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chapter nine

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Gerard doesn`t want to go back to school, he and Frank talk a little. And the others are introduced...

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Hey, I am so sorry about the wait and for not updating much of anything recently. I have just not been in a writing mood and I`m in really bad pain. Anyway, I hope you like the chapter, please R and R cause I just really need something to smile at and be thankful for right now. Thanks so much for reading
Gerard`s pov
“Gerard, sweetie, it is time to get up,” there is a hesitant knock at the door of my bedroom. I groan and roll over to the other side of my bed, shielding my eyes from the weak rays of the early morning sunlight that dared to enter my room via the cracks in the curtains.
“Gerard, it is your first day back at school, do you want to be late?” Mom asks in a sterner tone, entering the pigsty of a room, gingerly picking up a pile of mixed clean and dirty clothes off of the floor.
“Do you want to be late, Gee?” I hear a mischievous voice whisper in my ear, repeating my mother`s earlier question. Frank. I would recognise his voice anywhere, despite only knowing him a brief while.
Yes… I think, aiming my thoughts at my sometimes irritating, yet hilarious, and ever so kind guardian angel. I had learnt a few days ago that we could communicate with each other by our thoughts, how I had no idea. Frank didn’t seem too certain either. I do want to be late, better still, I don’t want to go.
I hear Frank`s cheeky, infectious giggle echo throughout my head, I have to bite my lip to resist from grinning or laughing back, not wanting to deal with Mom`s suspicious, worried looks or questions this early in the morning.
“Gerard, I know you are awake, get up.” She walks over to the window and pulls back the curtains, allow even more daylight to seep through, stinging my newly opened eyes.
“Mum!” I whine, raising my arms to try and cover them, blinking quickly, trying to adjust to the unwelcome brightness of an unusually sunny, cheerful Monday morning.
“Gerard, I know you aren’t looking forward to going back to school, I know that you severely dislike it, but-“
“Under statement of the fucking century.” I mutter under my breath, sitting upright in bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, yawning slightly.
She narrows her eyes at the use of language, but surprisingly says nothing about it for one.
“But it is going to be fine. All your friends will be really pleased to have you back; Mikey says that they all really missed you.”
What friends? I think to myself bitterly, although I knew I was being rather unfair. Ray, Bob and Alex were really good, genuine friends; Mikey and his new girlfriend Megan were really nice to be around as well. I wasn’t sure whether those two counted though, seeing as Mikey was my kid brother and Megan his girlfriend, but as to not feel really lame and friendless, I decided I could count them. It was just that recently I had been distancing myself from everyone, my friends and family included. I had no genuine reasons why, we hadn’t fallen out or anything like that, I just wanted to alone.
Well, no, I didn’t. Not really. I mean, no one really wants to be on their own, do they? I guess that I was just fed up of it, fed up of it all. Pretending to be excited about my mundane, average life, faking interest in the usual things like going to the movies or hanging out at the park. It was all so normal and boring. I wanted excitement, I wanted change. I needed it, I craved it. I was sick of being picked on by all the dickheads at school, sick of being invisible. I didn’t want to be friends with all the popular kids or anything, I just wanted to be accepted in this town, but it just was impossible. For someone like me, a music loving, “emo”, artistic geeky misfit, anyway.
I sigh, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Frank. Mom would have noticed too if he hadn’t already left the room to wake Mikey and cook breakfast.
“Okay, man. You`ve been acting all shitty and depressed since yesterday. What’s up?”
I sigh again. Where did I begin?
“I hate school.” I tell him, and he frowns, his chocolate eyes narrow ever so slightly.
“So did I, when I was alive. But believe me Gee, it ain`t all that bad.” I raise one eyebrow, showing him that I didn’t believe him.
“Believe me, there is. And anyway, that`s what I`m here for.”
“Huh?” I was confused.
“You didn’t think I was gonna abandon you at school did you?” he laughs, shaking his head. “Nah, I`m going to school, with you, gonna make everything alright, Gee. You`ll see.” I dint really believe him, but I get out of my warm bed, my aching body protesting as I drag my sorry butt over to my closet to pick out my outfit for my first day back at Hell High.
Normal pov
The dismal looking school yard was busy, full of tired looking, fed up students some laden down with heavy book bags with all their work making their way to their lessons, anxious to arrive in their form room before first bell, most lagging behind, trudging their way into the red bricked building, chatting with friends about the weekends events. Stood behind a corner of the building, ignoring the other teens making their way slowly inside, was a group of people, mostly made up of girls. One short, blonde haired girl was leaning against the wall, a lit cigarette in her left hand, puffing away, happily inhaling the toxic smoke.
“For fucks sake Ronnie,” a black haired girl edged away from her friend, dramatically clutching at her pale throat with one hand, wafting the smoke away from her with the other. “Must you smoke so fucking much, we all have to breathe it in with you, ya know.” She complains, and the others roll their eyes, already knowing what Ronnie`s reaction would be-Roomy and her had this…not an argument as such, discussion, everyday.
“Yes I fucking must. So there.” The first girl stubs the butt out on the concrete with her foot.
“I heard that Way kid, Gerald or something, is coming back today. He was the guy that got hit by that motorcycle the other week.” A girl who was dressed in a pair of bright blue skinny jeans and a slightly worn looking Green Day shirt tells the others, chipping off a bit of her black nail polish onto the ground.
“Yeah, I heard that too.” A brown haired, brown eyed girl says, without glancing up at Dariann, the girl who had mentioned it.
“Poor guy.” Ryan looks over at the girls, so does his twin and boyfriend Aiden.
“I hope he`s alright, he could have been killed.” Leslie adds in, anxiously looking around the group, his gaze lingering a little longer than necessary on his brother. He couldn’t imagine what he would do if something were to happen to him.
“I just hope that those dicks leave him alone for once, when they ain`t picking on us, they terrorise him.”
The final bell rings, and the group groan and stat slowly making their way inside the class, wishing that it was three thirty on Friday already.
I am so sorry about the amount of time since I have updated. I`ll try to update before wednesday, presmuing anyone is still reading this?xoxodakota
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