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You Spoil Me

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"You really do spoil me Mr. Lensherr-Xavier."

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"Twins," Raven echoes looking at Charles in awe from her seat across him at the dinner table. 'Now I've two babies to spoil,' she thinks smiling in glee at her older brother.

Charles smiles nodding in response; under the table he snakes his right hand to Erik's lap looping their fingers together. Rubbing his thumb over Erik's knuckles he radiates feelings of love to the metal bender.

Erik offers a small smile before ducking his head from prying eyes, instead focusing on tonight's dinner; steamed veggies and chicken.

What happens next no one quite understands, but Sean is suddenly eying the Professor a smirk on his face.

'Damn, guess when the Prof does something he really goes all out.'

Charles' face is suddenly rather deep shade of red and he pulls up a napkin coughing slightly embarrassed. Grabbing for his glass of water he takes a small sip as he projects to Sean 'Must you think so loudly Mr. Cassidy?'

Hearing the Professor's voice in his head, Sean begins coughing shooting milk out of his nose. 'Oops, telepath right,' he reminds himself as he reaches for his abandoned napkin.

As the red head worked on getting his breathing under control, and rubbed furiously at his nose with his napkin, Alex stood abruptly pushing his chair back hastily.

"Congratulations," he bit out staring at Erik and Charles. "Now my present is ruined," he sulked leaving the table.

Erik lowered his fork looking at Alex leave; his hunger seeming to vanish with the retreating teen. Wiping his mouth on his napkin Erik quietly excused himself from the table and took off for the bedroom.

Sighing in frustration Charles gave an offhand dismissal, pushing away from the table and followed after Erik; just like that the family dinner ended.


Two hours later Alex knocked on the master bedroom door. He came bearing gifts; lemon squares that were drizzled in white chocolate.

He pushed past Charles, who had opened the door, and made a beeline to the bed that Erik was currently sitting on, a copy of The Once and Future King in hand.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled softly. "I shouldn't have snapped like that at dinner. I should have been happy instead of upset about work. Will you forgive me," he asked pushing forward the plate of desserts.

Having closed his book, marking his spot by turning down the corner of the page, Erik simply stared at the teen before him remaining quiet as he processed the apology given.

Alex began to sweat; what if Erik didn't forgive him?

"Are those lemon," Erik asked softly eyeing the plate in Alex's hands.

"Yes they are," Alex grinned proudly.

Grabbing the tray Erik used his power to pull up a chair for Alex. "Care to help me eat them," Erik asked raising an eyebrow in question as he motioned for Alex to take a seat.

Alex smiled sitting down in the offered chair. "I'd love to."

"Would you two like some milk with those," Charles asked from the door, amusement lacing through his voice.

"Yes," they responded in unison.


"No," Erik repeated staring at Charles, his hands across his chest in a defiant pose.

Sighing Charles gave Erik a pleading look. "You need new clothes Erik," he tried to reason. What had started as a simple task of heading to the department store in town had evolved into a "heated discussion", it was never a fight, about how to avoid raising suspicion.

"Doesn't mean you need to use that illusion," Erik shot back pouting slightly.

'And back to square one.' Charles rolls his eyes, "Ah yes forgive me, you're absolutely right! A pregnant male mutant, and his lover, shopping for new clothes and baby stuff is an everyday occurrence. What was I thinking," Charles refuted sarcastically.

Erik glared at Charles, and if looks could kill Charles suspects that right now he would be 6ft under having a very in depth conversation with the worms in the ground. As it is, looks are incapable of killing another, so Charles is safe; for the moment.

"You can make them think I'm not pregnant," Erik replies stoically.

Charles shakes his head "wouldn't work; even if they didn't know you were pregnant the fact that two men were perusing the baby section with no female in tow would seem a bit odd."

Erik bites his tongue. 'The man had a point.'

Frown forming on Erik's face, he replied slowly "fine, just no funny business."

Charles nods in confirmation. "You have my word…Erika," he adds flashing his best shit-eating grin to a very irritated Erik.


Despite having agreed to Charles' plan, Erik still found the whole idea rather stupid. In a final attempt of persuasion, Erik argued they should just bring Raven along with them to the store.

Charles countered that the people in town were very familiar with his sister Raven, and dragging her into this would just cause them to frown upon her from having a baby out of wedlock.

"This way everyone wins," Charles states as he lifts his left hand to his temple.

Erik frowns "define 'everyone', Charles."

Hand dropping to his side Charles sighed "would you rather wear those damn sweats for the next five months?"

The shudder was completely involuntary, but exactly what Charles expected from Erik. Smirking he replied "I thought so," and raised his hand once more.

Erik sighs "no go-go boots or sparkles this time Charles, I mean it," he said rather seriously.

Charles let out a slight huff, but nodded in response. "You my friend are no fun."

"Would you rather the town believe you knocked up some hooker," Erik countered raising an eyebrow.

Charles pales considerably. "Point proven, no funny business; I swear."

Erik smiles at the slight victory.


Hand poised to his temple Charles focused on conjuring up an image for what people would see when they looked at Erik.

The image comes together quite easily, and true to his word Charles strays from go-go boots and sparkles. (And even though Erik's legs beg for them, Charles decides against fishnet stockings; perhaps another time.)

Instead the outfit remains rather modest in comparison to any other ideas Charles had in mind.

Erik's hair appears shoulder length, an auburn hue, framing his face; a red headband sits atop his head.

His angular features seem softer now, more feminized, but only marginally so. He has the illusion of subtle curves, which causes Charles to smile, noting that Erik's ass looked absolutely perfect just the way it was. He gives Erik a slight bust, which he admits looks rather odd contained by a turtleneck, but then again he can easily fix that.

He decides to give Erik a simple black dress, not too form fitting or racy, but still sensual while remaining classy. There's a red sash across the middle of the dress which ties into a bow in the back. The dress has a scoop neckline that rest along the shoulders, the length coming down a little below the knee.

Figuring red shoes screamed whorish, Charles went with a pair of black flats to play it safe and complete Erik's outfit.

"I am good," Charles proclaims giving Erik a once over.

"What did you do to me," Erik asks, worry evident in his voice.

Charles smiled pointing to the mirror "why not see for yourself, my friend."

Slowly Erik moved to the mirror. He gasped at the sight that greeted him. Bringing a hand up he marveled at how the image in the mirror did the exact same motion.

'That's me?'

Charles moved so he was now standing just behind Erik. Bringing a hand to rest on his shoulder Charles offered a smile, "some of my best work, if I do say so myself."


They arrived at the store 30 minutes later. The car ride had been rather uneventful; unless you counted Erik having to slap away Charles' wayward hand and snap 'pay attention to the road,' every two to three minutes.

Reaching for Erik's hand Charles smiled "well here it goes," he whispered as they made their way to the store entrance.

Erik gave Charles' hand a little squeeze. "You said yourself, this is your best work," Erik spoke winking.

"You spoil me greatly Mrs. Xavier," Charles responds drawing out the Mrs.

The way Erik's face scrunches up is almost comical, but Charles bites his tongue.

"Mrs. Lensherr-Xavier darling, we've been over this," Erik replies smiling.

'Well played sir.'


Thankfully, not too many people seemed to be out shopping today. It made their job of not drawing too much attention very easy.

While Erik naturally gravitate to the seemingly only rack of turtlenecks the store had to offer, Charles had been successful in convincing him into taking a few other style shirts as well. Pants were a little trickier in figuring out which to get.

You didn't want to get a size too big, but you also didn't want something that would be grown out of so quickly.

Finally they seemed to figure out which sizes to go with, and they quickly amassed quite the stack of clothes.

Happy with his selections Erik began heading to the check out when Charles pulled his sleeve in the opposite direction.

Raising an eyebrow in question Erik nonetheless followed the telepath.

After a series of turns Erik soon found himself standing in the middle of the baby department surrounded by cribs, pacifiers, bottles, bibs, blankets; the works.

Charles picked up a pair of pale yellow blanket, "we should at least get the blankets now, right? And a crib!"

Erik grabbed the blanket from Charles and folded it before putting it back on the shelf and picking two blankets, one purple the other baby blue, instead.

Charles raised an eyebrow.

"Call it a hunch," Erik replied smiling.

Charles gave a nod, but it didn't hide his smirk 'mother's intuition already.'

They spent another ten minutes looking at cribs before settling on one with a mahogany finish.


When they arrived back home they were almost immediately assaulted by the four children, each having something important to say.

Charles sighs bringing his thumb and forefinger to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Can't we finish unloading the care before you bombard us with 20 questions?"

Erik smiles turning to the children he point to Alex saying "Alex, you first, then Hank, Raven, and finally Sean."

'You alphabetized them.'

'It's better than snapping at them.'

"Mr. Summers," Charles motioned for the blond to continue.

"You guys can't go in the nursery for the next month."

Erik's eyebrows rose in surprise, "oh and why not?"

"Because then the surprise will be ruined," Alex responds as if the answer was obvious.

Charles smiles "fair enough. Erik and I will stay out of the nursery."

"Thank you," Alex called out before running back up the stairs.

"Hank, what do you need," Erik prompted.

Pushing forward a basket that held a few containers he said "you need to take these daily to make sure the fetuses develop properly."

Erik read one of the labels 'Folic acid.'

Grabbing the basket Charles thanked Hank, then turning to his sister "And what about you Raven?"

"We need to talk decorations, flowers, and cake. Also Sean is going to hold the service," she spoke smiling.

Erik looked at Sean "you're an ordained minister?"

Sean grinned "it's great isn't it? Don't worry; you guys can pay me in brownies."

Charles laughed at the request but Erik very seriously asked "with or without walnuts?"


By the time Raven left, with a clipboard full of notes, Charles felt completely drained.

Who knew weddings were so much work? It sure made simply eloping to Vegas seem quite enticing, but then again he couldn't do that to Raven, not after all the work she had put into her planning. Still, Charles was thankful they'd agreed she could plan the wedding, he's fairly certain his head would be a permanent slush mix if he were left to deal with the plans.

Charles stood to leave when he noticed Erik hadn't moved, but was in fact setting up the chessboard.

"Just one game," Erik said in a tone that was more stating than a suggestion as he placed the last piece.

Charles smiled, "I don't know how you still have the mental focus for chess after Raven's wedding spiel, but fine; one game."

Charles sat across from Erik, on the white side of the board.

"You go first."

"Naturally," Charles replied as he moved one of his pawns two spaces.


The game continued rather smoothly. Erik had taken three of Charles' pawns along with one of his bishops and a rook. In contrast he had lost two pawns, a knight, and a bishop.

Reaching for his knight to take Charles' other bishop he stilled, his hand poised above the piece shook slightly. Retracting his hand quickly, Erik settled his palm against his stomach.

"Erik, what's wrong," Charles asked standing up in worry.

Grabbing Charles by the wrist, Erik brought the telepath's hand to rest on his baby bump.

"Erik, what—"the question died on Charles' lips when he felt the tiny kick below his hand.

"Did you feel that," Erik asked looking up to Charles.

Charles nodded as he dropped down to his knees in front of Erik's chair. Bringing both hands to rest on Erik's bump Charles leaned forward to place a soft kiss to the clothed bump. Softly rubbing his thumb across the fabric Charles looked up at Erik smiling "you really do spoil me Mr. Lensherr-Xavier."

Erik threaded his fingers through Charles hair 'well played sir.'
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