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chapter eleven

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My thoughts were elsewhere, on a certain dark haired, small man…

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Gerard`s pov
“You wished to speak to us both?” I ask the dark haired, small yet so powerful ruler a little hesitantly, wondering what on earth it was that he wanted us for. Perhaps he wanted us to leave, had we outstayed our welcome? I prayed that was not the case, I loved being here, around him. It was not just the fact that we felt so incredibly spoilt and pampered here, it was the people. Everyone was so kind and pleasant, and Frank was just…amazing. Completely unlike anything I had ever expected from the feared, mighty King. He was so generous and gentle, he did not act pompous in any way and he honestly did not strike me as the bad, evil bloodthirsty monster that others had made him out to be. I actually felt bad for him, it must be difficult being in a situation like his, full of complete power and control over everything, with people looking up to you for guidance and yet fearing and hating you at the same time.
“Please, Gerard, Michel.” He smiles warmly at both of us in turn, his eyes lighting up as they meet my own, grinning up at me just as his pink lips did. I had not noticed it before and if I had I must have ignored it, but Frank truly was stunning. His dark hair looked so incredibly soft and shiny, his skin so clear and not as pasty and strange as mine. Was it strange that I found him so beautiful? I frown and push the odd, troubling thought to the back of my mind, not wanting anyone to notice there was something off with me.
“Have a seat.” Frank lazily points with his left, bejewelled hand to a lavish seat opposite to him. Michel sits quickly, his shy side getting to him as he nervously twiddles his thumbs.
“I wish to talk to you both about something that is rather important to me.” He begins and my heart sinks. Frank wanted us gone. I knew it was too good to be true.
“You are both staying here as privileged guests, and while I understand that you are both still grieving, I am afraid that I must ask something quite huge of you.” We nod, unsure where he was going with this.
“As I am sure you are well aware of I have two daughters, and a son. I am planning on visiting my daughter, Elizabeth on the eve of her birthday. I wish for the both of you to accompany me on this trip, it would mean a fair bit to me, seeing as I have very few trusted friends.”
My jaw drops and i can see my younger brother`s does the same. I half expect Frank to say something about our rudeness but instead he giggles, a rather girlish one that I have to admit is rather sweet.
“Shall I take that as a yes?”
I nod, but Michel who is smiling sadly shakes his head slowly. “I am sorry, but I would rather not sire. Please do not take offence. I wish to stay here as I dislike travelling. It makes me feel quite unwell.”
Frank nods sympathetically and smiles. I feel as though this does not bother him much at all, and while he did get on with Michel, It did seem that he preferred to talk with me for some unknown reason. Or possibly it was just my imagination.
“Thank you both anyway, would you like to join me in the garden for a walk before we dine?”
We both nod, and follow him out into the beautiful garden,. I loved the garden, it was so pretty, all t he different flowers and plants, most I did not know the names off intrigued me, but today I was unable to concentrate on them. My thoughts were elsewhere, on a certain dark haired, small man…
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