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A/N: Forgot to say this in the last chapter, but thank you everyone for the awesome reviews :) I feel loved.
But I have to make something very clear. I will not be pairing Gia and Frank. Now, I'm sure there are plenty of stories like that on this site somewhere, and I encourage you to find one if that is what you are looking for. I humbly beg your pardon, but this is not that kind of a story.

Chapter 56: Lindsey

Gia was still asleep when her alarm clock went off at 2 am. She groaned from frustration when she got up and grabbed Edmund, the baby doll. This stupid project was ruining her studies before they even started. How was she expected to pay attention in class when she has to wake up at 2 am to feed a plastic doll?

She searched her room for the Baby Born bottle for a while until she remembered that she’d left it downstairs. She was kind of hoping that she could just ignore the assignment and go back to bed, but she didn’t want to start high school with a failed project.

Gia had expected the house to be completely silent and asleep, but when she went to the kitchen where she had left the bottle, she found Lindsey searching through the fridge.

“Hey,” Lindsey said in surprise when she saw the girl. “What are you doing up?”

“Had to feed Edmund,” Gia explained and sat by the kitchen table. She didn’t want to talk to Lindsey. At that moment, she hated the woman.

“Really? You have to get up at night and feed the doll?”

Gia shrugged. “It has these censors that tell the teacher how they’ve been treated. So, yes. Also, dad will have to sign this note to confirm that I’m actually doing all this by myself.”

“Right. When I went to high school, we didn’t have fancy dolls like Edmund. No, we used sacks of flour.”

She didn’t bother answering, just stared at the doll while holding the bottle lazily at its mouth.

Lindsey felt bad for the girl. It must not be easy. “Gia, I think we need to talk.”

“About what?”

“I’m not trying to come in between of you and your dad, if that’s what you’re thinking. I know you must really dislike me right now, but you have to trust me when I say that your dad loves you and this baby doesn’t make him love you any less.”

Gia just stared at her, not convinced at all. She realized that she was probably being immature and downright selfish, but she didn’t want this baby to exist. Half of Gerard’s time was already spent with the band stuff, so add up Lindsey and the baby, and Gia didn’t stand a chance.

At that moment, Gia didn’t even care much about feeding Edmund. “I have to go to sleep,” she announced, put the doll and the bottle on the table, and left to go back to her room. She didn’t want to talk with Lindsey. She didn’t even want to look at her.


The second day of school was considerably easier to start. Gia knew her way to the classrooms now, so she had no problem with that anymore. Still, she was constantly afraid that someone would pick her out from the crowd and suddenly start shoving her into lockers, which is why she avoided eye contact with everyone, and only went to her locker when necessary.

But the one time she did go to her locker, a strange thing happened. The halls were pretty much empty, because Gia had forgotten her book into her locker and was excused from class for a moment to go fetch it. But when she was just opening her locker, she heard footsteps.

Gia recognized the girl that was practically running on the corridor. She was in her homeroom class. And she really seemed to be in a hurry. Gia forgot what she was doing when she watched the girl rushed to open the locker two lockers from Gia’s. When she got it open, she seemed to notice that she was being watched.

Gia’s cheeks flushed crimson the second the girl turned to look at her, and again Gia concentrated on opening her own locker. When she did manage to open it, she glanced at the girl again.

But what was really unnerving was that the girl had a few pictures slapped on the inside of her locker. A few of those pictures were of My Chemical Romance, which was a bit creepy. And Gia even saw a picture of Lindsey’s band there, which wasn’t as creepy but still very strange.

Once again, the girl slowly turned to look at Gia, which was when Gia quickly grabbed her book from her locker and after slamming the door shut, she quickly walked away to her class. How embarrassing.

Before Gia’s last class that day, PE, she ran into the father of her plastic doll baby.

“Hello, mother of my child,” he greeted her, and Gia couldn’t help but notice that he’d dyed his Mohawk from light green to dark red and that apparently someone had punched him hard because he had a bruise in the corner of his eye.

“Hi. What happened to your eye?” she asked, and immediately regretted it. How rude.

“Got into a fight,” he shrugged it off.

“Oh… Alright. You want Edmund today?” she asked, holding out the doll for him.

“Yeah. And about that name… Edmund isn’t really cool, and I’d hate to beat up kindergarten kids when they make fun of my kid.”

“Fine, what would you suggest?”

“I don’t know. Can’t we just call him Ed?”

“Can I still call him Edmund?”

Ryan shrugged. “It’s a free country. But officially, he’s Ed.”


Gia cringed when he stuffed the plastic baby into his backpack like it was a football or something. When he was done, he looked at her again.

“Okay, well I’ll give him back to you tomorrow. So you want to go out?”

It took a while before those words sunk in. “Go out?” she asked, her eyes widening from shock. Surely he couldn’t mean what she thought he meant, because people don’t just ask strangers things like that.

“Yeah, on a date.”

The indifferent, calm look on his face made Gia wonder if he was serious or just joking. “Um… Why?” she finally managed to ask.

Ryan simply shrugged. “No reason.”

Still not quite sure if he was serious or not, Gia answered: “No thank you.”

“Alright. Think about it. Well, if I want to skip math, I should go now. So bye.”

“You should really get your eye checked, it looks pretty… purple,” Gia said, still staring at the bruise.

“Whatever. Bye.”

Gia didn’t find him that scary anymore. Now he was just creepy.

In junior high PE hadn’t been a big thing because no one ever had to do anything. They could choose what they wanted to do, whether it was just walking a circle or actually doing sports, so it was easy. The teacher had pretty much lost all will to live so she didn’t care.

But Gia had a feeling that in high school, things would be much different. Her fear got only worse when she saw the teacher.

The teacher was a very muscular lady. Actually, muscular is an understatement. She didn’t really look like a woman anymore. And the face that resembled that of a bulldog made Gia fear her even more.

When the girls had changed their clothes, the teacher ordered them to sit down and be quiet and listen. No one objected. She probably would’ve eaten anyone who would have said a word.

“My name is Jody Marshall, but here you can call me Coach,” the teacher started. “And let me just make something very clear. You are all slackers.”

Gia looked around the locker room, and saw that most of the girls were just as baffled as she was. This lady was even worse than the health education teacher.

Coach went on to tell them how she would make them get into shape, about the things she will teach them, like self defense, and finally screamed at them to get on the field and run ten times around it, and the first one to puke gets the honor of being the poor attacker who gets beat up by Coach on self defense class.

Gia wasn’t very athletic. She had never done any sports, except for ballet when she was five. And that was for a month. She quit when some mean four year old girl called Gia a freak because her mom was never at the rehearsal. How could she have been, because by then, Gia’s mom had already passed away?

So, her experiences in sports weren’t exactly great. But the daily walks with Jersey were a good exercise, especially because Jersey easily started chasing everything, be it a butterfly or a car. And since the small, fragile Gia was powerless against the big dog that didn’t know how strong he really was, she usually ended up trying to keep up with the crazy dog.

So as a result, when she wasn’t the one to puke, Gia was incredibly happy about having saved Jersey in that alley. She was one of the few last girls to arrive at the finish line, but still, she made it. Two girls did puke, and one passed out. Gia felt bad for them. She wasn’t exactly sure if what the Coach was making them do was legal, but apparently the Coach didn’t care because she only gave them a minute to catch a breath before they started playing.

“Alright girls, pair up and each pair go grab a ball and baseball gloves!” Coach commanded, and immediately all of the girls around Gia paired up with their friends. For a moment Gia thought that she’d be the only one left alone and she’d have to practice throwing a ball with Coach, because for sure she’d get her bones broken. Gia didn’t know how to throw a ball, let alone catch one.

But finally, her saving angel came in the form of that locker girl from earlier. The girl with jet black hair was staring at her now too, and raised an eyebrow when Gia saw her looking. Gia shrugged, and slowly walked over to her. The girl made her nervous, but since they were the only two left, she had no other choice.

Without saying a word, they grabbed the baseball and gloves, and then the Coach started talking again, teaching them the right way to throw a ball. Gia knew for a fact that she would be sore the next day.
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