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"Who wants pancakes for breakfast," Erik calls out suddenly feeling the warmth of blush spreading across his face.

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Rolling over to his side Erik slowly opens his eyes. Lashes fluttering he blinks rapidly as his eyes adjust to the brightness of the room. When his eyes finally focus and he can see his surroundings, Erik smiles at the sight of Charles sitting against the headboard, going through a stack of paperwork.

"Morning," he whispers looking up at Charles who is staring intently at a piece of paper nibbling on the eraser of his pencil.

"Oh, you're up," Charles beams. Shifting the papers in his lap he leans over pressing a firm kiss to Erik's forehead. "Morning, how are you feeling?"

Smirk finding its way to Erik's lips he replies "like I've been knocked up by my boyfriend…" he trails off when Charles snorts and begins laughing. "I'm doing good," he adds seriously.

Shifting in bed to face Erik more directly Charles rakes a hand through his hair, "you know, we're going to have to tell the children."

"I know," Erik nods in agreement before shifting his eyes to the sheets. "Can't it wait till breakfast? I have other plans in mind," he hints smiling.

"Like what," Charles asks completely oblivious.

Erik looks up at Charles giving him a knowing smile.

"Oh," it's just one word, but Charles has never looked cuter.

Moving the papers to the night stand Charles turns his full attention to Erik. Lifting his hand to cup his cheek Charles leans in for a kiss; chaste at first but soon it's all tongue and teeth.

When Erik moans, it's music to Charles' ears, and he's suddenly pushing Erik to the mattress as he settles in between his legs a predatory smile gracing his lips.

Charles leans forward sealing their lips once more before pulling back to trail kisses down Erik's chest. Running his fingers through Charles' hair Erik's breath hitches as Charles brings his hands to Erik's hips and places a loving kiss to his stomach.

"Our baby," Charles murmurs.

Trailing a hand to gently tug down Erik's pajama bottoms Charles halts when a loud crash emanates from downstairs.

Erik groans in frustration throwing his head back to stare at the ceiling as he silently curses mornings and things never going as planned.

"It appears the children are awake," Charles speaks sounding rather amused.


"And you see there's going to be anew addition to our family," Charles finishes speaking as he reaches for Erik's hand giving it a comforting squeeze.

Everyone is quiet and Erik tenses; perhaps telling them now wasn't such a good idea.

Raven turns to Hank punching him in the arm. "You knew and you didn't tell us," she accuses looking very angry to have been left out of the circle.

"Ow! It wasn't my place to say," Hank mumbled rubbing at his arm. 'Raven sure packs a punch'

Facing Charles and Erik, Raven pulled them into a hug. "I'm going to be an aunt," she squealed before placing a kiss to each of their cheeks.

Erik smiled; he knew he liked Raven the best.

Looking over to Sean and Alex, who were currently staring at one another seeming to have a silent conversation, Charles raised an eyebrow "well how about you two? You've been awfully quiet."

Alex grinned triumphantly turning his gaze away from Sean to face Charles "congrats guys."

Sean sighed reaching into his pocket to produce a wad of cash. Handing the bills over to Alex he grumbled "goddammit, I was so sure Erik topped."

"Who wants pancakes for breakfast," Erik calls out suddenly feeling the warmth of blush spreading across his face.

He doesn't wait for an answer and instead walks to the kitchen. Charles has to fight the urge to laugh.


The promise of pancakes distracts the children for all of five minutes. Once the table is set up and the first batch of pancakes are well on their way to being finished the questions start to tumble out.

"So how far along are you?"

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

"Have you picked out godparents yet?"

"Can I throw you guys a baby shower?"

"Where are you going to put the nursery?"

"Does that mean we need to baby proof the whole house?"

"Children, one at a time please," Charles pleads rubbing his head feeling a headache coming.

Erik smiles over his cup of tea; Charles refused to allow him coffee. Clearing his throat Erik sets about answering the questions.

"I'm a little over three months along, I think it's a bit early to tell the sex, the subject of godparents hasn't even come up, yes Raven I don't see why you can't throw us a baby shower, the nursery will be the room next to Charles—our room, and yes we will be baby proofing the house," Erik finishes taking another sip of his tea.

Charles smiles marveling at the ease with which Erik handled the questions.

"It's going to be beautiful," Raven replies grinning at her victory of being allowed to throw them a baby shower.

"Since you guys are having a baby does that mean you're going to get married too?"

Charles looks up at Sean who for once in his life is looking back with a serious expression on his face.

Everyone's eyes turn to Charles looking expectantly for an answer. Even Erik is eyeing Charles curiously, eager to hear what he has to say.

Silently Charles pushes his chair backwards and makes his way around the table to where Erik is sitting.

Breath catches in her throat Raven watches on in awe as her brother produce a tiny black box from his pocket and kneels down before Erik.


Holding the box in his hand Charles looks up at Erik.

"I bought this a week after our first kiss," he admits blushing as he opens the box to show its contents.

A band made of white gold lies inside. It's an intricate pattern of crisscrossing bands with one smooth section that bisects the center of the ring, the words 'My Love' inscribed in the center.

A small smile graces Erik's lips as he looks at the box Charles is holding. He never imagined this would actually be happening. Not only was he starting a family with the man he loved, but said man wanted to start a life with him.

"Erik Lensherr, would you do me the honors of—"

Cutting in Erik quickly responds with a "yes," before Charles can finish.

Chuckling softly Charles grabs a hold of Erik's hand slowly slipping the ring in place as he draws closer kissing Erik lightly. Erik responds eagerly deepening the kiss trying to draw Charles even closer.

Locked in a kiss the happy couple is oblivious to the applause coming from the children.

"Can I plan the wedding too?"


Erik is still admiring his new ring when Hank comes knocking on the door of the study.

"I'm making an ultrasound machine," he speaks casually.

Erik nods; he's thankful that Hank will be taking care of things. Charles had wanted to bring in another doctor, one more knowledgeable in cases like this.

Erik had reasoned that nobody was 'knowledgeable' on male pregnancy, let alone a mutant male, and Hank was their best option. He left out the fact that he would refuse to go to another doctor, Hank he at least trusted.

Charles had finally agreed to drop the subject and relented that perhaps Hank was the best option. The fact that Erik had threatened to withhold sex for the remainder of his pregnancy might have played a role in the decision, but Erik had won and that was all that mattered.

Looking up at the door Erik offers a small smile "thank you Hank."

Hank is a little caught off guard by the remark, but he smiles in return. "You're welcome," he replies before turning to leave, a little skip in his step, as he heads back down to the lab.


After telling the children about the new baby things seemed rather calm for the next two weeks that followed.

Raven was busy doing wedding research, Hank was adding the finishing touches on the sonogram machine, Alex was surprisingly quiet as of late he claimed to be working on an important project, and Sean, well he was a completely different story all together.

The arrival of the new fish tank had been Sean's undoing.

Charles is in the middle of lecturing Sean on the proper uses of a fish tank, bong usage not being one of them, when he senses feelings of distress coming from Erik.

"Look Sean, the fish don't enjoy tripping out, they keep bumping into the glass. Why don't you stick with apples ok," Charles hastily replies as he excuses himself and makes his way to the staircase.

Sean looks confused, he was expecting to be told something along the lines of 'stop smoking you're going to kill your brain cells.' Grabbing one of the apples from the center of the table Sean shrugged, 'they do say an apple a day keeps the doctor away'; perhaps Charles was onto something.

Running up the stairs Charles has a millions scenarios running through his mind. They all centered on the possibility of Erik being hurt.

Throwing open the door to his room Charles is extremely confused; there's no one there.

"Erik? Erik, are you ok," Charles calls out stepping inside the room hesitantly. He hears a grunt coming from the closet and a few choice words mumbled in frustration.

"Erik, you're not hurt are you," Charles asks walking further into the room.

"No I'm fine, just don't come in this closet," Erik snapped in response.

Biting his bottom lip Charles hesitantly reached out for the handle to the closet door. He silently thanked every God he knew that the handle was plastic and had no built in lock.

"Erik I'm coming in," Charles spoke as he opened the door.

There's a yelp and when Charles opens the door Erik is tugging his turtleneck down over his pants. Charles looks around the closet surprised by the mess he sees. Erik is usually organized, yet right now the ground is littered with pants across the floor the only pair still hanging is the training sweatpants.

Quirking an eyebrow Charles looks at Erik, who is refusing to make eye contact finding the ground suddenly much more interesting. "What's all this about," he asks gesturing to the messy interior of the closet.

Erik frowns mumbling "none of my clothes fit me."

Charles gulps knowing the next thing he says could possibly send Erik over the edge and have him snapping at him.

"Oh darling, we'll buy you some new clothes."

Erik looks up sniffling slightly "I'm going to be fat," he moans finally letting go of his turtleneck. As the shirt rises Charles saw for the first time that Erik's pants were unzipped and where his flat abs once were a slight bump now was in their place.

Stepping forward Charles brought his hand to rest on Erik's baby bump. "You're not fat. You've never been more beautiful Erik; you have our baby growing inside of you," Charles spoke placing a kiss to Erik's cheek.

Erik laughed brushing away his unshed tears. "Hormones suck," he whispered softly.

"Hey we'll get through this," Charles spoke reassuringly then continued "besides, I hear hormones have their upside," he spoke winking.

Erik smirked "really now," he spoke leaning closer to Charles.

Charles nods before sealing their lips together as he pins Erik against the back wall of the closet. Pulling down Erik's collar Charles began nipping at the newly exposed flesh.

"I love your turtlenecks," Charles mused aloud as he moved along Erik's neck. Bringing a hand to rest on Erik's stomach Charles gave the bump a loving rub before tugging down Erik's pants in one motion.

"That's why I wear them," Erik responded breathily as his hips jerked forward against Charles' hand which had found its way to his crotch.

"Patience my friend," Charles spoke teasingly placing a kiss to Erik's lips before dropping down to his knees. Licking his lips Charles looked up at Erik "I told you they had their upside." Hands resting on the band of Erik's boxers Charles slowly began to pull down the cotton material. Erik whimpered impatiently; Charles needed to move now.

"Mr. Lensherr, I finished the ultrasound machine. I need you down in the lab so we can try it out," floated Hank's voice through the room meeting Erik and Charles' ears.

Erik groaned, he just couldn't catch a break.

"Fuck," Charles cursed. Standing up he looked at Erik "we'll continue this later," he spoke running a hand across his shirt to get rid of the rumpled look.

Erik smiled turning to grab the sweatpants that remained on the last hanger "I'll hold you to that."


It had taken 15 minutes for Erik and Charles to make it down to the lab; most of which was spent on simply making it out of that closet.

Finally reasoning that if they just left down for the labs now then they wouldn't be interrupted anymore the two of them had left the confines of the closet. Erik was thankful for his turtleneck; Charles' handiwork would have been rather prominent otherwise.

Hank was waiting for them by some machine when they made it down to the labs. Turning to face Erik he motioned to one of the lab tables "if you could please take a seat and lift up your shirt we'll try this thing out."

Erik moved to the table taking a seat, hesitantly he lifted his shirt as he leaned back waiting for Hank, who was sifting through an array of tubes. Charles moved so he was standing next to Erik placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

Having found the right tube Hank moved to the table Erik was lying across. "This might feel a little cold," Hank spoke as he applied the gel against Erik's stomach.

Erik gasped slightly at the feel of the gel on his skin.

"Sorry," Hank apologized. "I'm going to move this wand across your stomach, and it should relay the images on this screen here," Hank spoke turning the screen to face Erik and Charles.

"So we're going to see the baby on that screen?"

Hank nodded in response. Lowering the wand to Erik's stomach he slowly moved it across trying to focus on the image.

"No way," Hank whispered in awe as he looked at the image on the screen.

Charles tensed thinking something was wrong.

"What is it," Erik asked a hint of worry present in his voice.

Hank turned to face the couple "you're having twins," he replied smiling.


Charles let a shaky laugh out relaxing instantly when he heard that nothing was wrong, in fact quite the opposite.

"Twins," Erik repeated in awe.

Hank nodded pointing to the screen. "Here's one of them," he said tracing a finger along one of the figures, "and here's the other one," he said moving his finger to the other figure.

Smiling Erik turned to his right "Charles we're having twins."

Charles smiled in return; this was the greatest day of his life. Pulling Erik into a hug Charles whispered "I love you," before kissing Erik softly.
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