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chapter nine

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Are we friends now?

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Hey, I think that I got this up a bit faster than last chapter. I hope that you like this chapter, please let me know if you do
Bob`s pov
I cautiously take a seat next to her, a puzzled, confused expression on my face. I was genuinely concerned for the girl, something I could tell form the look and tone of surprise in her voice that she was unable to understand.
What was I to him? Alexis thought to herself bitterly. Some snobby rich girl who lived a comfortable, well off life of luxury, another person to serve and obey. He had no reason to care about my feelings or well being, and yet, judging by the look in his beautiful blue eyes he did.
“Miss. Alexis?” I ask hesitantly, not wanting to anger her or make her feel as though I was sticking my nose in. “may I ask what the matter is?”
A single fresh, single tear falls from her stunning yes which were already puffy and red from earlier crying.
To tell the truth Alexis had no idea how to begin to tell this kind man what the problem was. Besides, it was no problem, of his; he needn’t concern himself with it. However, she could not help but feel rather touched knowing that he did.
“Please Miss. Alexis, if you will not tell me, could you please tell his highness. Forgive me for assuming, but it must be something quite serious for you to be so upset.”
She nods, running a shaking hand through her tangled yet till beautiful looking blonde hair. “It is something serious, Robert.” she takes a deep breath; I presume trying to steady herself. “It is to do with my father and-“
“Robert, what are you doing in here?” The brown eyed, ginger haired Rachel, our newest member here asks her expression shocked and a little fearful. “His Majesty is due back any moment and you are sitting in here with a guest, chatting away merrily with no concern for your responsibilities.” her face reddens slightly and she ducks her head after she finishes speaking, chewing on her bottom lip nervously.
“I apologise for my outburst Miss. Alexis. Robert, you will have to explain to Frank what is going on here.” She forces out a smile at the wealthy girl sat next to me, before turning away and leaving the room, muttering something under her breath.
“I am sorry for that.” I smile shyly at her, feeling extremely foolish and embarrassed.
“No, it is my own fault.” Alexis returns the smile, her beautiful eyes lighting up a little as she does so, making her look even more unbelievably pretty. “I did not mean to keep you from your work, i was very selfish, concerned with only my own prelims.” She gets up to stand, before the wooden door opens, revealing the short, yet very intimidating and powerful Frank Iero the eighth, a confused look on his young face.
“Sire,” I spring to my feet, head bowered as a sign of respect.
“Robert?” he asks confused, glancing first up at me and then over at Alexis who was nibbling on her bitten lower lip, eyes wide and red.
“What is going on in here?” He doesn’t sound angry ad I had feared, just puzzled and a little surprised.
“Please, Sire, do not be angry at Robert, he was only helping me. I arrived a short while ago looking for you and he told me to wait here for you when I started crying. I do apologise for this inconvenience your highness, I shall leave now.”
Frank takes in her miserable form, her dishevelled hair, her muddy, torn at the bottom dress and her tear stained face, with wide, confused and concerned eyes.
“No, you wished to speak to me, you may speak to me. I will admit that this is not the best of times, but as it is you I will make an exception.”
She nods, smiling her thanks at him and I excuse myself from the grand, well furnished room, though I wanted to do nothing more than to stay with Alexis and comfort her. A stupid, idiotic thought I know, but I was unable to help it. I liked the girl very much, she was pretty and kind and she unlike so many other well of people did not look down on me. But we both came from two very different worlds, worlds that only briefly touched, it was impossible to think that someone like her could ever like someone like me.
Frank`s pov.
Alexis watches Robert leave form under a canopy of dishevelled, dirty blonde curls, peeking up form under it. I can tell that she wanted him to stay here, but was too shy and polite to ask this of him.
I frown, wondering whether I should tell him, but by the time I decide he has already left. Besides, I could help Alexis well enough on my own. I had known her family for years, my father before had been great friends with her Grandfather as well.
I had absolutely no idea what was wrong with her, I already had enough to deal with, what with Gerard and his younger brother Michael, but I knew that it would be very cruel of my to ignore her when she obviously desperately need someone to talk to.
“It is my father, your highness. I know that you are good friends with him but I-“
“Is he sick?” I ask.
Alexis shakes her head. “He wants me to be married.” she spits the last word out as though it was poison.
“Yes, go on,” I did not understand. Alexis was old enough, she was a grown woman and had a duty to her family and husband to be to produce children.
“I do not wish to be married, at least not to this man.” She wipes a tear from her eyes and continues. “I know how selfish this sounds of me, but it is true. He is mean and selfish and although he is rich and good looking I would be unable to marry him even if he was not mean and cruel. I do not love him!”She cried, the way she said it made me wonder, just for a moment if there was someone else in her life she did love…
Gerard`s pov
I found it highly difficult to sleep that night after the funeral. I had not shed a single tear since we arrived back here and for that I was grateful and pleased with. Frank had been incredibly kind to us, Michael and me, but I was well aware that this could not possibly last.
He was after all the king, the ruler of this fine country and we were only poor, insignificant pheasants. Why he had bothered to help us so far I was unsure of, in fact I honestly had not got a clue why someone so rich and powerful should care for us. But he did.
He was nothing like the others said he was like. Frank was far from being cruel and uncaring. He was kind, he had helped us had he not?
I was begin to like him very much, I had never had many friends as I rarely had the time to play as a young child, I was too busy looking after Michael and then mother when she had grown ill.
Are we friends now? I wonder to myself, finally drifting off with the image of the well dressed, dark haired ruler in my confused mind…
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