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chapter twelve

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I couldn’t be jealous, could I?

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Hey there guys, I hope that you like the chapter. I don`t know how many more there will be but I think it wil be over sooon. I accidently messed up the pov at the start, I just fixed it so thanks for pointing it out for me
Frank`s pov
We left for the large country house my youngest daughter was currently staying in a few days after that conversation. As much as I was greatly looking forward to seeing Elizabeth, I was also dreading the meeting. I had not been the best of fathers to any of my three children, especially towards my two daughters. It was one of my deepest regrets, not being there for them. Although women were not fit to rule the country, I still had a duty to them as their father. And I still did love them with all my heart; I just was not certain how to show this. I had never been shown any affection as a child, and throughout my adult life I had become even colder and bitter towards people and I was deemed a bloodthirsty monster by many.
But not by the pale skinned, raven haired man. Not by Gerard. Somehow, he had managed to see past all that and accept me for who I was, a normal person who did not ask for this life or the responsibility and power that came with it. Although we had only known each other for a short while I was already closer to him, a pheasant, than I had been to any other living person in my entire life. I felt closer to him that I had to any of my previous wives, he understood me and I understood him. If he were to leave my life now, I was certain I would never be able to get over the loss of such an amazing, special person.
“Are we nearly there?” Gerard asks, fiddling with the ends of his jet black hair.
I smile up and him and nod. It had been a very long journey, something I had always hated, yet with his presence it had not been nearly as tedious as normal. We had spent the journey talking about all sorts, laughing and joking and when silence did fall it was a pleasant, comfortable one where we simply just enjoyed each other`s company.
“Do you think she will be happy to see me?” the words escape my mouth before I can stop them. Embarrassed I duck my head and feel my cheeks burn red.
He smiles kindly at me, placing his left hand on my knee. “If I had not seen my father in so long, I would be overjoyed to see him. Especially on the eve of my birthday.” That made me think of something. I had never met Gerard and Michel`s father, nor had the two ever mentioned him. He had not been at the gathering where their mother tragically lost her life either. I decide it was best not to question my friend, not wishing to touch on an unpleasant or hurtful subject. I was curious though.

Gerard`s pov
The journey to the grand country house where Princess Elizabeth was staying was not a short one, but it was still pleasant and I enjoyed benign with Frank without being interrupted all of the time.
“We are nearly there, look.” He raises one hand and points to the stunning house in the distance, the sun shining down on it making the grand building look even more beautiful.
“Sire.” Servants great Frank, and after exchanging a few confused glances, great me equally politely, after seeing his warning glares.
“The princess is in the gardens, shall I have her come inside to see you?” a dark haired, short motherly looking woman asks and he shakes his head, striding past her into the direction of the gardens, and I follow along behind him.
“Elizabeth?” it was the first time I had ever heard his voice sound so shaky, the first time I had seen such uncertainty in his stunning eyes.
“Father!” A tiny young girl who was sitting on the well kept grass gets to her feet, and brushes herself off, before walking quickly over to us, a surprised grin on her pretty face.
“Elizabeth.” Uncertainly Frank pulls the child into his arms and embraces her in an awkward hug, before letting her go.
“Who is this?” Elizabeth questions, her wide childlike eyes that were almost the exact same as her father’s fixed on me.
“Oh! This is Gerard, Gerard Way. He is a very dear friend of mine and I wished for him to come with me and meet you.”
The little girl that reminded me so much of Frank nods, grinning up at me widely, making me feel as though I belonged here, when I clearly did not.
“It is very nice to make your acquaintance, Gerard.” the pale, petite girl speaks, shocking me at how well spoken she was for a very young child.
“Not like that horrid woman.” She spat under her breath, when Frank`s back was turned, speaking so quietly that only I can hear her.
Shocked at the princess`s remark, I raise both eyebrows, but decide that it was better to stay quiet, not wanting the girl to turn on me or to dislike me.
“How was the trip father?” she asks politely, a slight frown appearing on her pretty, young face as a well dressed, dark haired woman begins to make her way out of the house and into the gardens.
“Catherine.” She hisses the woman`s name under her breath, glaring up at the oblivious, smiling woman.
“Your highness!” She curtseys, smiling up warmly at Frank who seems embarrassed.
“Gerard, this is Catherine Parr, she is an old acquaintance of mine form several years ago.”
The woman`s wide, slightly fake grin fades a little when she sees me standing there next to Frank, it complety disappears when she spots Elizabeth glaring up at her.
“Oh, how lovely.” Catherine lies, plastering on her fake, see through smile again.

“I really dislike that foul, wretched woman.” Elizabeth tells me in a vice full of hatred. We were both sitting outside on the lush, green grass; she was playing with a few of her newest toys absentmindedly as we chat. Frank had gone inside a few minutes before, along with Catherine Parr, the well off girl who seemed to be quite infatuated with the King. I felt something well up inside of me; something I was unable to put a name on. I couldn’t be jealous, could I?
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