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Chapter Four

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I woke up to having my latest sketch of my comic stuck to my forehead. Remind me never to sleep at my desk again. I winced in pain as all the bones in my back and neck clicked back into place as I stood from my chair. Coffee. My morning cravings kicked in and I scrambled down the stairs and practically ran over to my beloved coffee machine. I need a faster coffee machine… or starbucks needs to be open on a Sunday. I tapped my fingers on the counter, growing impatient for the addictive brown liquid.

Although I had been expecting it, the loud ‘ping’ of the coffee machine startled me. I quickly poured myself a large mug and sat at the round table situated in the middle of my kitchen.

‘Good morning gee-bear!’ Lindsay’s overly happy voice sang as she sat down across from me on the table.
‘Morning…’ I looked down at my, now cold, coffee in my hands and sighed.
‘Awh! What’s wrong baby?’ she leaned across the table and touched my hand. I couldn’t take it any more. I couldn’t face her. I love frank more. I was sure of it now. I always used to get butterflies when she touched me, but not anymore. That evening with Frankie was better than any time I’ve spent with Lindsay.

The day passed in a blur of drawings, coffee, cigarettes and worried Lindsay’s. She was trying to get me to tell her what was wrong all day, but I hadn’t the heart to tell her. I couldn’t break her heart; I had to ease her out of it… somehow.

Monday morning soon came and I was up at 5am. FIVE FUCKING A.M, just so I could get to starbucks as the doors open. So here I am, stood in the freezing cold, outside starbucks at six o’clock. I pulled my headphones out my ears as the girl from behind the counter opened the doors to let me in. frank had his back to me behind the counter, so I walked up, put my hands over his eyes and whispered into his ear ‘guess who’
‘Umm… Gerard?’ he asked, although he and I both know he knew the answer.
‘Correct..’ I said before nipping at his earlobe and pulling away. Frank slowly turned around, fighting a smile as the familiar shade of pink crept up onto his cheeks.
‘Good morning gee..’ he said quietly. ‘Usual?’
‘It’s like you read my mind’ a smirk played across my face as he cocked an eyebrow and started to make my coffee. I tiptoed round the counter and slipped my arms around his waist and rested my chin on his head. I guess sometimes his lack of height came to an advantage.
‘Gerard… you have a girlfriend… please stop…’ I quickly walked back round to the front of the counter and waited for him to finish.
‘So, how was the rest of your weekend?’ I asked him, making light conversation.
‘Uh, it was okay I guess played my guitar a lot… what about you?’ a smile crept onto both of our faces.
‘Cool! I didn’t know you played guitar!’
‘Yeah, it’s kinda my life…’ franks face turned crimson and I giggled.
‘Awh! That’s sweet, I don’t play myself but my brother plays bass. Um, my weekend was very… interesting. Lindsay nagging me, drawing, usual weekend-y stuff’ I took a large gulp of my lukewarm coffee.

For the next few hours frank and I talked about anything and everything, while staring at each other with doe-eyes across the counter. Something yanked my wrist hard and I swung around ready to knock the fucker’s lights out ‘YOU FUCKING BAS- oh... hi Lindsay…’ I trailed off, looking at the ground. I peered out from under my eyelashes to see frank busying himself sorting papers out on the counter.
‘Don’t you fucking dare call him that,’ I said through gritted teeth. Lindsay was pulling me from the shop quickly, and as I reached the door, I turned around to see a pained expression on franks face, with the young girl’s arms wrapped around his shoulders. I quickly mouthed ‘i’m sorry’ before he turned away and I was dragged out of the shop.


only a short one. please dont kill me:3
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