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Chapter 6 pt. 2

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me noo feel gwdie, soo ifinished the chapter x3

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"Frankie?" I asked again.

"Oh..sorry its just that I barely woke up. Im not myselfright now. Im sorry, what did you say?" he said sounding so confused.

"I just wanted to know if Gee was with you, but I can see you barely woke up. So let me havent?"

"Oh. No sorry man its been a long day I just want to go to sleep." he said half asleep.

"Can I ask you what did you do that made you so tierd?" I asked.

"I just went to Violets house, we watched movies. After the movie, I felt really sleepy." he said finally fully awake.

At that momen I felt betrayed. I like Violet a lot. I felt so damn jealous that Frankie went to her house. Why? It makes no sence. At that moment I didnt wanna talk to Frankie anymore.


"Mikey?" Frankie asked concered.

Just then I clicked on Frankie. Ithrew my phone on the couch and ran to my room.
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