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Family and friends, becoming ghosts to dream of and pass on. Time will erase every face, every name.

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Ryan sat in the waiting room alone, his head in one of his hands while the other held a closed coffee cup filled with vodka. He knew that he didn't belong alone, that the boy who sat across the room should be next to him, but he wasn't. He had tried for so long to keep everything pieced together, and it still all fell apart. He had realized, only a week ago, that the only reason he was even friends with Brendon was because of Spencer. He was their link. And once their loving friend left, Ryan and Brendon could do nothing but crumble.
For one loved the other; while one felt nothing but disdain for the other.
So Ryan sat alone, watching as Brendon tried to take comfort in his girls arms. It made him sick. Ryan took a drink of the lukewarm vodka, his face turning sour as he finished the last bit of it off. Brendon was smiling, laughing even. Ryan couldn't help but wonder if the younger boy would notice if he walked out. Or if he would care. The realization that Ryan honestly didn't have anyone that cared about him made a small raincloud above his head, and he shifted in his seat, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.
Eventually a nurse came out calling for the family of Spencer Smith. Ryan knew better; his family didn't care, they never had and they never would. He watched Brendon and the 'doll' who had been 'comforting' him stand and walk over to the nurse before he bothered to stand. He stumbled over to the nurse, Brendon giving him a disgusted look.
"Are you his family?" The nurse asked in a quite and innocent voice, obviously nervous. Ryan, deciding that it was her first week, spoke before Brendon had the chance.
"I'm his brother, this is just a friend." Ryan said as he gave a small gesture to Brendon. The nurse nodded.
"Follow me." Ryan gave Brendon a small smirk, Brendon looking at him like he had gone insane. He followed the girl down the hall, having her stop in front of a closed door with a doctor standing outside of it. She gave a small smile, "This is the doctor that's been working on your brother, he can tell you everything." And with that, she left. The doctor looked at Ryan, raising one of his brows. Ryan simply decided that he could tell just how drunk he was.
"He had no internal injuries, and all of his external injuries should heal within a matter of time. But there was something...odd, that came up when we were scanning his brain for injuries. We want to keep him here for just a little bit longer so we can try to fully understand what's happening." Ryan gave him a skeptical look.
"What do you mean when you say 'odd?'" The doctor let out a sigh.
"All of his vital organs are saying that he's alive, but there's so much brain activity it's almost as if there are two people living inside his brain. He really shouldn't even be alive." Ryan licked his lips, giving a small nod.
"O-kay." The man left, leaving Ryan to stare at the door. With a debated sigh, he opened it, walking into the almost empty room. He collapsed in the chair that was positioned by Spencer's hospital bed, staring at the beaten boy that stayed sleeping on it. "What are you dreaming of Spence? What dream is so enticing that you won't wake?"

Jon led Spencer down a long hall, the dust not stirring under their feet. Something Spencer couldn't help but find peculiar, though he didn't utter a word of it. They passed room after room, all of the doors seeming to be different sizes and different colors. Eventually Jon stopped in front of a large black door, the older male turning to face the amazed one.
"Ready?" Spencer looked up at Jon who was more than ready to open the door, and nodded. The door swung open, the black painted wood turning on old hinges, the sight of what was behind it making Spencer gasp.
"This is amazing." Spencer walked in, staring up at the ceiling with shinning childlike eyes.
"Just wait." Jon said as he followed Spencer in, shutting the door slowly behind him. The room seemed to light up from the black ceiling. Little specks of light shined like tiny stars, glowing on the ceiling of the circular room, almost as if there was no ceiling, and all there was to see was open sky. The wood floors creaked under every step Spencer took towards the center of the room, his eyes scanning the large ceiling. There was the door they used to enter the room, and that seemed to be the only entrance and exit; no other windows or doors showing themselves on the pitch black walls. It gave the entire room this sinking feel, like whoever stood in it was being pulled into the sky. "Do you like it?" Spencer's grin grew as he turned to face Jon.
"It''s incredible." Jon walked over to Spencer, his shoes clicking against the floors as he made his way over to the younger male.
"You want to see something really amazing?" The sound of Jon's voice stirred fear in Spencer, but he didn't let it show. Instead he smiled and nodded. Jon moved closer to him, his lips to Spencer's ear. "Close your eyes." Spencer did as he was told, and he could feel Jon picking him up before being put back down, almost as if it were nothing. "Now open them."
Spencer slowly let his eyes open, his head resting on the cold hard wood floor so he was facing the ceiling. The little flecks of silver shinning light quickly dashing across the sky like a meteor shower. "How do you do that?" Spencer asked as he turned to look at Jon. Their heads were side by side, their body's both facing different directions as they stared at the ceiling.
"I couldn't tell you if I tried." Jon turned his head so they were both facing each other, their faces close enough that they could feel the others breath on their faces. Spencer could feel his heart pounding as he stared at Jon, the two grinning at each other. He could see Jon's small fangs that seemed to shine in the dim lighting, and he still couldn't help but think that Jon was by far the most attractive man he had ever met. He felt breathless staring at the other male, and he honestly was surprised that he hadn't done anything ridiculously stupid yet.
"Spencer, can I ask you something?" Jon's smile seemed to fade, his dark eyes showing a combination of curiosity and doubt.
"Of course."
"Why did you choose to stay?" Spencer's smile quickly slipped, his bright blue eyes scanning the ceiling for the answer. He wasn't even sure why he had chosen to stay. They stayed in almost complete silence for a few seconds before Spencer opened his mouth to speak.
"Because nobody should be alone." Spencer turned to face Jon once again, and gave the other boy a small smile. Jon gently placed one of his hands behind Spencer's head, pushing it closer to his own. He repositioned them to where their lips were almost touching, hearing the sound of Spencer's heart pounding ridiculously loud. Spencer was the one who bridged the gap. Full warm lips meeting cold thin ones. It was soft and sweet, though for Spencer it ended all too soon.

Ryan left the hospital room almost as soon as he had entered, muttering something about work as he brushed past Brendon and his girl. Brendon couldn't help but feel cold as he watched Ryan pass by, -it seemed that anger was the only thing he could feel towards the other male when he was around- but as soon as he was out of sight, Brendon regretted it. He hated being mad at Ryan, he hated the constant fights, and the stares filled with malice. He wanted to take it all back, to just be the way they had been before Spencer had vanished on them.
He walked into the room, sitting next to Spencer's bed. At this point, he was close to tears. "You've slept enough Spencer. It's time to wake up and fix things." His girl tried to comfort him as he started to cry. She didn't help, not that he would admit it; there was only one person that could honestly always make him feel better, and he was just as broken as the boy who slept on the bed before him. "Please fix it Spence. I don't know what to do." Brendon buried his head in his hands, Sarah wrapping her arm around him as she rubbed his back. It didn't help. It just made things worse as he thought about the person that should be comforting him. Spencer shifted in his sleep, his face contorting ever so slightly before going back to that of it's peaceful nature.
Brendon could only wait for him to open his eyes and smile at him again; though he wasn't sure which friend he was hoping would do it first.


Oh hey, things are probably going to happen next chapter. Who knew?

TheAnonymous:I finally got over it, and then I realized, I have zero time to write in October. It's just, such a busy month. Litterally, every day has something going on. It's giving me massive headaches.
I'm happy you like it, I find myself to also be fond of it.

PartyPoison:Know how you feel, so I don't at all mind. There's going to be some severe contrast fairly soon. There isn't much I want to add to this story, so I'm sure like half of it I'll just make up and the other half will be planned, but at least some of it should be okay. I feel like it's not as descriptive as it should be, but who cares? No one really reads a story for description, it's just an added bonus. Something to fill up a page.
Like I said, I've gotten over it. (For now) The main issue as of today, is that I hardly have any time to do anything. The only reason I got this chapter out as soon as I did was because some things ran behind schedual. Which ended up just making it to where I had to push things back to a later time. Oh well; you win some, you lose some. Right?

XxPerfectTomorrowxX:I find this story to be different from others that I've done in the past, while at the same time, being almost the exact same. So I guess it is a change. I'm glad you like it.

AnotherKnifeInMyHand:I almost started to type "A stain that never comes off..." when I was typing your user name. I was listening to their second album yesterday and ended up getting a lot of strange looks from the people around me when I started to sing quitely to myself. That has nothing to do with anything. Sorry.
This particular story is just, almost completely based off of a single song by a somewhat unknown band. (One of my mates showed it to me because he loved the music video for it and I instentlly fell in love with the song itself and got this little gem.) I figured it would kind of go along with some of the other things I've written, and I'm hoping it won't turn out completely cleche or anything.
I try not to rush chapters, though recently it's been the only way I can update. We'll hope I get more time soon.

patdfan01: I am the only one that knows the ansers! (I feel so proud right now.) I guess you're just going to have to keep reading in order to find out all of the little secrets everyone in this story is hiding.

-xoxo Pansy.
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