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chapter eight

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I could not bear to have them leave my life yet...

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Hey, I am so sorry about the incredibly long wait. I have been busy with a lot of shit back in the real world and I have just not had the motivation to write much. But I am going to try to update sooner next time. I hope you like the chapter, please let me know via a review what you think of it. (Be kind, eh?) xoxodakota
Bob`s pov
I open the heavy, oak door, a fake cheerful, welcoming expression on my face. I was tired, too consumed with thoughts of the rich, young and completely out of my league, Alexis.
“Erm, hi.” I stare at the grandly dressed person at the door, my eyes wide and jaw threatening to drop, how I managed to keep it in place I did not know. Perhaps because that would have been very ill mannered of me, and I did not want to appear to be a rude, idiotic fool in front of her.
“I am so very sorry, is this a terribly bad time?” she shuffles her feet awkwardly, her beautifully, unique eyes that were some colour between grey and blue were cast downwards and she was nervously fidgeting with the hem of her dress.
“Miss. Alexis?! No, of course not!” I say, probably a little too eagerly and feel my cheeks redden unattractively. Stupid, idiotic mind, getting foolish ideas in my head that would never happen.
“Well I`m glad.” She smiles shyly at me, her eyes sparkling in the light. “Is his highness in? I am terribly sorry for showing up without any notice, but I-" she breaks off, her fair skin reddening and she returns her gaze to the stone floor.
I frown slightly; the poor girl seemed to be quite flustered about something. That was probably why she wanted to see Frank.
“No, I am afraid he is currently out, he should be arriving back sometime this evening.”
“Oh,” she breathes deeply, a rather shaky breath if you asked me.
“I am sure that his highness would not mind if you came in and waited for him, you know how fond he is of your father.”
“Yes, my father.” Her eyes narrow and her voice fills with anger as she mentions him. If she was not a woman of such high class I would have sworn that she had almost spat out his name.
“Well I am certain he will not mind if you come inside, like I said before.” Please come in. I smile at her, hoping she would not think I was behaving oddly or out of place.
Alexis looks uncertain. My hopes drop, though I should have expected it. “Well, if you are sure Frank will not mind.”
She steps inside the grand, greatly furnished hall, her damp shoes leaving small wet puddles on the floor, I make a mental note to have one of the others clean them up as soon as possible, before Frank and his guests, the two brothers return.
“This is very good of you, Robert, please accept my thanks.” Alexis smiles genuinely at me and my stomach does some weird twisty, turning motion. It was not particularly pleasant, nor was it extremely unpleasant.
“You should wait in here for King Frank,” I lead her down the long hallway, past the great staircase and into a rather large room, overlooking the gardens. The large, glass windows sparkled in the dimming light from the weak sun. It had finally stopped raining, but the grass was still glistening from the excess rain water left behind.
“I shall inform his highness upon his return that you are here.” I am about the exit the room to get back to my work when I notice the state she was in.
Her curly dirty blonde hair was matted, and plastered to her pretty, fair skinned face from the rain. Her expensive dress was wet as well, and the bottom of it frayed slightly and brown from mud. She was shivering ever so slightly and looked as though she had just had the worst shock of her young, comfortable life.
“Miss Alexis?” I hesitantly have a seat next to her, a puzzled expression on my face. “May I ask what the matter is?”
Frank`s pov
It was horrible seeing the two brothers like this, especially Gerard. I have always hated it when people cried around me, I always thought it was a very ugly thing to do, it was just plain shameful for a man to cry. Crying was a sign of weakness, that is what I had been taught to believe from a very young age anyway. But as the salty tears fell down Gerard`s pale face, it did not appear the slightest bit ugly or weak, he was hurting, as was Michel. Anyone could see that. After all they had just lost their mother and attended her funeral, were they supposed to be smiling and joking?
I frown ever so slightly as I watch Gerard place one trembling arm around his brother shoulder, trying his best to do his duty to his younger brother to comfort him and ignore his own pain. My eyes meet his as Michel turns and sobs silently into his brothers shoulder, his body shaking as we begin to make our way away from the gloomy churchyard. I still could not get over Gerard`s unusual eyes. They were such an odd mix between hazel and green, so different and yet they matched him perfectly. They were full of pain and glistened with new tears. He had just stopped crying and I knew that he was desperately trying not to start again.
I frown again. It was my home or one of them anyway. Not theirs. So why did I feel it was theirs, that they should stay there, that they belonged there? They were penniless, and had very little education, unlike myself.
I was the king; I was the ruler of this land, why should I want anything to do with them? Michel accepts Gerard’s hand and lets him help him up into the carriage, stopping crying just enough so that he could see. I had been brought up strictly, told to never mix with those of lower class than myself, they were only poor pheasants, they did not matter. I had never questioned that, until recently. In the short, rather sad time I had known the two brothers, I had grown extremely close to them, closer than I had been to any other person ever.
On the short journey home a somewhat frightening, and definitely confusing thought enters my head. I liked having them around, I enjoyed their company. I actually wanted them to stay with me. Why? I had absolutely no idea. All I knew was that there was something very special about the two brothers, Gerard in particular. And I could not bear to have them leave my life yet, I was pretty certain I never would be able to bear it.
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