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chapter thirteen

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I nod once, one hundred percent confident. “Definitely."

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Jasmine`s pov (the girl Gerard likes in case you forgot)
I sigh; a long drawn out, tired sound and slowly take a tiny bite out of my chocolate and vanilla cupcake. It tasted surprisingly lovely, so sweet, reminding me of warm, happy summers relaxing by the pool, but today I just couldn’t enjoy it. I drop the treat on the silver metal tray and pick up the slightly bent fork again, picking at the lumpy greyish yellow mixture that was supposedly macaroni and cheese. Fuck crappy school dinners, fuck `em. I sigh again deeply and drop the fork, unable to stomach any more of this delicious food.
“What`s up with you, Jas?” Dariann, my black haired, brown eyed friend who was sat next to me, looking at her food as though it was about to bite her hand, asks me, dumping her still full tray on top of Ryan`s, who narrows his dark green eyes at her but says nothing.
“Nothing,” I tell her, shrugging my small shoulders. “I`m fine, just tired and fed up of this shithole.” Dariann nods, but I can see it in he usually warm eyes that she doesn`t believe me, not for a minute.
She turns away from me to face Veronica, or Ronnie, as the short blonde haired girl insisted on being called.
I catch Leslie and Aiden smiling warmly yet curiously at me from across the large, creaky and unstable lunch table and I quickly return it, though not really in the mood for smiling much.
I wasn`t in a bad mood, or unhappy, don`t get me wrong I was just…confused. No, that wasn`t quite the right word. Being a teenager sucked and being a teenage girl sucked even worse.
I was not one of those fake, bottle blonde oranges that strutted around the school halls, with their tiny skirts showing off their nonexistent underwear, but I was still a girl, and I did still have feelings towards the opposite sex, no matter how much I tried to pretend I didn`t. I knew that I wasn`t fooling anyone, especially not my closest friends, who knew me so well.

It was just that I had never really liked anyone before now, and these strange, fluttery feelings were all new to me. And to tell the truth I wasn’t sure whether I liked them or hated them. They were just there whenever I saw him standing across the hallway, talking to his friends or when I heard his high pitched, almost girlish giggle echo down the old staircases.
Who was he? None other than the drop dead gorgeous raven haired, pale skinned Gerard Way.
We would never work out though, I knew that. While I got on fairly well with people who knew him, and I knew we had some common interests such as music, we were just too different besides; he would never notice a plain, ordinary girl like me.
I sigh and get to my converse clad feet, dump my still almost full tray and leave the noisy cafeteria, ignoring my friend`s confused yells.
Frank`s pov
I stare at the angled, raven haired, pale skinned mess in front of me, wondering how one earth I was going to get this kid noticed by his brown haired princess, Jasmine.
“Well?” Gerard asks me sceptically, glaring up at me from his seat on the very edge of his unmade bed, which I was floating a metre or so above.
“Well tell me more about this Jasmine girl, and then maybe we can figure out what you should say or do to get her attention and thus win her little black heart.”
Gerard seems a little embarrassed and I have to bite back a laugh as his unnaturally pale cheeks turn a pretty shade of pink.
“Well she likes music and-“
I interrupt him. “What kind of music?” I question, needing more detail than a one word answer.
“Well I often see her with her headphones in but judging by her clothes I`d say she likes rock music.”
“Like you.” He nods, his cheeks reddening even more than I ever thought possible.
“What else?” I press him for more information, nowhere near satisfied with one mere answer. A lot of girls like music, okay granted a fair few like the boy band shit or even shittier singers that had a computer sing for them.
“Well she likes vampire films and books, I overheard her and one of her friends, I think her name is Ronnie, talking about some film a while back. Erm she hates needles.” He shivers at the word, and I giggle, unable to stop myself he just looked so damn comical.
“I take it that you don`t like needles either?” I ask through my laughter.
“No.” he says, crossing his arms over his chest, pouting a little, reminding me of a sulking little child.
“Anything else you know about this girl? Favourite drinks, foods, more likes, dislikes, any fears….?”
“I don`t know everything about her, I ain`t no fucking stalker!” he yells, and I put both of my hands up defensively.
“Okay, okay. You ain`t a stalker.” He sure knew a hell of a lot about some girl he`d never even talked to though…
Frank`s pov
“So how am I going to get Jasmine`s attention? I`ve tried for ages and she still doesn’t even know that I breathe the same fucking air as her!”
I lie back a little in mid air, putting my pale, heavily tattooed arms behind my head and begin to think really hard, trying to come up with a halfway decent idea. I think back to the first time I had met Francesca, the best day of my life. And quite possibly the most embarrassing too.
“Okay, got it.” I tell him confidently, sitting up. “You just gotta be yourself, right?”
Gerard looks as though he was going to interrupt me but I raise one hand to stop him. “But just with a bit more confidence. Like get some concert tickets to see a band she likes and get her to go with you. Or go and see some horror film with her. Shit like that.” I nod once, feeling rather proud of myself.
“You two will be together before the end of the month or my name isn`t Frank Mother Fucking Iero!”
“And then you can live happily ever after and shit.”
I narrow my eyes at him and he nods. “Are you sure, Frank?” he asks hesitantly.
I nod once, one hundred percent confident. “Definitely."
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