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Ladies And Gentlemen

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Waking up and finding a surprise.

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[Next chapter peeps! Hope its good! By the way, some of you ghost's will be showing up very very soon!]
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“What the hell?” were the first words Frank Iero muttered when he awoke in an unfamiliar atmosphere. The sun was shining brightly through a gap in the black curtains and it blinded him temporarily. One thing he noticed was that he wasn’t in his own bed, or his own room. The second was that in here, he wasn’t alone. Ray, Mikey and Bob were lying on the wooden floor, all snoring loudly and their limbs at awkward angles and Gerard was...

Frank yelped in shock, rolled straight off the bed and landed right on top of Bob. Bob gasped and was awake in an instance, furious “Frank, What the fuck?!” He yelled. Everyone was up now, all complaining of being deprived of more sleep.
“I have got one huge headache” Ray groaned, rubbing his temples.
“I’m gonna be sick!” cried Mikey, who jumped up and ran from the room. Gerard peeped his head out from under the bed covers and moved to the spot were Frank had been a few seconds ago.

“Huh? What’s with all the commotion?” Bob gave an annoyed look at Frank
“This dick head fell on me!” he said, shoving him off onto the floor. Gerard looked around the room.
“Where’s Mikey?” His question was answered by a retching noise from the bathroom next to this room. The boys were in Mikey’s room, they could tell by the posters of The Smashing Pumpkins and The Misfits which covered most of the walls. Yep, defiantly Mikey’s room.

“I would love to know how I ended up in Mikey’s bed with Gee in it” Frank said, cheeks reddening and feeling rather embarrassed. Gerard flipped the covers back and sat up, smiling at Frank with a, don’t worry about it look.
“Yeah, what happened last night?” asked Ray, still holing his head, tightly. Gerard racked his brains, trying to remember the events of the previous night.
“I can’t remember!” he cried, annoyed at himself “But we must have been pissed judging by the way we are all acting and feeling” Ray nodded and hung his head, trying to stop the pounding in his head.
“Gee?” a weak, very quiet voice said.

Mikey gently opened the door and came in the room, pale as a sheet and looking as he would fall over. “You alright Mikey?” asked his brother, who jumped up, went over to Mikey and gave him a hug.
“I feel so damn awful Gee” he replied, then suddenly, his knee’s buckled and he would have fallen if it wasn’t for Gerard. He led poor Mikey to the bed and laid him down on the soft material.
“Oh Mikey” Gerard said, smiling at his brother kindly “You need some rest. Would you like some coffee?” Mikey didn’t say anything, he just nodded.

Gerard stood up and said “Come on you lot, we can leave Mikey in peace for a little while” they all got up and stumbled down the staircase to the kitchen. Frank, Ray and Bob took up places at the dining room table whilst Gerard made the coffee. He could hear the boys in the dining room, chatting about last night and what on earth they could have done. Gerard was just adding sugar to the mugs, when he saw it, lying on the kitchen worktop.

It was a rectangular, flat box, black and old looking, like a rather beaten chocolate box. Gerard went over to it, gingerly picked it up and studied it. No markings, no writing, nothing of interest at all.
“Hey guys” Gerard called to the two guitarist and drummer. He heard a small “Yeah?” come from one of them. Gerard headed into the room and showed them the box “What the hell is this?”
Confusion flickered across all their faces when they placed their eyes on it. “Don’t know, never seen it in here before” Bob said “Where’d you find it?”
Gerard indicated the kitchen “Just laying on the kitchen surface” Ray suddenly had a thought.
“You don’t think that” he pointed at the box “Could have had anything to do with last night?”
Gerard shrugged his shoulders “Maybe. I’ll finish the coffee, and then we can show Mikey”

“Come in” came a feeble voice inside the room. Gerard came in, followed by the rest of the band, all with puzzled expressions on their faces. Mikey was breathing in and out slowly, as if trying to sleep.
“Here you go Mikey Mouse” Gerard whispered, handing the mug to Mikey. Mikey slowly sat up, thanked Gerard and took a sip of the warm drink, a little colour returning to his face.
“Mikey,” Frank asked, taking out the mysterious, black box. “Any idea what this is?”
Mikey shook his head, gently from side to side “Nope, what is it?”
Bob finished his coffee and placed the empty mug on the bedside table “That’s what we want to know”.
That was when Frank noticed something on the box, a small, gold, rusted latch. Frank curiosity got the better of him. He set the box on the carpeted floor and turned the latch, which made a loud click sound. Everyone’s heads looked down to the floor at Frank. Frank took a deep breath and opened the box.

Inside was a flat, wooden board which fitted in the box perfectly. The board had writing on it, curly letters of the alphabet and numbers from 1-10. In the circle of letters and umbers were the words “Hello” “Yes” “No” and “Goodbye”. On the top of this all, was a tiny glass, which would have just touched the top of the box, wider than a normal glass. Under the glass, was a small piece of old paper, creased and yellowing, looking as if it would rip if you opened it.

Frank’s eyes widened in their sockets and he looked up at the boys and said “Ladies and gentlemen, we have here an Ouija board”
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