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chapter ten

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I nod, frowning slightly as he turns to walk away. What on earth could he want?

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Hey there, I so sorry about the wait. I have spent most of today writing as I didn`t go to the hospital today as I have been there pretty much all weekend. If you haven`t already read the authors note I posted the other day could you please do so, it is quite important. I hope that you like the chapter. To be honest I`m considering giving up on this as I feel it isn`t that good anymore. But if you want me to continue I will.
Frank`s pov
The way she spoke the words, it made me wonder if there was possibly, just possibly someone else she did love. I frown out of confusion, my eyes fixed on the pretty young woman sat in front of me, trying to figure it out without her noticing me. Alexis smiles shyly at me, tucking her dirty blonde, rain soaked hair behind one ear so that she can see properly.
“I am terribly sorry for interrupting you today and for bothering you. I understand that my problems have nothing to do with you and-" I raise my hand, silencing her.
“Please, Alexis, you have not bothered me at all.” I pause, I wasn`t used to being honest with people, it was something I had only recently started, ever since the raven haired, pale skinned Gerard had entered my life. “You have not bothered me one little bit. It is always a pleasure to be in your presence, and I am sure that your father will see sense if I have a quiet word with him.”
Her jaw drops in a most unladylike fashion. Gasping Alexis covers her mouth with her hands, clearly embarrassed by her actions. “Thank you so much!”
I smile widely at the young girl; it was nice to see a grin on her pretty, youthful face instead of the earlier miserable frown.
Although it was not really my place to get involved, I found myself unable to help it. I knew form personal experience the pain and torture of being married to someone whom I shared no feelings of love or affection to. It was not one bit pleasant, and it hurt everyone involved in the whole sorry thing. I had not felt anything similar to love in my life, not for any one of my many wives, well off and pretty as they were. There was just always something missing, and try as I may, I just could not force myself to love them.
I glance outside at the great, well tended garden, marvelling at its beauty, before realising with slight surprise how dark it was getting. The sun had now almost set, showering the beatiful garden in its weakened, golden rays.
“It is getting late and it will soon be dark, Alexis. I shall have Robert to show you to your room.”
For a brief moment I half expect her to open her moth to protest but she does not. “Very well Sir,” I frown at the “sir” bit, and narrow my eyes. I had told her so many times to call me by name; I was really no different to her. I was growing tired of being treated different.
“Thank you very much for your kindness, I really do appreciate it.”
The next morning
Mikey`s pov
My brother sure had been acting…strange recently. I think to myself, whilst eating my breakfast that morning, savouring every single bite. Gerard had already finished eating and was out in the garden, talking with Frank. At least that is what the servant girl, Rachael had told me.
I liked her; she was very pretty, and seemed to be smarter than the others who worked here. Over the past few days I had found myself watching her s she worked, memorising the way her beautiful, incredibly soft looking ginger hair flowed down her back, her heat stopping smile and the way her big brown eyes lit up when she caught me staring.

“Michel?” Raymond calls my name, pulling me out of my daydream and back to reality.
“Yes?” I ask, wondering what it was she wanted.
“King Frank wishes to see you and your elder brother at half past the hour in the library. He says it is very important.”
I nod, frowning slightly as he turns to walk away. What on earth could he want?
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