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chapter twelve

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“We have a lot of work to do.”

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hey guys, sorry about the wait, I`ve kinda gon off this story but I`ll finish it if you want me to. If not, just let me know, yeah? If anyone is even reading this anymore, I realy hope that you like it, please let me know what you think of it
Franks pov
It was late, around half past four in the morning, the wind was bitterly cold, cutting through my thin, faded Green Day shirt, chilling me to the bone. I hadn`t known that dead people could still feel the cold, but we could. Gerard had fell asleep a few hours ago, his light, peaceful snores and small smile making me feel more than a little sad as I sat there with nothing but my weary mind for company. Deciding that just sitting there growing more and more bored and upset as I thought of long ago, happier times when I had still needed oxygen and food, I had silently opened the window and snuck outside.
I walk aimlessly around the dark, sleeping town, the bleak, rain filed sky up above me was still black and the stars offered just enough light to see by combined with the dim, old fashioned street lamps. Humming under my breath I wonder if it would be silly of me to try and figure out where this girl Gerard, Jasmine I think her name was, lived. After a few more minutes of strolling casually along a normally mobbed, eerily silent road I decided against it, not wanting to feel like some kind of stalker.
It was nice out here, I had to admit. Before my tragic death I had never really thought about half of the things I did now, I never would have considered the quiet, dimly lit streets to be pleasant before. I had always been too busy, wrapped up in something else, never taking the time to notice the small things when I was alive. I deeply regretted that now. How I wished I was still alive, and still able to be with Francesca, to see my family one last time. I didn`t regret doing it though, dying to protect her. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. That girl meant the world to me, she still did and she always would. I knew that I would never be able to forget the mischievous, music loving girl, a small part of me wondered if it would perhaps be better if I could, less painful maybe.
Somewhere in the far off distance I can see the sky starting to change from a dark, dismal black to a pinkish orange colour as the sun begins to rise slowly. Sighing and kicking an old crumbling piece of stone down the street, I turn back and retrace my tied steps back to Gerard`s house.

Gerard`s pov
“Can you really help me get with jasmine?” I ask Frank, my cheeky, lovable and yet rather annoying at time guardian angel sceptically, raising one dark eyebrow as I hastily smudge black eyeliner under my tired eyes.
He just nods, turning his head away, but I can still see him rolling his chocolate eyes in amusement.
Ignoring the short teenager I turn my attention to the wardrobe on the other side of the room, the poster covered door ajar as always, clothes everywhere but on the hangers.
I search for my clothes in hurry, flinging the reject shirts and jeans everywhere, one or two landing on Frank who was lying casually on my bed, flicking through an old copy of Kerrang!
“Gah, I have nothing to wear!” I groan and flop down beside him, sighing in defeat.
Trying to hide his grin Frank gets to his feet, pushing me off the bed and makes his way over to the wardrobe.
“What about this?” he suggests, throwing an old faded Iron Maiden Tee that was a little too tight but that still fit. “And these grey jeans, instead of the black ones you usually have.”
“Whatever.” I shrug, not really seeing why he had chosen these items but pick them up in my way too pale arms and head into t he bathroom to change.

“So what do I do, frank?” I ask him, chewing nervously on my bottom lip as I watch the stunningly pretty jasmine from across the room eating her lunch, a thoughtful look on her face as one of her friends tells her something.
“You need to talk to her idiot.” He speaks as though it was the most obvious thing ever. “Be nice, compliment her, talk about something she likes, like music or something.”
“okay.” I nod, take a deep breath and get top my feet quickly, but in my haste I trip over the laces on my new converse and fall to the tiled floor of the school cafeteria.
“Smooth, real fucking smooth Geetard.” Frank rolls his eyes for the billionth time that day, something that was really beginning to irritate me, and puts his feet on the chair I had fallen off of, making no move to help me up.
Glaring up at him, forgetting that it would most likely make me seem insane to any passersby as he was invisible to everyone but me, I pull myself up, cursing the damn angel under my breath.
“I didn`t mean you were to talk to her now, you fucking dipshit.” I wanted to punch him. If it wouldn’t have seemed like I was punching thin air and gotten me locked up in a secure mental hospital, I would have.
Dusting myself off angrily, I grab my school bag, roughly swing it over my shoulder and make my way out of the canteen, Frank floating behind me, laughing his head off.
“We have a lot of work to do.” he giggles and points over at the now vacant table where Jasmine had been sitting with her friends.
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