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“Gerard you don`t need me here with you on Earth anymore.”

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Gerard`s pov
I collapse down onto my unmade bed my chapped lips curled upwards to form a goofy grin, disturbing several comics and my new, unopened sketch book. I lay there silently smiling to myself for God knows how long, my mind racing as I replay every second of my evening with Jasmine. It was amazing, almost perfect even. Everything I had ever dreamt for and so much more. The dark haired, music loving girl was
“I`m glad you had a good time.” Frank brings me back to reality, talking in a cheery voice, a grin on his forever young face that didn`t appear to meet his eyes, which were tight and narrowed slightly. I shrug mentally, it couldn`t be anything bad, could it?
“I`m going to try and get some sleep, kay?” He nods once, looking a little tired and surprisingly older than his age, his dark brows furrowed.
I lie awake for ages, the invisible clock on my wall ticking irritating, almost taunting me with each passing second. I was far too excited to sleep, remembering everything that had happened, the way she had smiled shyly at me, the deep pink her cheeks had turned when she hugged me. For once I couldn’t fall asleep, not because of nightmares, but because my normally bleak, dull reality was finally better than my dreams.
Frank`s pov
I wait impatiently for the raven haired boy to fall asleep, trying to occupy my wandering mind by concentrating on the good things, like how happy he looked, rather than the not so good. I think about the first day I had met him, how confused and downtrodden he was, the way his emerald eyes would narrow whenever I tried to cheer him up. I think back to the first day Gerard went back to school, how nervous he was, how much he loathed the prisonlike building. In the short, surprisingly pleasant time I had spent on Earth with him, I had watched Gerard transform from a shy, self loathing unconfident young man, into a more positive one, who was no longer too frightened to try and achieve his dream’s.
But no matter how much I try to concentrate and focus solely on the good times, the knowledge that I must leave keeps returning, like a bad smell. I sigh softly and glance over at the now sleeping boy, a brief smile appearing on my forever youthful face as I notice how peaceful he looked. How was I supposed to say goodbye?
And it wasn`t just that I was leaving Gerard, the only person I had felt close to in my life apart from gorgeous, perfect Frankie, but I was also leaving Earth behind, for a second and final time. They say that things become easier once you have done it once, but that is a load of bullshit. This time, I was certain would be harder, more painful, because I was leaving more behind. At least two good things had come of this, I had succeeded my duty to help Gerard and I had finally been able to come to terms with my own passing, something that had proved extremely difficult.
Gerard mumbles something inaudible in his sleep, making me smile sadly. I get to my feet silently, and float effortlessly across the room, searching for a pen and paper. I may have already said my goodbyes to Frankie, but I wanted to leave her a note, just so that she would never forget me and realise that, no matter how far I was from her, she would always be loved. I briefly consider leaving Gerard a note and leaving now, to save any awkwardness in the morning, but that would be cowardly of me, and I was many things, but I was not that.
I hastily write a note in my spidery writing, signing it with thirteen kisses, as I had told Francesca that the number brought good luck, as opposed to bad, and folded in half. I grab a white envelope from Gerard`s desk, sure that he wouldn`t mind and place the paper inside, pulling a disgusted face as I lick it shut.

Gerard`s pov again.
“Y-You’re leaving me?” I mumble sadly, feeling a little angry with the angel boy.
I’m Sorry Gerard.” Frank nods once, barely lowering his head, his converse clad feet on the ground for once, a pained look on his young face. “I don`t want to leave, believe me, but I must.” He explains. “He work here is done, you are happy now.”
It was true I was happy, happier than I ever remembered being. And I owed most of it to the angel boy, who had entered my life at a time when I had really needed him. I still needed him, didn`t I? Or was it just me wanting him to stay, as opposed to really needing him? Either way, I didn`t want him to go.
“Gerard you don`t need me here with you on Earth anymore.” I nod sadly, getting the answer to my earlier wondering. “I will always be watching over you though, protecting you. I will never truly leave you.” I smile sadly, his words doing little to comfort me, but I fully understand them, as much as I didn`t want to.
“Thank you Frankie.” He grins surprised, chocolate eyes glistening with what looked like glittering tears.
He shakes his head, smile still in place. “No thank you Gerard Way. You helped me in ways you can`t understand.”
We both stand awkwardly in silence for a few minutes, nether sure what to say, both equally unwilling to speak first, knowing that then it would be all over.
“Will you do something for me Gerard?”
I nod, knowing that I would do anything for him.
Frank reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a plain white envelope, with the name “Frankie” on it and an address. The envelope glittered slightly around the edges, and emitted a faint silvery glow.
“Give this to Francesca.”
“I will.” I tell him honestly, knowing how impotent this girl must be to him.
“I`ll see ya around Gee.” He waves and vanishes out of the window, large, black and red wings suddenly sprouting from his shoulder blades.
I watch him fly off until I could no longer see him, waving until my pale arms hurt.
I missed him already, though he had only been gone minutes it felt like years. I would be eternally grateful to Frank for helping me so much, making me realise that my life really was worth something.
“I miss you Frankie.” I whisper to the empty room, almost sure that he would be able to hear me, before closing the window and walking away, a spring to my steps that had long since gone magically restored.
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