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The Leaving Song

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Hazel heads for New Jersey. Send in My Chem. The title is A.F.I.

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Hazel's POV
We finished packing all my stuff around 9pm and my grandmother had already arrived.
"Hey Grammy."
"Hello Hazel darling. How are you?"
"I’ve been better. But I’m ready to go. I’ll go pack up the car and say my goodbyes okay?"
"Alright Hazel."
James and I packed up the car gave each other the longest and saddest hug of our lives.
"I’m going to miss you so much."
"I am to Hazel. But I know you’ll be fine. I want you to have something."
He took off his bracelet and gave it to me.
"James why? This is your favorite bracelet."
This bracelet, is a white knitted bracelet. He’s worn it since we met. He never ever took it off.
"I know it’s in good care. My favorite bracelet with my favorite friend."
I started to tear up again.
"Thank you James."
"Thank you Hazel."
We walked back in.
"Okay Grammy, I’m ready."
"Alright Hazel, let’s go."
We got in the car, waving goodbye to my aunt and my best friend that I may not see for a while.

Gerard’s POV
"The fucking fuck Iero!"
"What all I did was push you off the couch. No biggie."
"Yeah, while I was SLEEPING!"
"Well it was either that or whip you with a twizzler."
"I’m gonna get you! Come here Iero!"
I started chasing him. Nearly knocking into Ray and Mikey.
"Do we have to go through this every day?"
Ray grabbed Frank and sat him down while Mikey grabbed me.
"Now that everyone’s settled. Apparently a new girl is coming to our school tomorrow."
"Really? What’s her name?"
"Well Gerard, even if you know her name doesn’t mean she’ll fall magically in love with you."
"Shut it puff head!"
"ANYWAYS! Her name is Hazel. She left Connecticut because she was being abused and shit at her school."
"Sounds like our lives."
"Maybe she’ll fit in with us?"
"I don’t know Mikes, what if her school was like us and she was that one little preppy girl."
"I doubt that Gerard. I mean look at our school. Every school is practically like ours. Look at me, how much shit do I get for my red eyeliner?"
"True. Hey puff head, how did you find this shit out anyways?"
"I don’t share when I’m being called puff head. GERD."
"Fuck you. Fine, Ray Toro how did you find this out?"
"Well Gerard Way, I found this out cause my uncle works with newcomers."
"Ahh. Well I’m going back in the living room to play video games, if anyone cares to join me; please bring the following: coffee, sugary substances, and pizza. Sincerely Gerard Mother fucking Way."
The rest of them laughed as I left the room.
I wonder what this girl is like. Can’t wait to find out tomorrow.
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