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Interlude: Road Trip

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Snap Shots from the Bromance Tour pt2 (aka Charles & Erik go recruiting)

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Interlude: Road Trip


No sooner have the finishing touches been put on Cerebro II is Charles eagerly rushing in for a trial run. He is excited; with Cerebro rebuilt he can now help so many other mutants. He can reach out to them, show them they are by no means alone, and offer them refuge. After giving Hank a death glare, when the teen once again remarked they should shave his head, Charles is securing the helmet in place. A flick of a switch and he feels his mind flood with the unfamiliar touch of new minds. The machine Hank has hooked up to Cerebro is going crazy as it rushes to write the coordinates Charles' mind supplies. Cerebro still takes a toll on Charles and reluctantly he has to stop his search. Even as tired as he feels when he takes off the helmet a smile is still plastered on his face. "Erik, get the keys; it's time for a road trip," he remarks between yawns. Erik smirks "sleep first, we'll leave tomorrow."


Erik swats Charles' hand away from the dial. "It stays," he replies evenly giving Charles a warning glance. Pouting Charles rubs his hand "Bach is hardly suitable road tripping music." Erik quirks an eyebrow at Charles' word choice. "Road tripping? Really Charles, that just proves my point on that bubbly pop you refer to as music." Charles opens his mouth to protest but is cut off when Erik proceeds "I'm driving therefore I control the radio." Slouching in his seat Charles turns to look out the window grumbling "fine." Erik smiles at his victory and reaches out to raise the volume. Four hours later when Charles is driving Erik silently curses his rule. Cupping his ears he tries his hardest to block out the sounds of 'Calendar Girl' filling the car.


There's a rustling of various papers being folded coming from the seat next to Erik. "Erik, there's something wrong with this map," Charles claims frustrated. "Oh," Erik laughs. "What's wrong with it?" Pointing at the offending map Charles bites out "it doesn't have the bloody exit we need!" Erik has to bite his bottom lip to keep from laughing. Clearing his throat he grabs the map from Charles. Eyes flickering over the crisscrossing lines of roads he shakes his head. "Darling, this is the map for New York, we're in Pennsylvania."

Rest stop:

Charles is always saying everything boils down to mind over matter. The only problem is Erik's mind just doesn't seem to care about the matter at hand. Grinding his teeth together Erik squirms in his seat before sinking lower into the interior. His right foot is furiously tapping against the floor boards while his hands are clenching the fabric of his jeans. He should have taken Charles up on his offer, but he didn't have to go then. He regrets having drained those two sodas, but he'd been thirsty and it had seemed like a great idea at the time. Biting his bottom lip Erik hesitantly started speaking "Charles, can we—" Charles smiles knowingly "the next exit is in five minutes, can you hold it till then?" Erik nods furiously and sinks further in his seat attempting to not think about water.


When Erik wakes up he notices three things. One, they have stopped moving; two, they are in the middle of a long road with no surrounding lights signifying a city; and three, Charles is not in the vehicle with him. Sitting up he catches sight of Charles pacing in front of the headlights. Unbuckling, Erik gets out of the vehicle to stretch. "Charles, where are we," he asks leaning against the hood. Whirling around Charles throws up his hands "I don't know, the road was closed, and then there was a detour, and I just don't know." Placing a hand on Charles' shoulder Erik replies "I'm going to take over driving, why don't you get some sleep?" Charles nods walking to the passenger's side mumbling something about a right turn on Ponderasa being a horrible mistake.


The clock on the radio reads 2:15, but Erik's running on fumes so it might as well read something outlandish like 5:37. Gripping the steering wheel tighter he blinks his eyes willing himself to wake up. It doesn't work he feels his eyes slowly flicker shut and he shakes his head to try and jolt himself awake. He feels a light prod against his arm as a coke bottle is thrust under his nose. "I know you don't like coke, but drink it. You're about to fall asleep and there's no shoulder on this road to pull over and trade off driving." Erik grabs the bottle taking a swig and immediately grimaces at the burn of carbonic acid going down his throat. Relinquishing the bottle he mumbles "why couldn't you have bought Pepsi?" Charles snorted "a simple 'Thank You' would have sufficed."


The room is rather small, but then again they were lucky to even get a room considering how late it was when they arrived. Charles views the room rather disdainfully, compared to his own back home this place is a total dump. Erik could care less, there's a bed and the sheets look relatively clean. Charles makes a face when Erik makes a mad dash for the bed tugging the covers up to his chin. "You know, I'm not that tired," Charles says but the yawn that follows the statement shatters any credibility. Erik rolls his eyes "slumming it one night isn't going to kill you Charles." Patting the spot next to him Erik smiles at Charles "besides, how am I supposed to sleep without my personal heater?" Charles shakes his head but crawls under the covers "you are paying for my dry cleaning my friend."

Waffle House:

Charles chews his food thoughtfully looking at Erik who has yet to touch his plate. Swallowing Charles reaches for his cup of tea before finally asking "aren't you going to eat?" Erik doesn't respond he simply pokes his food with his fork. "What is this, I said I wanted pancakes," Erik grumbles pushing the dish away. Charles sighs "the exit said IHOP, believe me I was as surprised as you were to see a Waffle House." Erik eyes Charles slightly annoyed "I'll just have coffee." Charles groans "I said I was sorry." Erik nods taking a sip of coffee "yes, you did. But I'm picking where we stop for lunch." Charles drops the matter knowing he won't win, not when Erik has been denied his favorite breakfast, and takes another bite of his waffle.

A/N: Before anyone says anything, IHOP, Waffle House, Pepsi, & Coke were all around prior to 1962, I checked before I added them in on this.
on side note I would like to say that I do not have anything against the song Calendar Girl, it was just the first one to pop into my head.
As for the Coke/Pepsi deal, I personally like Pepsi so I'll take any opportunity to make a remark towards Coke that I can get.
And Waffle House, no joke this litterally happened to Me and my family. We were driving back from Washington DC and my grandpa wanted pancakes my grandma said that the exit sign mentioned something about an IHOP...we found a Waffle House instead, needless to say my grandma has yet to live it down and my grandpa was pretty frustrated at the time

Also, I'm sure Erik has conditioned himself to have a bladder of steel, but I just enjoy making him squirm ;D

And isn't directionally challenged Charles adorable?
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