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Chapter fourteen

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“You know what you’re going to do?”

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Gerard`s pov
I slowly take a deep breath, trying to steady myself before following my invisible, to everyone bar me, guardian angel into the depressing, god dammed prison I called school. I was dressed in a clean, non ripped pair of red skinnies, instead of the usual black, a my least beat up looking converse and a relatively new Green Day shirt Mikey had gotten me for my last birthday. My long ebony hair still fell forward, obscuring most of my ghostly pale face, but it feel slightly neater today, more in a carelessly styled tumbles of black than a scruffy un brushed mess. My hazel green eyes were lined lightly with smudged black liner making the oddly coloured irises stand out even more.
I was sticking firmly to frank surprisingly good advice, not changing myself in any way, shape or form to impress the girl of my dreams, Jasmine. There were no expensive red roses, no designer clothes or a candle lit romantic dinner for two, but I was still hoping to make some sort of good impression on her. If my nerves would settle and my breakfast would stay in place that was.
“Relax Gee.” Frank smiles reassuringly down at me from a few metres away, gliding effortlessly above the sea of students, visible to only me. “It`ll be fine, alright. Just trust me.”
Trusting a dead guy was easier said than done, and trusting Frank Iero was even more difficult. With his cheeky, ever so slightly lopsided grin, the mischievous gleam in his chocolate eyes and his normally quite smug air of confidence, he was not the easiest person to trust.
I just nod, and follow him down the busy, noisy halls into the first class of the day. Room 13, a double art lesson with notoriously moody middle aged witch Mrs. Isabelle Brown. Art was one of my favourite lessons, one of the only ones I was really any good at, and it helped that I sat a few seats across from the beautiful dark haired girl Jasmine. I stare at her for a minute, hoping that I didn’t look as stalker like as I felt, taking in her classically pretty appearance. She was dressed in a simple plain black button up shirt, half undone over a black tank top and her usual pair of black skinnies was replaced by a ripped at the knee pair of blood red jeans tucked into her battered looking combat boots. She wore the same choker around her perfectly arched neck as she did every day, the dark colour contrasting beautifully against her pale, flawless skin.
Noticing my staring and lack of interest in the teacher, Frank points over at the table where Jasmine was sat with a few of her friends, doodling absentmindedly on her silver jotter, twirling one long, straight strand of brown hair around her finger.
“That`s her isn`t it?” He asks, already knowing perfectly well that it was. “Jasmines that brown haired girl over there, isn`t she? The one you can`t take you silly little green eyes off of.” I nod; blushing a little under his smug gaze and turn away, burying my face in my black notebook, pretending to be paying attention to the teacher.
“You know what you’re going to do?” I bite my lip, raven hair covering my face and nod, a small enough action that only my guardian angel can see it.
“I`m going to bump into her and knock her stuff over, then you being the kindly gentleman you are will go over and offer to help her collect her belongings.”

I watch feeling a little guilt as Frank runs into Jasmine, causing her to drop her coffin shaped book bag, the contents spilling all over the floor.
Sighing, and muttering curse sunder her breath she drops down to her knees and begins to pick up her stuff.
Taking a deep breath to collect myself and hopefully clam my nerves, I walk over to her, trying to look cool and casual but most likely looking geeky and uncoordinated, judging by frank`s childish giggling.
“Need any help with that?” I offer, bedding down and handing her a thick blue and white science book, smiling kindly at her as her intelligent eyes meet my own.
“Erm, sure. Thanks.” She smiles a little uncertainly at me, ducking her head to hide her pretty face behind her long hair, like I always did when I was shy or embarrassed.
“Here.” I hand her a bottle of crimson nail polish, which she stuffs into her red and black make up bag and a black, unopened eyeliner pencil which she gratefully takes, putting it in her back pocket.
“Thanks again Gerard?” I freeze. She knew my name?
“No problem, Jasmine.”
She grins widely, looking almost completely stunned.
Out of the corner of my eye I can see frank jumping up and down happily, yelling things like “Finally!” and “Don`t just stand there like an idiot, fucking kiss her!”
We walk slowly out of the now empty classroom together, in a comfortable silence. “So erm, I have these tickets for a film later today.” I begin shyly, almost… certain that she was going to shrug me off. Instead she looks up at me with a small smile, her eyes wide with excitement. “Mikey was going to go with me, but he bailed last minute. I was wondering if maybe…you would like to go?”
She giggles, and it had to be the most beautiful, melodic sound I have ever heard and nods her head enthusiastically. “Sure.”
“Yes!!” Frank screams doing a series of back and front flips before floating over to me, a massive, smug “I told you so” grin on his forever youthful face.
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