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Author's Note

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clearing things up

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Author's Note:

First off I would like to apologize for there being such a long span between updates, it got crazy with college. Secondly I would like to say sorry if you came flocking to this story because you got an update only to find that it was an Author's Note, have no fear I have the chapter finished…It's going to be posted directly after this.

I seem to have dug myself into a bit of a hole by wanting to make the twins both boys. Originally I had this elaborate idea and was going to bring Wanda and Pietro in later, however, I have now decided to go in a completely different direction. There will be more mpreg and in fact I have a sequel planned, only now instead I decided that I'm going to switch the twins to being one boy one girl.

If you have been reading this, that means I'm going back to chapter 3 and switching Erik picking up two blue blankets and calling it a hunch, instead he will pick up a blue and a purple (because pink is overused for girls and I love the color purple like literally the color, not just the movie…I haven't seen the movie actually…)

That being said, I plan to include Wanda, Pietro, and later David, and most likely my own baby creation. Though that is more for the sequel, there I go spoiling things.

So I'm now off to post chapter 5 (technically 6 but whatever), just wanted to clear up what I plan to do with this story

Thanks again for staying with this story and remaining patient with me

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