

“Believe me now?” he asked, with his hazel eyes piercing into my heart.

“I never wanna see you again.” I quivered and ran out of the coat closet.

I couldn’t believe Gerard had just kissed me, it was the first time I had touched him in months. I missed it so much. But I couldn’t just take him back after what he did. I mean in this case I would be happier if he cheated on me, just because at least then I know he is alive. I couldn’t deny that I still loved him, but I wouldn’t forgive him. But in the back of my head I just wanted him back so bad.

“Hey babe where have you been Frank’s about to cut---Are you okay?” he asked worried.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Its just weird seeing Gerard you know?” I lied, there was no way I could tell Jared about what had just happened Gerard.

“Yeah I get it, but here you go in with Frank, and I’ll be right there.” he said calmly, ushering me into the kitchen, where I saw Frank’s face being pushed into the cake.

I looked around at everyone smiling, especially Gerard. He looked at me and just grinned, like he knew something I didn’t. I just looked away and walked over to Lindsay. I went on with the rest of my night like nothing happened, but inside I was dying.

Jared’s POV:

Ring ring ring

“Well he’s back isn’t he?” I heard her voice burn threw the phone anticipating an answer.

“Yeah, he’s here all right. I already saw him go for Paige. He isn’t wasting anytime.” I answered quickly, knowing how impatient she was.

“Good, good. Poor Gee think he would stay away from her for a little. All we have to do is follow her and then make the right move, and he’ll come running to her. That’s when I’ll finish what I started.” I heard her say deviously.

“I like the way you think baby.” I said deeply. “But I gotta go get back to being the supportive boyfriend who never gets laid. So I’ll update you later. “ I hung up the phone.

Gerard’s POV:

Things with Paige went a little better than I expected. I mean yeah she hit me, but I knew I deserved that. I certainly didn’t expect to kiss her but I mean it just kinda happened. I knew it was the only way to show her that I still cared, and that I did what I did out of love. I know she didn’t want it to stop I could feel it. It felt so good to touch her again, and have her intoxicating scent fill my nostrils. I didn’t care who this Jared guy was she was with. I was going to get her back if it was the last thing I ever did.
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