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chapter ten

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The stares were really starting to unnerve me...

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Hey everyone, I`m sorry about the wait. I was just wondering how many people were still reading/interested in this story? I don`t really know if I personally like it anymore, but I`ll keep writing if you want. Or should I just quit it? I hope that this is an okay chapter xoxodakota
Gerard`s pov
The short journey to school was pretty uneventful, the early morning rays of weak sunlight had quickly vanished behind the usual grey and dismal clouds I was used to seeing on a Monday morning. I was being forced by my annoying over protective parents to walk with Mikey to school today, him smiling maybe a little too cheerily for this time of day, treasuring me that my first day back would be fine. My mind was automatically filled with the horrible images of the old prison like building, tiredness threatening to overcome me. Needless to say I didn’t believe my younger, irritating and yet still lovable brother.
“Worried?” a familiar, comforting voice whispers in my ear, the ghostly breath of my humorous, immature guardian angel tickling my pale skin slightly as he leans over me, eyes wide with amusement.
“No…” I mutter under my breath, swallowing the last of my orange juice, getting up from my seat and dump the glass in the washing up bowl along with my cereal bowl that was still nearly full. I was so anxious today, my stomach kept doing all kinds of acrobatic twists and turns, it was a real wonder how my breakfast had made a brief reappearance yet.
“Liar, I know you Gee.” Frank grins at me, before shoving me lightly on the back, reminding me to get a move on and get my school stuff together so that we could leave. Mikey was still upstairs, fishing off his hair. Honestly, that kid scared me sometimes…it couldn’t be healthy to be that obsessed with your hair straighteners.
“Frank, you don`t have to come with me you know.”
He shrugs. “I know, but I`m your guardian angel, I guess I want to. Besides, I already told you, my work here ain`t finished yet. So I`m afraid you`re gonna have to put up with me a heck of a lot longer.” He fakes an apologetic smile. "Sorry."
I jokingly pull a face, pretending to be annoyed by this, but in truth I wasn`t. while I hadn`t been too sure about the crazy tattooed teenager when I had first met him, I had to admit he had grown on me. And it was nice just for once to be able to talk to someone who wouldn’t judge or make jokes. Sure, there was Mikey, but he was my kid brother, I couldn’t tell him lots of stuff. Anyway, he was happy with Megan, I couldn’t stand in the way of that. He had his own life to lead and enjoy, he wouldn’t want me to always be there with him.

I could hear them. The quiet yet excited, curious whispers of most of the other students as soon as I entered the bright, cheaply decorated classroom, two and a half minutes late, probably the earliest I had been all year. I take my seat at the back of the class, a different one than usual. Today I had chosen to actually sit with my friends again, after Frank had given me his silent to everyone bar me, orders on the way in. I sit in my old seat next to Bob, who looks up from the newest copy of Kerrang! And shoots me a warm smile, one that seems to say “welcome back”.
It should have been harder for people to stare at me as I was at the back of the room but somehow a good few of them still managed it. I could feel the intrigued eyes of the other pupils burning into me, my pale cheeks flushing a pinkish red colour as I duck my head, trying not to have to meet their curious eyes. My dark hair acts as s a kind of shield, covering my eyes and most of my face. I was so unused to being looked at, especially by lots of people at once, I was so used to being invisible, I wasn`t too sure I liked this. I mean, after all it wasn`t like I had died or anything.
Well I guess I had, almost, in a way. But they didn’t need to know that.
The stares were really starting to unnerve me. How could they like it if they had been hit by a motorbike and then they kept being ogled at as though they were some kind of oddity?
“Gee, it is gonna be fine, ignore it, pretend everything is normal.” I hear Frank`s voice whisper in my ear but I cannot see the tattooed, black and red haired angel.
Where are you? I think, somehow projecting my thought so that he can hear me. It was very useful; I didn’t have to risk being thought insane if someone saw me talking to thin air.
I`m here, don`t worry.
And for some reason I wasn’t. I felt safe with him here. Protected.
“You okay Gee?” Ray mouths the words at me from across the table. I nod, and mile at him, the first genuine smile I have given him for a very long time now. But Frank had told me that I had to be with my friends again, and to be completely honest with you, I was sick of being on my own and distancing myself all of the time.
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