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chapter eleven

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Yeah, a funny kind of angel, that`s me.” Frank agrees with me, grinning widely.

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Hey there strangers! I am so sorry about the long wait, I actually considered giving this up as I wasn`t sure many people were still reading, but here it is. I`m still not too sure, so please le me know if you like the chapter and I`ll try to update sooner if you do. I was going to update a different story but decided to write this as I was a little stuck on it and it has been ages since I`ve updated this one. Sorry again
Gerard`s pov
The rest of the day passed by rather uneventfully, dragging along painfully slowly at a snail’s pace. But at least nothing too bad had happened, like my idiotic brain had almost completely convinced me would on my first day back after the accident. Everyone seemed the same, Ray was still the more sensible of our group, his warm, friendly smile making me feel a hell of a lot better than I had for a long time. Bob was still the same as well, often playfully teasing Ray about trivial, insignificant and rather childish things, something that was not appreciated by Ray, who gave it right back at the sandy haired mischievous teenager. Mikey had changed a little, something I was surprised I hadn`t noticed. What kind of brother was I?
He still wore his glasses as close to falling off as possible, his hair was still meticulously straightened and styled to perfection, and he still wore his favourite, Anthrax shirt that was looking a little sorry for itself due to the amount of times it had been worn by the skinny, slightly insane owner. But there were some changes, hardly noticeable but they were there. He smiles more, for one thing, his eyes always lighting up whenever they met Megan`s bright blue ones. I was happy for him, I truly was, but I just couldn`t shake the slight feelings of jealously that were there.
No, I didn`t like Megan in that way, but I was jealous of…of their relationship, jealous that Mikey, my kid brother was with a girl he really, really liked whereas I couldn’t even manage to say hello to jasmine, my long term crush since forever or even walk past her without tripping and making a fool of myself. It wasn’t like she would even notice me anyway or even remotely like me if she ever did. I was just the wired, artistic gothic kid that became a major klutz around the girl I liked, who couldn’t say boo to a mouse and who hated practically everything in his sorry, pathetic excuse for a life. I shut out everyone and everything important to me, I was nothing. Jasmine would never like me, not in a million fucking years.
“Stop thinking like that Geetard.” Frank was floating a few metres above where I was sat on my untidy, unmade bed, his short little, boot clad legs crossed into a sitting position, a lazy grin on his forever youthful, slightly smug face.
“It`s true though, I`m invisible to everyone apart from my few friends which happens to include my little brother. And I have been a total dick to them the past while, ignoring them and shit like that. I`m surprised they even wanted to speak to me today, let alone still be friends with me.” I sigh and collapse onto the bed, picking up a red pillow and laying it over my eyes, smudging my already smudged black eyeliner.
“Well they do still want to be your friends; they care about you, you Geetard.” I frown and slowly move the pillow back a few inches, revealing one of my hazel green eyes.
“Geetard?” I raise one eyebrow.
Frank shrugs casually, irritating me like it always did. "Yeah, got a problem or something?”
I wanted to say yes, tell my annoying, childlike guardian angel that he was being stupid, but seeing the look on his face I couldn’t. It would be like hitting a puppy with a stick, a really irritating, loud puppy with a serious attitude problem.
“So this girl…Jamie is it?”
I shake my head and sit up, cradling the black pillow to my chest, the same way a little child would with his favourite teddy or comfort blanket. “Her name is Jasmine.” I tell Frank, my brain filling with images of the pretty brown haired, brown eyed, pale girl. Her smile really could light up a room, her eyes were pretty, a plain normal brown that seemed to have some strange, beautiful depth to them I had never seen in anyone else before, her love of horror films, her amazing kindness….Jasmine was amazing, end of. If I believed in the word “Perfection” I would say she was the prime example of it.
Frank waves one pale, calloused hand in front of my face, bringing me back to reality, and back to my dark, poster covered, messy bedroom. He was biting back a laugh, the metal ring going through his bottom lip glinting in the dimming light as he grins, an amused, trying to be annoyed look on his face.
“Hey Romeo, are you in there?” He laughs, gently hitting me on the top of my head a few times, laughing even more as I wince and rub at the area he had hit, pretending to be more hurt than I was, even though I knew he wouldn`t buy it.
We sit in silence for a few minutes, the music blasting out of my top of the range CD player the only sound in the entire room, covering up the sound of me talking to what would appear to be myself if anyone chose to enter the room.
“So…this Jasmine girl, she`s pretty special to you, huh?” Frank asks me somewhat awkwardly, his usual air of confidence gone, replaced by the normal slightly confused, yet intrigued teenage attitude when it comes to love. He rubs at the back of his head, ruffling his hair slightly, a slight sad frown on his face that he immediately tries to hide with a smile that fails to meet his chocolate eyes.
“Well is she?” He asks again, raising his voice a little but not yelling.
I nod, biting on my lower, badly bitten, chapped lip, my pale cheeks burning. “I-she really is. She is so kind and pretty and-and though I don`t even know her I-I really, really like her.”
Frank nods and asks his second question, sounding and looking little more distant than usual. A small part of me wondered about him, he was young; he can’t have been much older than me. Had he had someone special in his life, did he have to leave them behind when he died, however that happened? I doubted he would tell me, even if I had the courage to ask him. Despite coming across for the most part as an outgoing, sarcastic and sometimes cocky teenager, I knew that there was a much more quiet, reserved and sensitive side to him that he tried to ignore.
“Do you love her?”
I blush even more, ducking my head to hide my flaming cheeks. “I-I don`t know. Everyone always says teenagers don`t know the meaning of the word, but-“
“It is a simple question, Gerard. Do you love this Jasmine girl or not?” Frank sits down beside me on the bed, the old mattress not giving its usual squeak of protest as it usually does when someone sits down on it.
I knew that I had to answer him, but I didn’t want to. I feared he would laugh at me, though not out of cruelness. But I also knew frank; I knew that he would not drop it until I answered.
“You know what?” I think of Jasmine, her long dark hair, her breathtaking smile and her kindness.” I-I think I do.”Frank nods a small sad smile on his face as he gets to his feet.
“Have you ever been in love, Frank?”
He is stunned by my question, freezing for a few seconds. I am even more stunned when he answers it.
“Yes. I first fell in love with a girl when I was fourteen years old. I am still in love with her and I always will be, even in the afterlife.”
He sighs, running a slightly shaking and through his stylishly messy hair. “Right then.” He claps his hands together, making me jump. “If you really love this girl, then it is my job as your guardian angel to do whatever I can to get you two together so that you can live happily ever after or whatever the fuck the saying is.”
I laugh, then my face grows serious when he doesn’t.
“What?” he asks, raising one eyebrow.
“Nothing.” My eyes narrow, but my chapped, bitten lips curve upwards to form a slight smile. “it`s just that you’re not what I expected from an angel, you’re a funny kind of one.”
He laughs now, the sounds echoing off of the walls. He looks so much younger when he laughs, like a little child. “Yeah, a funny kind of angel, that`s me.” Frank agrees, grinning widely.
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