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"Enjoying the show Charles?"

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There's something about Charles' pajamas that draws Erik's attention to the cloth. Every inch of Charles being covered, normally the long sleeves and dreaded buttons would be annoying to Erik. However, the image of Charles in his blue stripped pajamas is entirely too adorable to be considered frustrating.


Erik will never forget their first kiss. Huddled together in one of the lower cabins, clothes still dripping wet having just been pulled from the ocean. Pressed against the door a hand tangled in his hair, lips meshing against his own. The other hand gripping tightly at his hip as a knee pressed its way between his thighs pushing apart his legs. Tongue darting in his mouth while hips rutted against him. A connection so intense from the simple touch of lips, there was no way Erik could ever forget that feeling.


Sitting on the patio Charles allows his eyes to rake over Erik who is standing a few feet away cigarette in hand. He watches as Erik raises the cigarette to his mouth, completely mesmerized by how his lips curl around the butt. He notices how his cheeks hollow with every inhale, the embers flickering orange-red against the night sky. He observes how with each exhale the smoke coils over his head in thin wisps. Tugging at his collar Charles unfastens the top button. If Erik keeps this up Charles is certain he's going to need a cigarette of his own very soon.


Erik doesn't have very fond memories with snow. The dreaded white substance reminded him of times he much rather forget all together. Days left alone, hardly any food in his stomach in a too small bunk with too many people and rags for clothing. Snow was a way to weed out people and after every snowfall Erik remembers the numbers dwindling, faces disappearing forever, while smoke billowed out from those damn cylindrical stacks. Now however, snow seems to have taken on a new meaning. Standing by the back door Erik warily looks on as the children run about the white landscape. Sean and Alex are busy pelting one another with snowballs giggling like mad dodging wayward projectiles; Hank is making a snowman that oddly resembles Einstein; While Raven is currently lying in the snow setting about making snow angles. Eyes' darting to Charles Erik allows a small smile to form as he watches the man plop down beside Raven to join in on the making of snow angels. No fear or worry, just pure joy radiates from the bunch as they play in the snow. Pushing off the back door Erik slowly approaches the snow covered lawn. Cautiously picking up some he begins molding it into a snowball before sending it hurling towards Alex who yelps in response as the snowball connects with the back of his head. Erik grins at the direct hit. Perhaps snow could be a source of fun.


Charles has come to the conclusion that humanity's view of what's beautiful is absolutely wrong, in every sense of the word. The belief that men are incapable of being deemed beautiful, that the word is a term solely used for the description of women is entirely false. Charles can prove it is indeed possible for a man to be considered beautiful. Just one look to the left side of the bed to where Erik is currently sound asleep, and he knows he has all the proof he'd ever need. Head tilted so he is facing Charles, Erik's hair is strewn haphazardly in every which direction, a few strands falling over his forehead. His face is free from tension and he looks so serene, at utter peace. Left hand buried under the pillow, his right is clutching the edge of the sheets that have slipped halfway down his back revealing his smooth skin that contrasts so nicely with the burgundy sheets. Lips parted slightly the sound of even breaths reach Charles' ears. Smiling Charles brushes the stray strands of hair from Erik's forehead and presses a kiss to the newly revealed skin. Erik is living proof that men are capable of being beautiful.


Charles was supposed to be working on organizing the bills, but it was simply criminal to be locked in doors on such a beautiful day. Pushing back from his cluttered desk Charles stood making his way to the window looking out over the front yard. Gaze flickering over the empty lawn Charles was drawn to Erik who was standing under a tree going through a series of arm stretches. Smiling fondly Charles continued to watch, completely entranced with Erik's lithe frame twisting this way and that. Eyes narrowing Charles caught a fleeting glimpse of the pale sliver of flesh ghosting out from underneath the grey sweat shirt Erik was currently wearing as he leaned back into a spine stretch. Gulping Charles looked on in anticipation as Erik switched his stretch to bend forwards, sticking his ass out as he leaned into the stretch. A shift of the hips and it looked as if Erik was purposely shaking his ass in the direction of the window Charles was standing by. Gripping the window sill tightly Charles' gaze is still lingering on Erik when he feels an all too familiar niggling touch at the back of his mind. 'Enjoying the show Charles?' The words echo in his mind, the hint of a smile behind them mixed in with an edge of smugness.


Erik thinks Charles works too much. Between Cerebro, the children, bills to pay, and the mounting paperwork surrounding the opening of a school Charles hardly had any time to relax. After a particularly hard week that resulted in Charles passing out across his desk, Erik decided to make it his mission to give the man a break. Knowing how stubborn Charles could be he knew he was going to have to pull out all the stops. A cup of brewed chamomile tea in hand Erik made the hike up to Charles' study. With Charles hunched over his desk reviewing contracts for the school Erik spotted his opening to enact operation 'Relax Charles'. Placing the cup of tea on the desk Erik moves to stand behind Charles. Bringing his hands to the telepath's shoulders he began to work out the knots of tension. A soft moan escaped Charles' lips when Erik hit a particularly tight area. "And what do I owe the pleasure of this visit," he asked after taking a sip of tea. Erik doesn't respond, instead he turns Charles' chair around so he's face to face with the telepath. Moving to sit on Charles' lap Erik places a kiss to his cheek before whispering "you work too hard dear." Bringing his hands to grip Erik's waist Charles grinned. "You're quite right; in fact I think I'll take my hour break now." Head burrowed in the crook of Charles' neck Erik murmurs "perhaps an afternoon off?" Laughing Charles turned Erik's head to face him "and here I thought I was supposed to be relaxing," he replied playfully. Shifting in his lap Erik smirked "I'll do all the work. You just relax and enjoy." "And when does this relaxing afternoon start," Charles asked raising an eyebrow. "Right now," Erik breathed out as his lips met Charles' in a needy kiss.


It started with the best intention, as most things often do, but somewhere along the way disaster struck. Erik had never had banana bread before; Charles decided he was going to remedy that. While Erik trained the children in hand to hand combat Charles began toiling around in the kitchen. It was a fairly simple recipe to follow but it didn't take in to account the lack of experience one Charles Xavier had in the kitchen. His measurements were off; the dash of salt had turned into at least thrice more when the cap popped off. He mixed up baking soda and baking powder forcing him to start over. A few minutes were put aside so he could painstakingly sift through the mixture to retrieve bits of eggshells that had fallen in. It was an absolute disaster and when the pan was finally in the oven the slam of the back door as Alex and Sean ran inside, the later yelling bloody murder marked the final straw. The pastry fell in on itself and Charles cursed out in defeat. Erik who had walked in after the boys raised an eyebrow at Charles' appearance. The front of his cardigan was cover in flour, a smudge of batter across his cheek, and yolk dripping from his hair. "I was trying to bake some banana bread for you," Charles spoke blushing, "but I'm afraid it's turned into a bit of a mess." Erik dragged a finger across Charles' cheek drawing the batter covered digit to his mouth. Sucking appreciatively he extracted the digit, now clean, and licked his lips before uttering "perfection."


Charles isn't sure how he found himself in this particular situation. Actually that's a lie, he knows perfectly well why he's currently floating outside his bedroom window; Erik's toothy grin and shinning eyes are to blame. "We need to train too, and you're always saying I should push myself." Charles can't argue there, but surely they could find a way to hone Erik's powers that didn't involve him being dangled 15 feet up in the air. "Well yes, but why levitation," Charles asks a sliver of fear edged in his words as he eyes the ground below. "So I can do this," Erik replies lifting Charles' chin so he can capture his lips in a kiss. Charles tenses at first worrying Erik will lose control of his powers, sending them crashing downwards. However, when the impact of ground and flesh colliding doesn't immediately happen Charles allows himself to relax into the kiss. Pulling back Erik grins "fascinating." Charles laughs "quite, although I believe we're going to have to do this more often. You know to make sure it's not a fluke." Erik nod "of course, all in the name of science," he adds winking before leaning in to kiss Charles once more.


Erik gasps at the feel of a tongue trailing along his stomach. Squirming at the touch he is rewarded with a hand firmly gripping him by the hips as a light nip to his skin is given in warning. "Sorry," he whispers forcing himself to calm down and resume his stilled position. He feels fingers trace patterns along his thighs as lips descend further down his stomach. The anticipation is almost overwhelming and Erik has to fight the urge to buck his hips upwards to seek more contact. But that's the game they play, building up their actions until it's simply all too much. It makes the actual release more pleasurable, so Erik is content to bite his bottom lip and patiently wait until Charles is ready to begin. 'Care to play a game luv,' being projected into his mind is the only warning Erik gets before Charles swallows him down and he swears he sees stars.
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