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The Damned and Divine

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MCR and a ouija board. What horrors come forth? (Fic u auditioned for!)

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For all that auditioned, you will appear in later chapters!
Story title from "Damned and Divine- Tarja Turunen"
Hope you like!

Chapter 1- Goodnight Mr Way

Gerard Way was drunk. He was half walking-half staggering down familiar and unfamiliar roads, streets and alleyways on a few occasions. He was with 4 other boys who, like Gerard, were equally pissed. Frank Iero, who was probably the drunkest, was laughing like a maniac, his arm slung over the shoulders of Gerard’s younger brother Mikey. He was talking to Ray Toro and Bob Bryar about stuff that...Well, let’s just say its stuff that doesn’t need to be placed on the page.

It was about 2 in the morning but the boys didn’t care about that. They had been down to the bar, celebrating the release of their new album. Already it had gotten popular, the album sales going through the roof and Gerard himself had said “Why don’t we let ourselves relax a bit?” and, of course, they had literally let themselves loose. They had all drunk at least 5-6 pints of beer and a few shots of vodka. Frank had secretly had a little whiskey before the drunk as hell band member’s headed off into the night.

Gerard was up front, chatting, or rather shouting for the whole world to hear, about a badly placed lamp post which he had walked straight into which ended up the rest of the band laughing like hyenas. “I mean whyyyyy” he said, slurring his words “Would annnyyy fucker place it their? Do th’have brains?” And he tapped the side of his head rather hard which made him switch subject about bad headaches.

The band ended up taking a shortcut, well, bob had said shortcut, down a dark, deserted alley. Mikey lumbered up to him brother and said “Geeerraaardddd, where do w’live?”
“Dunnno Mikey” he replied, slapping his brother’s shoulder hard “Where is th’place w’stay?”

“Maybe i could help you” said a voice.

The boys glanced stupidly around, wondering with bemusement were the sound came from “Who’s dat?” asked Bob, spinning in a circle like a ballerina performing a pirouette. The voice replied, getting louder every syllable “Oh, no one particular. I just want to help you” A man stepped out of the gloomy shadows, smiling and showing his crooked, yellow teeth. He was an old gentleman, had long grey hair and beard which were very unkempt and dirty. He was wearing a long brown coat, baggy trousers (Yes, I’m British), brown boots and, strangely, a tall, very ragged top hat.

If they boys were sober, they would have avoided this guy, but, since they were not, the only though that crossed their mind was this man looked like the Mad Hatter out of Alice in Wonderland. “What d’you mean?” asked Mikey “D’you know where w’stay?”

The man smirked “But, of course” he replied making a little bow “I am Lucias and I can get you their on one condition”

To be honest, they boys didn’t really care. They needed to get back, wrapped up in the prospects of getting home. Gerard, being Gerard, lumbered up to the guy, accepting the offer “What tis’ it?”

Lucias chuckled gently “Well you see, i have acquired an item which is of no use to me and i would like you to take it off my hands. Gerard nodded very violently, rolling his head on his shoulders a few times. Lucias held out his hand and Gerard, instead of shaking it, slapped the old man’s hand, hard. Lucias turned around, grabbed something and held out the item. It was a rectangular, flat box, black and old looking, like a rather beaten chocolate box. “The things are inside gentlemen” he said and thrust the box into Gerard’s hands “Now, follow me”

The boys were staying in a house around the city. It was quite old, dating back in the 1800’s and the place was quite nice. After 20 minutes of walking, taking twists and turns, they came to the house. “Here we are” Lucias stated, delving in Ray’s pocket, taking out a key and opened the door. The band piled in, Bob crashing into the staircase and Frank nearly tripping over the doorstep onto the floor.Gerard swivelled round to face the man, nearly ending up crashing into the wall. Lucias looked at him and gave him a toothy smile.“Goodnight Mr Way” said Lucias, laughing like a deranged man “Sweet dreams” He threw the key on the floor and slammed the door, making the glass in the panes shake, nearly breaking.

The house fell into darkness and almost complete silence except the sounds of moaning and complaints from the boys. As the time of the night went on, they had eventually fallen into slumbers, not knowing the most dangerous and evil artefact they had ever had or seen was on the kitchen table in the same house.
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