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second last chapter!

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He no longer needed me anymore...

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Gerard`s pov
My stomach was full of butterflies, giant bloodthirsty killer combat boot wearing butterflies. Three large, unstable piles of jeans, shirts and hoodies were stood haphazardly in front of me, littering the carpeted floor of my bedroom. I was stood in the centre of the room, staring madly at the piles hoping that the perfect outfit would just zoom into my waiting, desperate hands. I only had thirty more minutes to get ready and make myself half way decent looking (which was a damn near impossible thing to do) for my trip to the cinema with Jasmine. And here I was still stood in my school attire-a simple black pair of jeans and an old, worn Iron Maiden hoodie.
I hear loud, childish high pitched laughter bounce off of the poster covered walls and flip the pale, tattooed angel boy off. Frank was having a great time laughing at me, making sarcastic comments now and then as he floated in his usual spot above my unmade bed. At least someone was enjoying themselves. I sure as hell wasn`t.
“What am I going to do Frank?!” I all but wail, throwing the tight Green Day shirt I had been holding down, deciding that it just wouldn`t do for the trip to the movies which may or may not be a date.
That was another thing to worry about? Was this a date or not? Did Jasmine see it as a date or simply a friendly trip to the movies with a friend?
“Here you dipshit.” Frank oh so kindly smirks as he flies over and flings a tight Black Flag shirt and leather jacket at my head.
“You`re only going to the movies you moron, not a fucking wedding.” He throws me a clean, almost brand new pair of black leather pants that were so tight I was only just able to move while wearing them.
“Well?” I ask uncertainly as I stare at my now fully dressed, unsure reflection in the mirror that hung on the wall.
“Fine, fine.” He mumbles, and floats over, a black eyeliner in his hand, and holds me still with one hand, while he thickly applies the black Kohl round my eyes, smudging it for a Smokey look. When he had finished he rushes out of the door without saying a word, returning seconds later with my younger brother’s precious hair straighter in hand. He begins work on my raven dishevelled locks, quickly running the expensive electrical appliance over my hair, tutting and sighing as he does so.
“There. Done.” He says proudly as he finishes ruffling up the back of my now straight, but still stylishly messy hair, grinning wildly as I stare shocked at my reflection.
The person staring shocked back at me had my unhealthily white skin, only he pulled it off, the ghostly white colour making his hazel green eyes that were heavily outlined with black stand out dramatically. The tight pants clung to the hips and legs tightly, appearing to have been almost painted on, making it difficult to move them.
“C`mon then Gee, you`d better go now.” Frank tells me, glancing up at the clock on my black and red cluttered bedside table.
I nod, my terrible nerves reappearing and I feel as though I was going to be sick, but I just about manage to smile.

It was amazing, the best night of my life. The film was average, a totally not scary, hilariously gory move about zombies taking over or something, but the company more than made up for it. Jasmine looked simply gorgeous, not that she didn`t always. She had replaced her red skinnies for her usual black coloured ones, held up on her thin hips by a plain black belt with a silver skull with a hair bow on the buckle. The black shirt she had been wearing earlier had also been changed, and she now wore a tight fitting purple and black striped hoodie with pointed ears on the hood. Her dark hair was loose, cascading down her back, a single purple and black bow that went well with her hoodie held back a thin plait.
“Well erm bye...” She smiles shyly up at me from behind her hair, a faint pink blush appearing on her cheeks making her look even more adorable.
“Huh-yeah.” I return the smile, sadness overcoming me as I realise that we were now going to go our separate ways.
“I had a great time.” She says softly nibbling on her lower, perfect lip.
“So did I.” I tell her truthfully, wondering if it would be out of line for me to kiss her lightly flushed cheek.
“Well erm see you at school.” She leans in and briefly warps her little arms around me, hugging me tightly, before pulling away blushing even more deeply.
Frank`s pov
When I see Gerard return through the garden gates, a massive, goofy grin on his abnormally pale face I know that it must have went well. I was happy for him as his friend and guardian angel, but I was saddened by this knowledge too. It meant that my work here was almost done and I would have to soon leave. I didn`t want to go, I had enjoyed my short, second stay here on Earth so much more than I had imagined, and I had found a very good friend in the raven haired boy. I would miss him terribly.
I sigh and wit for him to enter the room, hearing the light nearing footstep on the stairs. He enters the room in a happy daze, the cheery smile tugging a little on my still heart as I realise just how soon I would have to go.
“We had a great time Frankie!” He almost squeals, collapsing down on his unmade bed, sighing contently.
I nod, not wanting to ruin his good mood right now by saying that I had to go. I would though, first thing in the morning. I would have to. He no longer needed me anymore.
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