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Cravings and other craziness

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"Patience my friend is a virtue," Charles spoke teasingly.

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Alex is the last one to make it down stairs, and by default he has no say in what is being served for breakfast. It's a fairly simple rule, one he should be used to by now, but if asked later why he complained he will blame it on his sleep muddled brain.

Yawning as he rounds the corner Alex perks up once his nose is assaulted with the smells of breakfast. Face scrunching up somewhat at the sweet aroma that greets his nostrils he mutters "pancakes again?"

Erik who is poised over the oven flipping a new batch of pancakes tenses slightly at Alex's words.

Hand gripping the pan handle tightly Erik grinds his teeth together. 'Pancakes again? More like late again? If you want a say then wake up on time for a change.'

There's a yelp behind him, but it's when Charles calls out that Erik's head snaps up and he turns around to the kitchen table.

Alex is starring wide eyed at a levitating butcher's knife looking like he's about to faint on the spot.

It's then that Erik notices all the metal spatulas, whisks, knives, and other cooking utensils in the kitchen are all being drawn towards him twisting awkwardly in on them self. The forks and knives he had set out earlier have now been reduced to something resembling a Chinese puzzle the way they've been warped.

Erik looks over to Charles embarrassment written all over his face before he puts the pan down and quietly excuses himself from the kitchen.

Once Erik has left the room the utensils fall useless from where they were being suspended mid-air.

Alex looks down at the knife that had once been poised at him and lets out a shaky breath. 'Note to self: no complaining about breakfast EVER again.'

Charles sighs turning to Raven, "Can you finish breakfast?"

She nods sympathetically "I got it, you go find Erik," she replies as she grabs for the pan.

Picking up the scrap of metal that was once his fork Hank tilts his head inspecting the distorted silverware, "perhaps, we should switch to plastic for the next few months," he remarks casually.


Charles is halfway to the study when he is suddenly hit with a strong wave of anxiety. Sensing the need to be alone right now that is radiating off Erik in sheets Charles decides that continuing after him right now would not be the best idea.

Instead he projects 'whenever you are ready my friend,' before turning to walk back knowing Erik will let him know soon enough how he's feeling.

Erik is thankful that Charles doesn't push matters, but just to be safe he spends the rest of the day avoiding him and the children like the plague.

He didn't mean to lose control of his powers. He would never want to intentionally hurt Alex; least of all because the boy was tired of pancakes. Rubbing at his eyes Erik silently cursed stupid hormones for wrecking havoc on his control.


It's nearly 10 at night and Charles is getting slightly worried that Erik has yet to return to their room. Making a mental sweep of the house he is happy, if not curious, to find that Erik is downstairs in the kitchen.

Pushing back the covers Charles slips on a pair of house shoes and tugs on his robe before making his way to the stairs to the kitchen. Standing outside the entrance Charles sends out a mental nudge letting Erik know that he is there with him before he rounds the corner.

Charles is greeted by the sight of Erik sitting at the table surrounded by all the silverware. There are two stacks set out in front of him; one of gnarled cutlery and the other filled with pieces he has set back in their normal fashion.

Erik looks up at Charles a mangled fork in his hands. "I figured I should, you know fix them," he replies softly returning his gaze to the piece of silverware in his hands.

Charles nods knowing that once Erik's gotten something in his head there's no dissuading him. Walking over to the refrigerator Charles begins rooting around trying to find the milk.

Smiling triumphantly he produces a container of milk and some chocolate syrup. Placing the contents on the counter he begins looking for two glasses and a pot. Sending a glance over at Erik Charles then places the pot on top of the stove and pours the milk inside. Swirling the syrup in with the milk he allows the pot to sit and stew for awhile.

When he deems it warm enough Charles turns off the stove and pours the pot evenly into the two glasses he had pulled out earlier. Adding some marshmallows to the glasses he grabs the handles and walks over to Erik.

Placing one of the glasses in front of Erik Charles takes a seat next to him.

"Careful, it's hot," Charles warns and as if to strengthen his point he blows a stream of air on his own glass.

Erik looks at the glass before him gripping it as he blows a stream of cool air over the liquid. He offers a small smile, thankful that Charles didn't bring up the "it wasn't your fault" line.


Erik is certain he's thought about it, at least vaguely, but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't taken by surprise when Hank brought it up this afternoon.

Finding out he was pregnant had been quite the shocker, but now Erik was quite comfortable with the whole idea. After Hank explained that a latent mutation had caused his body to create a womb in order to continue his lineage everything had seemed easier.

Erik was fully aware that while he was in fact pregnant he was very much still a male and had no female equipment, but he never really gave much thought, other than in passing, about how he was supposed to give birth. The fact that he still has nearly five months to worry about that is partly to blame, but if he's being honest Erik was hoping that Hank would have an answer and he wouldn't have to worry about a thing.

That's why he's so worried right now, because Hank had come to their room earlier admitting that he was very much at a loss for how the twins were to be delivered.

He says he isn't sure the exact extent to which Erik's body will evolve in order to adapt with the pregnancy. He offers the idea of a cesarean as a back up, but the uncertainty surrounding the issue is completely off putting for Erik.

Charles can tell that underneath Erik's apparent calm exterior he is a complete mess off worry. Making up an excuse to get rid of Hank Charles ushers out the teen before turning back to face Erik.

The look of pleading that fills Erik's eyes is heartbreaking for Charles; he wants nothing more than to comfort the man.

"I can't do this," Erik whispers looking at Charles.

Rushing to his side Charles pulls the metal bender into a hug "nonsense, we'll figure this out, together," he adds as he rubs a hand along Erik's back.

Erik nods "I'm just-"

"I know," Charles responds knowing that Erik hates to admit weakness.

"Thank you," Erik whispers.

"You're not alone," Charles adds as he tightens his embrace.

Erik nods his shoulders relaxing as his body becomes lax in Charles embrace.

Pulling back Charles looks at the man in his arms; he smiles over how much more relaxed he looks. Fingers still softly sliding over the fabric of Erik's turtleneck Charles can't help but realize that for the first time in a few weeks the two of them are utterly alone; no children are barging in, just them.

Charles gulps as he feels the hint of arousal growing at the thought of having Erik in a room all to himself. Licking his lips Charles whispers "hey lookit me."

Charles has the sudden urge to tell Erik just how beautiful he is, that they will get through this together, just take it one step at a time, that everything is going to be all right, that he doesn't have to worry, because he's not, nor will he ever be, alone.


"Erik, lookit me please," Charles repeats, his voice coming out a little lower laced with desire.

When Erik finally looks up from the spot he's been staring at the floor, he is a little surprised to see that Charles is looking at him eyes filled with what can only be described as lust as he brings a hand up to cup Erik's cheek.

"Charles-" Erik opened his mouth to respond but was cut off as the telepath suddenly molded their mouths together pressing his body firmly against Erik's frame.

Bringing his hands to grasp at the cardigan, Erik fought the urge to simply shove his tongue down the smaller man's throat as he rolled his hips proactively up against Charles'.

When Charles suddenly broke the kiss, Erik whimpered at the loss of contact, until he felt Charles' warm tongue begin trailing its way down his neck as he was being guided towards the bed. Erik couldn't help but let a moan escape past his lips at the feel of Charles' tongue swirling across his skin, alternating between small nips and kissing away the irritated flesh.

Charles smirked against Erik's neck as the sounds of the metal bender moaning greeted his ears.

'Smug bastard,' Erik thought, but then Charles' tongue flicked ever so wickedly across the lobe of his left ear and the thought quickly dissipated.

As Erik's back made contact with the mattress Charles' fingers hastily began working on pulling up the fabric of Erik's shirt, the need to have skin on skin contact suddenly becoming overwhelming. His mouth returned to Erik's mouth, placing a searing kiss before he pulled back long enough to strip Erik of his shirt. No sooner had the shirt been discarded was Charles pressing against Erik, melding their lips together once more.

Pulling off his cardigan Charles made quick work out of his button up shirt. Fingers fumbling over the far too many buttons, it took all of Charles' reserve to keep from ripping away at the last few, instead he managed to keep composure before quickly shrugging out of his shirt.

Content with ridding himself of several layers of clothing Charles leaned down and began trailing kisses across the front of Erik's chest before trailing down his stomach.

Bringing one hand firmly to grip Erik's waist, Charles allowed his other one to work at the belt that was blocking him from pulling down Erik's pants.

Fingers barely gracing over the buckle Charles was surprised when the belt suddenly unbuckled itself and pulled its way through the loops on Erik's pants before settling halfway across the room.

Smiling Charles brought his hand to the zipper instead. Tugging down roughly he looked at Erik who had his head thrown back as he bucked his hips upwards in anticipation.

"Patience my friend is a virtue," Charles spoke teasingly.

Erik bit his bottom lip nearly hard enough to draw blood. 'D-don't be cheeky Charles, it doesn't s-suit you. Just fuck me,' Erik projected, making a point to grind his crotch against Charles.

Charles smirked before he resumed his kissing trail, placing butterfly light kisses on Erik's bump before slowly snaking his tongue along the edge of Erik's navel earning a breathy gasp from the metal bender.

Then suddenly Charles sat up on his knees and tugged forcefully at the hem of Erik's pants working on pulling them down. Erik arched his hips upwards shimmying a little to help ease the fabric down; the pants were quickly discarded and the boxers soon followed suit.

Charles slowly parted Erik's legs settling into the space that was provided. Leaning forward he took Erik in his mouth, twirling his tongue teasingly across the tip.

Erik moaned, bucking his hips into the warm cavern that was Charles' mouth.

Charles simply gripped Erik's waist with one hand, and started a pace up as he lightly licked up along Erik's shaft. He trailed a hand downwards, unzipping his pants to free his own straining erection.

Taking his cock in his hand he matched the rhythm his mouth had created.

Charles' tongue slowly flicked across the tip as he gently sucked, engulfing Erik as he hummed softly creating a series of vibrations.

Erik hissed breathing out "fuck." He had one hand gripping the sheets, the other tangled into Charles' messy brown hair, as he bucked up once again into Charles' waiting mouth.

This time Charles did not tighten his grip, instead he removed his hand from Erik's waist and pulled back slightly bringing two fingers to his mouth. Sucking at the digits he tried his best to coat them with an adequate amount of spit before pulling them out to continue with his plan.

When the two digits were slicked to his liking pulled them out earning a soft popping sound, before returning his mouth to surround Erik once more.

Slowly he resumed his pace sucking and swirling, and ever so slyly he brought a finger up to Erik's entrance; slowly he pushed the digit in Erik's entrance receiving a gasp in response.

Erik hissed squirming a bit at the intrusion, instinctively clenching against the finger. Relaxing Erik's breath hitched as Charles began to thrust his finger in and out of his entrance. Pushing in a second figure Charles began to scissor, slowly stretching Erik out as the metal bender moaned, a slew of German curses passing through his lips.

Charles had his own agenda though, as he brought his right hand around his cock, stroking to match the established rhythm he'd created with his thrusting fingers.

Erik hummed contentedly as Charles' lips wrapped around him.

Steadily moving his fingers in and out, Charles added a third finger as he pushed even deeper until satisfied by the gasp he heard as his fingers brushed against Erik's prostate.

*"Mein Gott," Erik replied breathily as Charles brushed once more against the bundle of nerves.

Continuing with his little finger fucking experiment Charles gripped himself spreading the precum that had begun leaking from the tip of his cock across the rest of his length. Pulling his mouth off Erik he smirked at the whimper from the loss of contact he heard, he liked having Erik like this, so needy teetering on the edge of coming undone.

Placing a kiss to Erik's lips Charles pulled out his fingers as he positioned himself between Erik's legs and pressed into his entrance.

Charles hissed at the feeling of tightness surrounding him. Reflexively his hips bucked forwards, burying himself deeper into Erik. His hands came to rest on either side of Erik's head and he lowered himself until their foreheads were touching.

Charles placed a soft kiss to Erik's lips, "I love you," he whispered, his mouth still lightly brushing against Erik's.

Erik smiled "L-love you too, s-so much," he replied breathlessly.

Pushing himself back up to hover above Erik, Charles pulled out partially before slamming back into Erik.

A straggled noise sounding like a broken off moan left Erik's lips, "faster Charles,' he pleaded as he trailed a hand across Charles' face.

Charles was all too happy to comply and quickly began to thrust into Erik with less restraint. With each upward thrust he made, he was met with Erik who was pushing downwards to deepen the motion.

Snaking an arm between them, Charles gripped Erik's cock running his thumb across the sensitive tip before starting to tug in rhythm with his thrusts.

Erik had his head thrown back, chest heaving as his breath came out in gasps. Charles had shifted slightly and the new angle brought each thrust to brush across a sensitive bundle of nerves causing Erik immense pleasure.

Face flushed Erik's hair was damp against his forehead, his eyes fluttering his voice came out coarse as he stuttered out "hmm Charles, feels so good. I think I'm gonna-"

Charles felt a pool of heat at the base of his spine as he thrust deeper into Erik and knew his finish was quickly approaching. He began pumping Erik faster as he slammed harder against his prostate. Fisting the sheets Erik yelled out "Charles," as his hips bucked upwards into Charles hand, coming hard his seed sprayed across Charles' stomach.

The sight of Erik coming, his eyes closed as pleasure racked through his body, his bottom lip caught between his teeth as he shook slightly from the aftershocks of his orgasm was Charles' undoing; he quickly followed suit, spilling his seed into Erik.

Falling against Erik, breath ragged, Charles began placing fervent kisses across Erik's throat whispering softly "love you- so much, so b-beautiful, like this."

Erik sighed softly at the feel of soft lips against his skin, bringing up a hand to tangle in Charles' locks he whispered out "perfection."

Charles laughed softly "no, in-interruptions t-this time," he joked placing a kiss to Erik's jaw.

*"Gott sei Dank," Erik responded smiling.

Having gotten his breathing under control, Charles pushed himself up placing a chaste kiss to Erik's lips before pulling out slowly. Crawling to the edge of the bed he reached out for a few tissues from the dresser and set about cleaning up himself and Erik.

Eyes beginning to slip shut now that he was well spent, Erik felt the bed dip as Charles moved to position himself at the top next to him, dragging the covers up to cover the two of them. Turning to snuggle in closer to the warm body, Erik let his head rest on Charles' chest as his eyes slipped closed.

Holding Erik close, Charles placed a kiss to the man's temple as he let a one of his hands come to rest on the curve of Erik's belly, softly rubbing soothing circles.


If someone would have told Sean six months ago that he would one day find himself in the kitchen sitting across from Erik at 2:30 in the morning having just raided the fridge together in search of ingredients for the perfect sandwich, he would have said they were crazy.

As it is now, he can hardly believe that he is in fact sitting across from Erik while they make their own little assembly line for sandwiches.

Vaguely Sean wonders if perhaps the others were right and he needed to stop smoking so much. If maybe he is just having one strangely realistic trip and who he believes is Erik sitting across from him is nothing more than an empty chair, but he quickly discards that idea. After all Erik has yet to threaten bodily harm to him, 'perhaps it's the hormones...' And if smoking results in him dealing with a calm nice Erik, there's no way he's giving that up!

Whatever the reason may be, Sean is thankful that rather than being pushed off a satellite again, Erik is actually being civil, if not downright pleasant with him, while they trade off between mustard and mayonnaise.

"Does the Professor know you're down here," Sean remarks offhandedly as he skewers a pickle.

Erik raises an eyebrow, the corner of his lips turning upward in a smirk. "He's a sound sleeper and I was hungry," he replies grabbing for the cheese.

Sean nods in response. 'Makes sense,' he thought turning to pull out the bags of chips from the lower cupboard. He also makes sure to file away that bit of information on the Professor's sleeping habits incase he ever has to make good use on them.

Placing a slice of Swiss cheese atop his sandwich Erik licks his lips before taking a bite. Savoring the bite he can't help but feel something is missing. 'Lettuce, tomato, pickles, turkey, Swiss, mayonnaise, what's missing?'

Eyeing the bags of chips Sean has pulled out Erik is drawn to the bag labeled sour cream and onion. Stomach giving a loud grumble, Erik laughs softly before grabbing the bag. Tearing open the seal he opens his sandwich and stacks a layer of chips on top.

Sean quirks an eyebrow, "I thought you hated sour cream?"

Taking a second bite of the sandwich Erik hums in delight no longer feeling the snack is lacking in any capacity. Looking up at Sean he shrugs "I do, but apparently they don't," he replies placing a hand on his stomach to emphasize his point.

Sean cocks his head thoughtfully, seeming to process what Erik has just said. "So does that mean you're going to be eating a lot of weird things now?"

Erik pauses mid chew "I don't know," he replies. "Perhaps, but sour cream hardly constitutes as weird."

Sean nods conceding that Erik is right; sour cream is far from weird, if anything its fairly normal. He's happy that Erik has discovered a love for sour cream and not anything truly weird like sardine ice cream or the need to cover all his food in capacious amounts of ketchup or hot sauce.

Putting down the remaining half of his sandwich Erik took a gulp of water before walks around to the other side of the kitchen and opens one of the cabinets. Rooting around for a bit he finally extracts a bar of chocolate from the back of the cabinet. Looking at the bar contemplatively he reaches for the jar of peanut butter Sean had moved when they decided that PB&J just wasn't going to cut it this time.

Sean took another bite of his sandwich watching Erik curiously as the elder man rifled through the silverware drawer. Producing a knife he watched as Erik unscrewed the top of the peanut butter jar and scooped out a liberal amount of peanut butter before smearing it across a section of the chocolate bar.

Taking a bite Erik beamed at the bar as if he'd suddenly found the answer to world peace. "Sean, you need to try this," he spoke thrusting the bar towards the younger teen.

Sean eyed it skeptically, but then again who was he to question cravings, he had eaten some rather weird things in his time when he had the muchies. He shivers involuntarily when he recalls the time he had thought spaghetti and ketchup would be a good idea.

Hesitantly he takes a bite of the offered chocolate, and he's glad he did. The taste that explodes in his mouth is simply divine. Sean looks up at Erik like he's a God. "I don't know what made you think peanut butter and chocolate, but you're now my snack guru," he proclaims.

Yes, it's safe to say that Sean very much enjoys pregnant Erik. He eagerly looks forward to whatever else the man will begin craving, because if it's anything like this tasty goodness he definitely wants in on the sampling.
A/N: the 2 phrases that Erik says in German are 1. my God & 2. Thank God! And yes via this story Erik has just created Reese's!
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