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The Wedding

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Erik was beginning to think Sean was using knowledge of his cravings against him.

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A/N: Well it took me long enough, but what can I say Spanish and Huma is kicking my ass! (Another reason why I'm dropping Spanish after this semester and picking up German! also a side note Chess club starts tomorrow :D) But I finally finished chapter 5, this chapter really got away from me. Where most of the other chapters have clocked in around 3000 words this chapter is double that amount, but it was a lot of fun to write especially Sean's character! Not to mention Drunk!Charles makes an appearance, so naturally anarchy ensues XD

Hope you guys enjoy, thanks for being patient with me while I got this written



It's Saturday, or at least that's what Charles believed. But if it really was in fact Saturday morning, then the house would (should) be quiet right now because the children would no doubt be sound asleep.

They're not; not by a long shot.

The bedroom door is thrown open and Raven comes barreling in, her right hand clamped over her eyes, in her left she held a jacket, Erik's presumably.

Throwing the garment to the bed she called out "get dressed, we're going cake sampling."

Erik groans shifting closer to Charles trying his best to ignore Raven.

"It's Saturday," he mumbled, face pressed into Charles' chest.

Raven sighed dropping her right hand from her face and instead assuming the posture of a parent dolling out instructions to a wayward child.

"Be as that may, you two are still getting up this instant."

Erik decided right then that Raven would make one scary parent when she had children of her own.

Charles groaned pushing himself up into a seated position to eye Raven, which earned him a protesting moan from Erik who had just lost his pillow in the process.

Looking to the dresser to see the time Charles replied dryly "and what can't possibly wait until after 10:30?"

Raven rolled her eyes at her brother crossing her arms over her chest. "The appointment's at 8:45. You should be praising me right now for getting this appointment; the woman is the best in the entire state at making cakes, and she agreed to see us on such short notice."

Charles closed his eyes mentally counting to 10 as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Fine, we're up."

Raven grinned "good, we'll meet downstairs in five; we have a plan to go over."

Charles' eyebrows rose in surprise, his mouth opened to voice 'what plan,' but Raven had already fled the room in a hasty exit.

"And why can't we lock the door," Erik mumbled cracking an eye open to glare at Charles.

Shaking his head Charles replied "I'm seriously rethinking that rule, my friend."


When Erik and Charles descended the stairs they were both surprised to find all of the children waiting for them at the bottom looking up expectantly.

Clearing his throat Erik looked at Raven "so, what's this 'plan' you mentioned?"

Raven smiled, and if Erik didn't know her as well as he did, he would be fearful for how her lips curved upwards in an almost evil manner, as it was he felt pretty uneasy under her gaze.

Gripping Erik's wrist Raven began to explain. "You, Sean, and I," she started pointing to those mentioned "will be going cake tasting. Charles," she spoke facing her brother. "You and Alex are on flower detail." Then whirling around to face Hank she told the bespectacled teen "and you're staying here to order the gazebo and chairs."

Charles scratched his head "you, Erik, and Sean are going for cake," he repeated for confirmation. At Raven's nod he frowned slightly before continuing "Raven, that's asking to get caught. Erik is showing now, you can't expect to not raise eyebrows."

Raven huffed out in frustration "that's why I have you," she whined. "The flower boutique is directly across the street from the cake shop, which is well in your range to create an illusion, am I right?"

Charles looked at Raven seeming to process his sister's request.

Erik froze slightly next to Charles 'you're not thinking about bringing Erika into this are you?'

He hadn't, but now that the thought had been planted Charles couldn't deny that he wanted to bring up that particular illusion once more. A small smile flitted across Charles' lips "let's say that I agree to your terms, wouldn't it be easier if I accompany Erik?"
Raven shook her head before transforming into an older brunette in a skirt and blouse. "They know the appointment with me, Bridgett Harris, not Charles Xavier," she replied shrugging.

Erik cursed softly; he'd rather be with Charles if Erika was going to make an appearance, but it didn't look like he had a choice in the matter. "We'll do it," he spoke up before turning to face Sean and Alex. Narrowing his eyes he spoke rather tersely "if you two say one word, and I mean one word, about this, I'll have you running laps around this mansion from dusk till dawn while I sit and watch with a glass of iced tea; am I clear?"

"Yes sir," the boys exclaimed in unison.

Smirking Erik turned to Charles giving a slight nod of consent.

Fingers rising to his temple Charles set about recreating the image of Erika, only this time making sure to give her a light jacket; it was getting rather chilly this time of year.


"Wow," Raven breathed out as she looked at Erik. "Erik, you look-"

"Erika," he corrected.


"Erika. You don't want to slip up at the shop do you?"

"Oh right, Erik, you look absolutely beautiful."

Sean smiled laughing silently at his own thoughts. 'Prof came up with that far too fast; obviously they've done this before. Kinky.'

"Mr. Cassidy!"

Sean cringed "I was projecting again wasn't I?"

Charles nodded giving him a pointed look causing the younger man to blush a deep shade of red.

Erik shook his head "well let's get a move on, it's already 8:20."

Placing a hand on the small of Erik's back Charles led the metal bender to the front door. "Yes, the sooner we finish this, the sooner we can come back and relax."

Hank ushered out the group waving goodbye before closing the door. He smothered a laugh with his hand as he heard Erik, who had turned to face Charles, ask "can we stop and pick up some watermelon on the way back?"


They're all sitting in the vehicle going over the plan once more when Erik's stomach grumbles rather loudly.

Charles smiles "I think that's the twins' cue to speed us up."

The twins, it was still odd to hear that phrase, but it was getting easier to warm up to.

Raven nodded "we'll meet back here afterwards; two hours tops."

Alex opened the door getting up to stretch, Sean followed after the blonde, and Raven climbed out last.

Charles unbuckled his seatbelt before leaning over to place a kiss on Erik's lips.

"Pick a good cake, alright," he teased eyes shining brightly.

"Of course," Erik replied as he opened his door. "I trust that the flower arrangements won't be too hideous," he adds winking.

"Hardly, though they might appear that way next to someone as groovy as you."

Alex groaned watching the two men shamelessly flirt with one another from across the top of the car.

"Why don't you two get a room?"

Charles chuckled at the teen "great advice Mr. Summers, I suggest you hurry up so we can get back to our room."

Erik grinned watching the blond hurry to the flower shop calling out "time's a wasting Professor."


There's cake as far as the eye can see and Erik can feel his mouth start to salivate. He's half aware of Raven conversing with a bubbly redhead at the counter, but his eyes are currently fixed on the rather gaudy cake set up in the window.

Really, six tiers seemed a bit much.

"Oh, and would this be the lovely couple to be," the red-head spoke standing before Erik looking between him and Sean.

Sean's cheeks burned red and he began stuttering out a response.

Raven bit back a laugh and moved to answer that there'd been a mistake, when Erik spoke up.

Smiling with far too many teeth Erik offered a laugh before saying: "oh no, this young man is my nephew."

Placing a hand on Sean's shoulder Erik continued "I promised my sister I would watch him over the holidays."

Raven's eyebrows rose slightly as she watched Erik seamlessly spin a tale of how his sister and her husband were off doing charity work in California.

The red head nods, her eyes tearing up in a way that screams 'you're a saint, I love you, and aspire to be just like you!'

Sean mentally makes a note to take Erik's future compliments on his progression in training with a grain of salt.


Alex regards one of the premade arrangements disdainfully; it was rather tacky.

"Professor, why are all of these so over the top," he hissed as he dropped the arrangement back to the shelf.

Pushing away a group of Pink flowers that resembled what thrown up Pepto-Bismol would look like Charles shrugged "I've no clue Alex, but surely there's something quaint around here somewhere."

Alex wrinkled his nose "I think Raven likes over the top."

Charles laughed "perhaps I should speak with my sister before we end up having doves released at the ceremony."

Eyes widening Alex turned around to look at the professor "oh god no, do you think she will?"

Charles shakes his head as he picks up another arrangement, this one of pale purple orchids and white lilies.

"How about these?"

Alex tilted his head to the side looking at the flowers thoughtfully, "those are nice, though pepto-puke didn't give much competition."

Smiling Charles raised his hand to get the attendant's attention.

"We'll take these."


Erik hummed contently licking his lips as he savored the taste of butter cream.

The red-headed woman, whose name ended up being Lillian, sat across the table beaming.

"Well, what do you think?"

Wiping his mouth Erik replied "I really like the butter cream, but that citrus one you gave us earlier was quite good too."

Sean nodded in agreement licking his fingers "they were all delicious, he proclaimed.

"Well, Charles is fond of butter cream, perhaps we should go with that one," Erik spoke looking to Raven for confirmation.

Lillian nodded "well, we can have two cakes made. A citrus one for you and a butter cream for your groom," she offered.

Erik smiled at the prospect of having both, and as if they agreed, the twins gave a kick at the suggestion.

Placing a hand on his stomach to quiet the newly roused babies Erik nodded "I'd like that very much."

"Splendid," Lillian exclaimed "and when will you need these ready for?"

Raven opened up a calendar book flipping a few pages before coming to October. "The wedding's October 13th, can the cakes be ready then?"

Lillian moved to look at her own calendar, "that week is pretty clear for me; I can definitely have them done. Will you need me to send someone to set up the cake and be available for cutting it later on?"

Erik shook his head "oh no, my sister will be back in town by then, and her husband works part time as a chef. We were going to have him help serve."

Lillian nodded "how lovely, the whole family will be there."

Erik smiled "yes, well I'm sorry but we really must be going. We still have a few more stops to make today."

Frantically Lillian stood up "of course," reaching behind the bakery display she procured a container of assorted muffins "here, please take these; a treat for your nephew and husband."

Graciously taking the container Erik thanked Lillian before turning to Sean "let's go find your uncle shall we," he replied winking.


Charles pushed off the car when he saw Erik walking out of the shop. Grin stretching across his face Charles motioned to the container in Erik's hands "darling you're going to spoil your appetite if you have nothing but sweets."

Sticking out his tongue Erik countered "well, these were a gift for my husband, but if you don't want them…"

"Then as your nephew I can have 'em right," Sean asked anxiously.

Charles raised an eyebrow in question at Erik. "Nephew," he mouthed over the red headed boy who was eyeing the container licking his lips.

Erik simply shrugged "what? You work with what you've got."


Hank glowered staring at the phone like it was a vile creature. Sighing he raked a hand over his face, "I told you I need a table complete with chairs for 8 and a gazebo."

Mentally Hank cursed incompetent secretaries. 'How hard was it to check stock?'

"No, wait don't put me on hold."

Too late, the sounds of ol' blue eyes crooning filtered through the receiver.

Hank slammed his head to the kitchen counter and immediately regretted the action when a sharp pang sprung up emanating from the center of his forehead.

When the wretched woman returned asking in a raspy voice, obviously a smoker, what it was he needed for the umpteenth time Hank snapped.

Hurling the phone across the kitchen, a gesture that would have seemed grander if not for the cord that allowed the phone to travel all of three feet, Hank growled stomping out of the room to go check his lab for materials needed to construct a gazebo.


The muffins long forgotten Erik dragged Charles up the stairs when they arrived back home, he suddenly had better plans.

Raven zipped her lips shut knowing any question she would ask about the ceremony would most likely be ignored right now by both men who were obviously busy.

Alex groaned hefting the watermelon in his grasp. 'Did the Professor really need to buy such a big one?' Waddling to the door Alex silently prayed that the remainder of Erik's cravings would come in smaller sizes and require less of a strain to obtain.

Sean practically grabbed the forgotten container and ran for the kitchen to grab some milk.

"Leave me one," Erik called out before Charles slammed the door shut and sealed their mouths together in a searing kiss.


Charles has never before wanted to use his powers for evil, but when he is woken up by Raven's insistent knocking he contemplates freezing her for a month. He decides against it, after all he did promise to stay out of her head.

Groaning he strides over to the door. Ripping it open he hisses out "what!"

Raven didn't even bat an eyelash at Charles' tone, but rather she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out of the doorway and down the hall.

"Raven, what in god's name has gotten into you?"

Raven simply quickens her pace and ducks into an empty room before seeming to acknowledge that Charles has been talking to her.

"Well," Charles asks impatiently.

Turning to face Charles after locking the door Raven spoke quickly "well, your wedding is tomorrow so we were going to give you and Erik bachelor parties."

Charles eyed Raven suspiciously before turning to the wall that held the cuckoo clock. '9:05.'

"Raven it's 9 in the morning."

Biting her bottom lip Raven shifted from one foot to another. "Well, we needed you out of the room so that Sean and Hank could nab Erik for his fun filled day."

Charles swallowed looking at Raven "so essentially you kidnapped me so our resident stoner and mad scientist could kidnap a sleeping Erik, who will no doubt be quite detestable when he wakes up?"

Raven nodded "yes exactly, except Sean did cook breakfast to dissuade Erik from having any mood swings."


"Chocolate chip pancakes drenched in raspberry jelly and honey."

Charles' face scrunches up at the meal's description but sighs as an afterthought, Erik would no doubt enjoy the dish.


Erik woke strapped into the backseat of a car dressed in many layers of coats. Head turning to see where he was he was greeted by a grinning Sean who held out a plate of food and silverware to him.


Blinking Erik eyed the dish, was that raspberries and chocolate chips? Why hadn't he thought of that!

Taking the plate and fork Erik took a bite humming contentedly. "Where are we," he asked after another bite.

Sean shrugged "Hank's driving, I haven't been paying attention."

Hank looked up at Erik from the rearview mirror "well, we were supposed to give you a bachelor party, but giving certain circumstances the standard party wasn't exactly a viable option. Still I thought you would like to get out of the house so we figured a trip to the zoo and aquarium would be nice. Maybe even catch a movie, and stop at that dinner you mentioned last week."

Erik swallowed another bit "can we watch The Music Man?"

Hank nodded "sure, I don't see why not."

Sean smirked "never took you for a musical lover."

Erik raised an eyebrow at the teen.

"Great choice though," Sean replied backpedalling.

"So the zoo then," Hank added trying to break the tension.

Erik nodded "they've got a new display on penguins last month didn't they?"

"Yes and a baby lion was born two weeks ago."

Sean brightened at that "penguins are classy birds!"


Charles could only hope that Erik was having a better time than he currently was. Given the fact that his bachelor party was being planned by essentially minors, it hadn't started off on such a good foot.

Raven was not allowed to drink outside of the mansion, Charles always feared she might reverse transform, and honestly he did not wish to spend his bachelor party mind-wiping half the city.

Alex was a rather rowdy gentleman to begin with and he was just now grasping control of his powers. Charles had a sinking suspicion if the young man were to become intoxicated the vile hula hoop of death would likely emerge, and while he had the money to cover damages, he's certain that if others saw lasers circle the teen before shooting off in multiple directions they'd be mortified.

So Charles was now currently perched on a stool in the breakfast nook nursing a watered down gin while Raven sifted through old records for something 'fun' and Alex mindlessly shuffled a deck of cards.

'Some bachelor party.'

Grabbing for the bottle Charles took a swig praying tonight would improve past Chuck Berry and gin rummy.


Holding a mint chocolate ice cream cone Erik leaned over the guardrail to get a better look at the penguins.

Sean stood next to him with a chocolate cone, tongue darting out the younger man tilted his head "I swear it looks like they're wearing tuxedos," he remarked.

Hank licked his own strawberry cone before answering "it does, doesn't it?"

Erik nodded "you know that the males take care of the egg until it hatches while the females go out for food."

Hank nodded thoughtfully "fascinating species."

Sean yelped suddenly causing both Hank and Erik to turn their attention to him.

"Bloody bird stone my ice cream," the teen spoke angrily staring at his ice creamless cone.

Erik laughed, only Sean would be robbed by a penguin.

"Still think those birds are classy," Hank asked mockingly.

Sean glared at Hank "hell no, those birds are sketch!"

Turning away Erik licked his ice cream before saying "let's check out the aquarium, I don't suppose those clown fish will rob you of a snack."

Dropping the empty cone in the trash Sean fell in step with Erik, "fish are great! Their tanks make awesome bongs," he added as an afterthought.

Hank's eyebrows rose, but he said nothing. Now the murky water and fish's inability to swim without bumping into a glass wall made perfect sense.


Charles wasn't sure what had happened to cause this predicament, actually he had a vague idea that liquor was to blame, but one thing had led to another and now he found himself shirtless drinking from a bottle of Cabernet as he danced atop the dining table.

Alex donned a lamp shade on his head giggling madly as he threw card about aimlessly.

Raven who had reverted to her natural blue form was sitting on one of the couches bawling over some soap opera cradling a gallon of ice cream.

As the track switched to Hound Dog, Charles jumped from the table miming Elvis as he walked to where Raven sat hysterically howling over Maria's mishap.

Pulling his sister up, he moved the ice cream to the end table. "Enough crying, this is a party remember," he slurred.

Alex let out a triumphant yell of agreement before smacking into a wall sending the lamp shade flying off his head to bounce uselessly down the hallway.

Thrusting the half drunk wine bottle in Raven's face Charles commanded "drink up; it's my last single day."

Pushing himself up Alex eyed the Professor "hey, where's your shirt?"

Charles looked down confused, he hadn't recalled taking off the garment, but apparently he had.

Alex didn't wait for an answer instead he tugged at his pants "if you get to go shirtless, then I'm going pantsless," the blonde exclaimed proud of his drunken logic.

Raven giggled passing back the wine bottle to Charles, no significantly lighter. "Now it's a party!"

Charles nodded in agreement "I'll drink to that," he spoke tilting the bottle back.

'Perhaps these two could throw a decent party.'


Clutching a stuffed seal Sean wheeled around to face Erik.

"You didn't tell me you could talk with sharks! Is that your sec-er- third power?"

Shifting the bags of souvenirs to his other hand Erik shook his head "I have no clue what you're talking about Sean."

Pushing up his glasses Hank spoke up "I think he's referring to how that great white seemed to follow you throughout the entire display."

"That? He was just swimming," Erik replied shrugging.

"So you admit it, you can talk with Sharks," Sean pushed not willing to drop the subject.

Sighing Erik took the opportunity to work in his favor, "yes Sean I can, and they said you need to cut back on the ganja."

Eyes the size of saucers Sean nodded furiously "I swear I will."

Hank raised an eyebrow in Erik's direction, but didn't push the matter. If Sean was cutting back then he would no longer have to spend so much money on replacing the vanishing test tubes.

Win-win-win; they all won.


Bag of popcorn in hand Erik walked up the driveway humming 'Till There Was You.'

Sipping his coke Sean joined in singing slightly off –key. "There were birds in the sky, but I never saw them winging…"

Hank laughed as Sean then tried to sing the next verse up an octave in a girly falsetto.

Music Man had been an excellent choice.

The words to the next verse died on Erik's lips when an antique chair went hurling out the second story window.

Seconds later Alex and Charles stuck their heads out the window. The former was grinning wildly; the later began blushing furiously when he caught sight of Erik.

"You're back," Charles exclaimed waving at Erik. Slurring slightly he continued "Raven and Alex saw fit to give me a bachelor party, isn't that nice of them?"

Erik looked at the newly splintered chair below the window "I can see that," he remarked.

Raven suddenly bound out the door in her blue form and latched herself onto Hank who was now blushing, a deep shade of crimson.

"You're back, how was your day?"

Alex took that question as his cue to lean out the window and throw up.

Charles snickered "lightweight."

Erik wrinkled his nose in disgust; he would not be cleaning that up in the morning. "Exceptional," he spoke sarcastically as he turned to Sean "care to watch the second half of The Andy Griffith Show?"

Sean gave one last look at Hank who was attempting to untangle himself from Raven's grasp before turning to the door "sure, I love that show!"


Alex woke up to a splitting headache that only intensified when he moved to sit upright. Groaning he rubbed his eye trying to get a bearing on his location.

A cup of coffee was thrust in his direction along with a hand cradling two tablets of Tylenol.

"Take these; we have a wedding to perform in two hours."

Alex swallowed the pills and took a large gulp of coffee "two hours? The wedding's at 3:30 isn't it?"

Raven huffed "yes you idiot, you slept til 1 o'clock."

Alex winced "shh my head hurts."

Raven rolled her eyes and stalked out of the room making sure she slammed the door as she left.

There was no way Alex was ruing this wedding.


Charles instantly regretted drinking so much the night before, even more so because now here he was an hour away from the wedding with a throbbing headache, lacking the patience to tie a Windsor knot.

And worse yet, Sean had taken Erik hostage claiming 'it was bad luck to see the bride- er groom- before the ceremony.'

Grumbling Charles made one last attempt to tie his tie, he just needed to wait one more hour and everything would be fine.


Erik had initially protested when Sean came to get him in the morning. However, the boy had come prepared, bearing the gift of watermelon and yogurt dip.

Erik was beginning to think Sean was using knowledge of his cravings against him.

Spearing a watermelon cube Erik mentally shrugged, perhaps it wasn't such a bad thing.

Besides, only an hour left until he saw Charles.


Sean saw fit to comb his hair for today. He even ironed a shirt and managed to procure a pair of dress pants instead of jeans.

He surprised quite a few people when he took his spot at the front of the gazebo, he did not resemble the stoner they were accustomed to seeing on a daily basis.

Looking at his watch he turned his attention to Charles and Erik, "are we ready to begin?"

Receiving a nod from both men Sean opened up his notebook that held the lines and began the ceremony.

Sean would never admit he might have cut a few corners to speed up the ceremony, but soon Erik and Charles were exchanging rings.

Smiling Sean spoke "by the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and man. Mr. Xavier, you may now kiss your husband."

Erik smiled softly against Charles' lips as the other began clapping joyfully.


Upon Raven's direction the rest of the ceremony continued in a traditional manner. They had their first dance as a couple, a slow number to Elvis Presley's 'Can't Help Falling In Love'.

Erik wasn't big on dancing, but he was surprisingly gracefully for being so new to the dance; it was almost like he was made for dancing, a complete natural.

After their dance, the rest of the children began to file onto the dance floor as the music shifted to an upbeat number.

Raven quickly pulled Hank to the center of the floor urging the boy to dance.

After a few stumbles Hank picked up on the beat enough to twirl Raven like she wanted.

Sean attempted to get Alex to dance but one glare from the blonde sent the younger man to the opposite end of the floor content to dance alone.

Grabbing a glass of champagne Alex chugged the drink, if he was going to do this he was going to need some liquid confidence. Drinking another glass Alex hissed at the fizzling burn before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Tugging his bowtie loose Alex strode across the dance floor pushing past Hank and sweeping Sean into an embrace.

Sean smiled brightly "see you changed your mind."

Alex ignored Sean's comment instead choosing to level him with a gaze that said 'another word and I'll change your face with my fists.'

Honestly Sean didn't care because he succeeded in getting his dance.

Leaning to lower his head to Charles' ear Erik whispered softly "Weddings really do bring people together."

Charles chuckled turning his head to kiss Erik softly


After much persuasion on Erik's part they were able to postpone the opening of gifts until after the cake was cut.

Hands entwined on the handle of the knife Charles and Erik made the first slice into the butter cream cake.

At Sean's prompting Erik smashed the tiny slice in Charles' face grinning wildly as the telepath dragged a finger through the cream.

When Charles smeared his cream covered finger across Erik's face the metal bender's grin only widened.

Raven stepped in before the entire situation dissolved into a food fight and began serving cake.

Taking a bite of the cake Charles smiled at Erik "you really picked a delicious cake."

Swallowing his mouthful of citrus cake Erik nodded "and the flowers weren't half bad either."


After the cake had been eaten Alex stood suddenly moving away from Sean, much to the red head's disappointment to stand in front of the newly married couple.

"I want to show you guys your gift," he stated in a way that implied 'right now.'

Charles stood from the couch before turning to give Erik a hand up as well. The later brought a hand to his back rubbing light, 'stupid low couches.'

Alex began walking towards the stairs "it's this way," he supplied as he ran up the steps two at a time.

The rest of the group followed eager to see what the gift was.

As they reached the top of the stairs they saw Alex standing at the door opposite Charles and Erik's

Beaming the young man pushed open the door motioning for Charles and Erik to take a look inside.

"My word Alex, I had no idea you had a knack for construction," Charles spoke as he stepped inside the room.

Erik remained quiet as he let his eyes roam the layout of the room. There were two basinets against the far wall, a dresser furnished with diapers and other baby items. There was a changing station under the window and in the opposite corner a toy boy filled with stuffed animals. The walls were painted a pale yellow, decidedly a safe choice to go with.

"Well, what do you think," Alex asked looking to Erik.

Smiling softly Erik nodded "perfection."


After Alex had shown his gift Hank cleared his throat saying he had some good news for Erik.

In the past few weeks Hank had been reviewing Erik's blood work and looking over the genes and how they would affect his new mutation. He had determined that the secondary mutation would in fact allow for a natural birth.

Erik let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

Grinning sheepishly Hank added "I also made some modifications on the Cadillac; you're going to need it soon, so I updated the whole vehicle."

Charles raised an eyebrow.

"You'll understand when Raven shows you her gift," he clarified.


Sean thrust a box in poorly wrapped comic paper towards Erik and Charles.

"This one's mine, I hope you like it," he added cheerfully.

Tearing back the paper Charles opened the box so that both he and Erik could peer in at the contents.

Removing the tissue paper Charles pulled out a set of bibs that stated 'I love my Daddies.' Underneath the bibs were matching sets of jammies, two blankets, and half a dozen baby socks.

Charles laughed softly "I don't even know how you managed to get these bibs embroidered."

"Pizza's a great bribe," Sean remarked casually.


Raven stepped forward last holding a small white box. Pressing it into Charles' hand she smiled "this is really from all of us."

Opening the box Charles gasped softly at the key he say lying in the box.

"Is this-"

Raven nodded "yes, no wedding's complete without a honey moon," she spoke lightly.

Erik, who was still at a loss, looked to Raven confused. "What is it for?"

Charles answered before Raven could. "These are the keys for the family summer cottage."

Erik's eyebrows rose "you have a summer cottage?"

"We have a summer cottage," Charles corrected winding their finger together.


Charles was surprised when Alex opened the closet to pull out two suitcases already packed for him and Erik.

Alex grinned "we took the liberty of packing for you."

Hank began moving to the door "I'm going to bring the Caddy up front."

Erik moved to grab the suitcase when Charles slapped his hand away "I'll take them."

Filling down the staircase Raven went to open the door for Erik and Charles.

At that moment Hank honked the horn, as the Cadillac came into view. The sleek black exterior had a trail of cans hanging from the back bumper, on the back window hung a sign that proclaimed "Just Married."

Erik smirked at the sign as he walked out on to the porch.

Raven thrust Erik's jacket towards him, "bundle up," she commanded.

Charles followed out the door holding the suitcases "Sean, get the trunk."

The red head quickly went to the vehicle to open the trunk. Placing the suitcases inside Charles turned back to Raven. Pulling his sister into a hug he breathed out "thank you."

Tightening the hug Raven nodded "you're welcome. Now get out of here and enjoy yourself," she spoke teasingly.

Charles gave a mock salute turning to Erik "well Mr. Lensherr-Xavier, are you ready to go?"

Erik nodded "quite ready."

Opening the door for Erik, Charles offered a hand to help the metal bender into the vehicle. Leaning down to place a kiss to Erik's temple Charles whispered "let's get this show on the road then."

Closing the door Charles ran around to the other side of the vehicle giving one last wave to the children before climbing into the vehicle and taking off down the driveway.

Placing a wary hand on Raven's shoulder Hank spoke up "the wedding was beautiful."

Smiling up at Hank Raven nodded "thank you."
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