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Kira’s POV:

I couldn’t sleep. All night, I’m up tossing and turning, listening to the snores of the guys in the room. Damn their loud. I roll over on my right side to look at Frank. He looks so peaceful when he’s sleeping. Not head banging and flying around the stage like he does at every concert. I slide the sheets off my body, and feel a quick draft of cold air. I grab Frank’s hoodie, and slide it over my skinny frame.

I slip on somebody’s slides, not bothering to check whose they belong too. I slib my phone in the pocket of the hoodie and head out the door.

The hotel hallway seems endless. Twists and turns, here and there. Some people are coming back from the pool, others looking wasted.
I get to the hotel lobby and see a bunch of girls waiting outside. Some are holding up fans, but I can’t see what’s plastered on them.

I walk a little further and notice one of them says “MCR”.

Shit. They probably know they’re staying a few nights here. Wait, I’m wearing Frank’s hoodie. As them being fangirls, they’ll probably know it’s his.
I see a backdoor and find out it leads into a dark alley. I don’t know where I’m walking to until I notice my mind lead me to my old elementary school. “Chester Brook Elementary”. This place has so many bad things inside. I miss it.

Me being the curious one, I find a window and barely squeeze through the opening. The walls are barren. The classrooms have cobwebs and who knows how many arachnids. Then the cafeteria. On the last day of 4th grade there was a food fight, which resulted in over 100 suspensions. I was in the clinic that day. I was always in the clinic. I have dyslexia, making it hard to write, and read. I would get so upset in class since I couldn’t write, I would just start crying. The teacher usually sent me to the clinic with a pass, but it started to be so frequent, I just left when it started. I never had any friends in elementary school. All of the fake bimbos called me an emo freak just because i wore black clothing.

That’s when I stop. I look around, and notice I’m in my 5th grade science class. This was where the fire happened. Caused by me.


“Okay class, when your’e done, please bring your test to the front. You have exactly 30 minutes”, Ms. Hoffman says. I could hear the pencils scribble across the paper, and the feet shuffle on the floor.

I’m so good at science, I say to myself. I’m good in every subject. I never fail.

I look at the paper and read question one. But I can’t read it. The letters are mixed up, and I can’t even write my own name, making it look like a whole different language.

“I-I can’t do this. W-w-why can’t I read?” I whisper, only for my ears to hear.

Ms.Hoffman notices me not working “Kira, why aren’t you working? You only have 15 minutes left”.

But I don’t answer. I just look at her. Her desk. It has so many chemicals on it that are dangerous. One even says “FLAMABLE WHEN WET” on the front of the vial. That could end class so easily.

I find the energy in my body to make me walk towards her desk. She’s drinking water or some clear liquid that can surely make this room burn. “Kira, what are you doing up here? Get back to your desk and get working”. Still, I don’t answer her. I take her drink, pour it on the desk, then throw it behind me, getting an “Ow!” from some student that I could care less about.

My hand moves over to grab the vial on her desk, and within a split second, her desk is up in a blaze. Papers start to burn, that apple the teacher’s pet brings every day, and then Ms. Hoffman herself. Her face starts to melt like a candle when it burns too long.

I watch as the kids run too the door, but...ah. Sucks for them. It’s locked. I notice the fire starts to creep it way up to me, as it burning with wood, makes the flame bigger. I walk towards the window, simply unlock it, and climb out. Making sure no other kids can get out by blocking it with a branch.

I hear their screams of please, and shouts of forgiveness. That’s their fault.

I walk away from the school, with the fire blazing behind me like in a movie.

Paybacks a bitch to those who hurt me.

~End of flashback~

I find a good corner and just sit there, thinking that 23 students and 1 teacher died in here because of me, on November 19, 2007. I took 24 lives, because of a disorder I have, that sent me over the top.

I wish I could apologize to the families of the kids that died that day, and tell them how sorry I am.

Little do I know, I’m on the floor sobbing, curled up in a ball, wishing I could take back my actions that day. Maybe five minutes or so I sit there, crying my eyes out for the lost when I hear footsteps down the hall. Who would be in a burnt down school? Well, I am, but who else?
I find a sharp piece of glass, and hide under the desk that used to belong to my science teacher I hated with a passion. I once hid under here during lunch, not wanting to face the other kids. The classroom door opens with a creak, and the footsteps grow louder, stopping right before the desk. I notice the person is in high heels, so it must be a woman, but why would she be here?

I look closer at the shows, and notice they are...see through. Ghostly like. I peer up over the desk, and look at the woman. It’s my old science teacher, the one I set on fire. She turns around and looks at the now filled desks with the ghost bodies of the students who lost their lives that day. I’m reliving my first day of 5th grade. The images start to face out, then they’re gone. I decide to leave because I’m already scared shitless. I walk balk to the window slowly, looking down the halls and in each classroom, making sure that no one is actually here.

I start to go through the window, but my leg grazes against a sharp piece of glass, leaving a big hole in my calf.

“Ah, shit.” I mutter.

The walk balk to the hotel was a little longer because of my disability, but I was gone for a mere 2 hours. The fans were still in the lobby, the clerks looking upset. I take the elevator since I have no chance of walking up 3 flights of stairs.

I quietly open the hotel room door, not wanting to wake the guys. When I look inside, I see Frank sitting up on the bed, watching Tom & Jerry. I watched that show when I was a kid all the time.

“Hey Kira, I was wondering where- what happened to your leg?” He asks.

“I went for a little walk.”

“Where to?”

“Just my elementary school.”

“Chester Brook?”

“Yeah, how’d you know?”

“Lucky guess.”

We just look at each other until I break the silence. “Can you help me clean this? It hurts like hell.”

“Yeah, come on.”

We go to the bathroom and I sit down on the rim of the tub, and place my right leg up on the toilet lid, letting Frank get a better view.

“How’d you cut it?”

“I climbed though a window.”

He didn’t answer, just started to get whatever medical supplies the hotel supplies. Not much from what he brings back. Band-aids, gauze, and disinfectant.

“This might hurt a little bit.” He warns me.

He dabs a piece of toilet paper onto the disinfectant and brings it up to my leg, not wanting to make any sudden moves. As the liquid makes contact with my wound, it hurts. A lot. After what seemed like eternity, he removed the toilet paper and started to put gauze on the wound, then strap it down with a few band-aids.

“Thanks Frank, for everything.” I give him a small smile.

He leans up and gives me a quick, but sweet kiss. “No problem. Now come on, lets get you back to bed missy! We have a big day tomorrow!”

I groan and hold my arms out, not being able to walk.

“Oh, right.”

Frank scoops me up from the rim of the tub and tries to squeeze through the small bathroom door. Stupid contractors.

I feel comfortable with Frank. Like I can telling him anything, and everything. He sets me down on the bed and I climb in under the sheets, watching Tom & Jerry as he slides in under the covers next to me.

He slinks his arm around my shoulder and I cuddle into his side.

“You hot.” I say.

“Why thank you.” I can hear the smirk in his voice.

“No, I mean. Never mind. Goodnight.” I smile to myself and and cuddle into him more, and slowly fall into a peaceful dream.

(A/N):Sorry for not updating! Many many projects. I’ll be writing my chapters in a journal now so I’ll get done faster. Much love!
[*~Kira :)
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