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Charles finds out the joys (and horrors) of Erik's latent mutation Warning: Mpreg I'm going to hell...

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Erik is usually an early riser; up no later than 6:15 to catch a morning run. However today that was not the case.

When his watch beeped at 6 this morning he hurled it across the room and rolled over tucking the blankets around him.

He deserved to sleep in once in a while.

Charles is up by 10 and when he turns to see Erik still buried under the blankets next to him a small frown fixes itself on his lips.

Erik never sleeps this late, even on weekends his day starts around 7:30.

Fearing the worse Charles drops a hand to Erik's forehead checking for a fever. There's none, but the touch earns him a murmured:

"Charles, what are you doing?"

Charles blushes having been caught. "Checking for a fever, you're not sick are you Erik?"

A yawn, "No, just tired," he mumbles.

Charles nods and lays back; Erik did deserve to sleep in once in a while.


Erik has completely abandoned his early morning regimen; he's just been so tired these past few weeks.

When he's not training, he just grabs a small snack and slinks off to go sleep.

He reasons his body is rebelling against him for having pushed himself so hard all these years. Whatever the cause for his sudden tiredness, Erik doesn't' really care, because sleep is a wonderful thing he hasn't fully enjoyed until recently.

Charles is slightly worried by Erik's constant sleeping Usually Erik battled with insomnia; then again if Erik was sleeping, and soundly at that, perhaps he shouldn't be worrying.


Charles groans hearing the bathroom door slam. It's the third time this week he's been woken up by the sound of Erik running to the bathroom to empty the contents of his stomach.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes Charles throws off his covers and pads over to the bathroom door. He jiggles the knob; locked, of course.

"Erik are you ok?"

He winces at the sound of Erik coughing violently before croaking out "just peachy."

Biting his bottom lip Charles hesitantly speaks up "maybe we should have Hank take a look at you, you've been sick all week."

The toilet flushes and the sink faucet turns on. "I'm fine. It's just Sean's cooking."

Charles doesn't have the heart to tell him that Sean hasn't cooked anything in the past two days.


Much to Charles' dismay he was not able to persuade Erik to visit Hank for a checkup, but thankfully the nausea that plagued the metal bender vanished after a few weeks.

Three to be exact; Charles had been counting.

In fact Erik's hunger had come back with a vengeance now that his stomach had settled down.

Charles looked on amused as Erik put even more syrup to his already drenched stack of pancakes and sausage. The way Erik was eating you would think he'd been starved.

"You know," Charles spoke jokingly "if you keep eating like that my friend you're not going to have a six pack much longer."

Erik's fork clatters to the table. Eyes narrowing he pushes back his chair, not caring that it overturns in his haste to leave, and stalks out of the room.

Hank looks at Charles curiously "what was that about," he whispers.

Charles shrugs equally confused, "I have no clue."

It's Sean who breaks the awkward silence when he skewers Erik's forgotten pancakes with his own fork. "No use letting this good food go to waste," he remarks as he piles the pancakes on his own plate.


When Charles finds Erik he has to stifle a laugh at the scene he finds.

Poised in front of the mirror with his turtleneck hiked up Erik is standing sideways inspecting his stomach.

Charles gives a soft knock on the door as he enters. "Erik what are you doing?"

Yelping Erik pulls his shirt down whipping around looking very much like a child who's just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Is that a faint blush Charles sees creeping up Erik's face? Charles mentally scolds himself, surely not. Erik is always composed.

Quirking an eyebrow Charles repeats "well? What are you doing Erik?"

And then Charles is sure he's lost it because now Erik's eyes are…misting and his bottom lip is trembling.

Charles quickly shuts the door and closes the distance between himself and Erik. Wrapping Erik in an embrace Charles begins radiating loving thoughts as he rubs soothing circles with his hand across Erik's back.

Concern lacing his words Charles asks "What's wrong Erik?"

There's a mumble in response and Charles has to strain to hear what was said.

"I'm sorry what?"

"I'm getting fat," Erik shrieks.

Charles laughs at the absurdity of the whole situation, it's a big mistake.

Erik pushes him away roughly sending him to the ground.

"You think this is funny," he seethes. "You think this is just one big joke don't you?"

Charles stutters unsure how to respond when Erik's face lights up with a realization.

"You did this," he accuses "you're jealous of my physique, always have been, and now you're sabotaging me!"

'Where did that come from,' Charles thinks utterly confused by Erik's sudden change in mood.

"Erik I-"

But Erik is having none of it "stop."


"Just get out."

Charles doesn't move.

Huffing in annoyance Erik shouts again "I said get out!"

Fixing Erik with a glare Charles bites out coldly "this is my room Erik."

Meeting Charles' glare with one of his own Erik scoffs agrily as he trudges out of the room slamming the door behind him.

Later when they ask why the lamp is awkwardly bent Charles will tell them he knocked it over by accident.


Charles is a little surprised when he leaves his room for dinner to find a chessboard set up on the floor a note folded neatly in half beside the board.

Bending down to retrieve the note from the floor Charles smiles once he sees Erik's familiar scrawl.

'I'm sorry for this morning my actions were uncalled for. I owe you a new lamp
p.s. your move'

Pocketing the note Charles bends down to survey the board before moving his rook to take one of Erik's pawns.

Later sitting across from Erik at the table Charles offers a smile letting him know that all is forgiven.


After Charles offhand remark Erik decided to resurrect his early morning fitness regime, just a little more intense.

His lungs are burning and his legs feel like they're on fire as he closes in on mile number four.

There's a small ledge coming up and he knows he's going to have to jump to continue the track, but when Erik attempts to jump his legs give out.

Knees buckling Erik crashes to the ground in a tangled mess of limbs. He attempts to stand but his entire body groans in protest.

Sinking back down Erik rolls into a ball on his side eyes closing he sends out a single word to Charles.



Charles doesn't even notice the clock by his bed that reads 6:50. Erik's plea for help is fresh in his mind and the only thing that matters is finding him.

Running down the hall Charles drags a drowsy Hank out by his sleeve.

He doesn't offer an explanation, and Hank doesn't ask for one. The professor's frenzied state is an indication that whatever the reason for the early wake up, it's important.


They find Erik near the edge of the mansion's property lying on his side in the fetal position.

Charles runs a little faster, dropping to his knees when he reaches Erik. Placing a hand to Erik's shoulder he watches as the metal bender's eyes flutter open.

Coughing Erik smiles softly "you came."

Charles shakes his head in disbelief, "you're an idiot."

Erik laughs and tries to push himself up, his legs seem to be screaming at him and he decides it's not the best decision he's had. Looking up at Charles he mumbles "I think I might have overdone it."


With Hank's help Charles is able to hoist Erik up so they can move him back to the mansion.

Erik is in no position to argue with Charles this time so he simply nods when the telepath tells him Hank will be giving him a checkup.

Down in the labs Erik is grateful to finally have a seat, his legs were trembling from this morning's run.

The surge of happiness falls away when Hank pulls out a needle and motions to Erik's arm saying he needs to take a sample.


Charles is attempting to appear calm for Erik's sake, he knows how much the man detests doctor visits, but when he sees Hank frown and rub his eyes he begins to worry.

'What is it? What's wrong?'

Hank is quiet exchanging looks between the vial in his hand and Erik who is sitting on an examination table a few feet away.


Blushing Hank looks down at the ground shuffling his feet awkwardly he mutters "this has got to be a mistake."

"A mistake," Charles repeats raising an eyebrow in question.

Erik stiffens slightly, to an untrained eye it would seem nothing changed, but Charles knows Erik is now on high alert.

Hank nods "it says he's pregnant."


Erik promptly faints.


When Erik wakes up he notices two things. One, Charles is looking down at him his face painted with worry; two, Hank is blushing furiously in the corner.

"Charles I had the strangest dream."

Sighing Charles shakes his head "that was no dream my friend."

Erik pales.

"I'm not-" he can't even bring himself to finish the question.

Charles nods in return.

"Is this your idea of some sick joke," Erik barks out.

"I assure you I am just as surprised as you are," Charles replies softly.

"And you," Erik shouts pointin at Hank. "Run your stupid test again."

Shrinking back Hank stammers "I did; three times."

Erik is at a loss for words and when Charles reaches out to clasp hands with him he pulls away. Throwing his legs over the side of the table Erik walks out of the room without another word.


Charles shakes his head "so you're telling me that because Erik and I are together his body made the necessary adjustments to have a baby?"

Hank nods "it's a latent mutation. I believe it developed in order to continue his line. Evolution is a wondrous thing," Hank marvels

"I think I would have noticed if Erik was suddenly lacking certain equipment," Charles snapped.

Hank blushed, he didn't need details; it was like hearing how your parent got it on.

"He's not going to turn into a girl, but it seems his body has developed a womb. He'll very much be a man in that erm region," Hank trails off. 'God this is embarrassing.'

Charles nods looking at Hank thoughtfully he asks "so you're saying I'm going to be a dad?"

Hank smiles nodding yes.

He wasn't expecting the hug, but he'll take it all the same.


After storming out from the lab Erik had gone back up stairs and locked himself in the bathroom.

This was just some sick prank.

Looking in the mirror at the streaks of dirt across his face Erik decided to draw a bath.

So now he sat in the tub allowing the warm water to begin soothing his aching muscles. Humming contently Erik sank deeper into the warm pool of water.

Erik was trying to convince himself that all that time Hank spent in that damn lab had driven him crazy when he felt it. It was nothing more than a light flutter and as fast as it appeared it vanished.

Erik stilled his movement and waited, for what he wasn't quite sure but just when he thought this was getting ridiculous he felt it again.

He gasped letting out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

Swallowing nervously he slowly lowered his hands to his stomach. As his fingertips grazed lightly over his skin he felt the soft flutter once more.

"Holy shit," he whispered.

'I'm pregnant.'

Grabbing one of the towels from the rack he screeched out "Charles!"


Racing up the stairs Charles threw open the door not exactly sure what to expect.

Finding Erik clad in only a pair of plaid pajama bottoms sitting Indian-style at the center of the bed looking down with both hands firmly placed on his stomach was not what he had in mind.

Coughing as he tried to catch his breath, he did just run from the labs, Charles slowly walked into the room moving to the bed.

"Are you ok," he whispered once he'd gotten his breathing under control.

Erik nods faintly, raising his gaze he smiles. "Charles, we're going to be parents."

Charles grins back "yes we are," he replies pressing a soft kiss to Erik's lips.
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