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chapter thirteen

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“I do, yes.”

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Frank`s pov
“She is so like you, did you know that?” the by now very familiar, very important to me, raven haired boy tells me quietly, gesturing across the grand, well kept gardens to where the young princess was sat playing with another child.
“Pardon?” I sit up slightly, unsure what my friend meant by this statement.
“Elizabeth, she reminds me of you in so many ways.” Gerard clarifies for me, stretching almost lazily in the weakened rays of the warm, setting sun.
“How so?” I question, confused and intrigued. I look over at my young daughter, my dark eyes deep pools of curiosity as I take in her petite appearance.
“Oh, well…” he appears to be embarrassed, for whatever reason I was uncertain off but it did make me wonder.
“Well Elizabeth is intelligent, just like you.” I nod, although I had very little contact with my offspring I made sure that they had the best possible upbringing and education. “She is funny, and charming. She speaks her mind and her servants tell me that she can be a little playful and mischievous at times.” I grin, wondering if I should perhaps be a little offended by this. Seeing as it was Gerard however, I found myself unable to be.
“Are there any other similarities?” I press, sensing that the pale skinned man had more to say.
“Well…” his usually pale cheeks turn a lovely pink colour that suits him well. “The princess is unbelievably kind, just like her father and she-“
“I am not that kind.” I say bluntly.
“Oh, but you are Frank!” He says determinedly, in a tone that rang with a strange truth and authority I had never heard from the once poor man before. “You saved me the very first day we met, you took me and my brother in when we lost our mother, and you continue to provide us with a home, food and clothing. You are simply too good and kind.”
It was my turn to blush, I was used to being complimented by my servants and not so loyal subjects, but I always knew that they were rarely being truthful. But I believed Gerard; I knew that he would never lie to me.
“Anything else?” I ask him again and his pink cheeks darken curiously.
“Well she has your good looks.” He offers, nibbling nervously on his bottom lip, his eyes darting around the garden.
Stunned by this, and feeling my cheeks flush red I blink slowly, unsure what to say to this.
“Well…I….thank you.” It sounded more of a question to my ears, but Gerard simply nods, still biting on his perfect, pink lower lip as he stares at the ground. I wished that he would look up at me; his unique, hazel green eyes were stunning. I would gaze into them all day if I was able to.
“Your majesty.” The dark haired, pretty Catherine Parr greats me warmly, a little too warmly for my liking as she takes a seat next to me, again, too close for my liking. Gerard narrows his beautiful eyes at her and stays silent, offering no greeting and neither does she.
“I have been searching for your for some time Sire, is this where you have been hiding all afternoon?” she asks in a high pitched, girly voice that is a little irritating, but I am certain that the girl means well.
“I would not say hiding, Miss. Parr, I have simply been conversing with my dear friend, Gerard Way.” her eyes narrow as I say this and a small frown forms on her lips which she quickly changes into a fake smile.
“Hello, Gerard.” she says his name as though was a very unpleasant illness and turns away from him again.
“What was it you wished to see me for?” I ask in a tired voice, wanting nothing more than for to be alone with Gerard again and talk.
“Oh, well I-“
“Father, Gerard!” a petite young long haired girl, none other than the princess herself rushes towards us, a large grin on her pale face.
“Elizabeth,” Gerard grins and picks her up onto his lap, making her grin widen if that was even possible.
“What were you and father talking about?” she asks, completely ignoring Catherine who politely excuses herself before storming away in a huff.

“I like him Father.” The young girl states matter of factly later that evening as she is sat down, with one of her many servants combing through her long, soft locks of hair.
“Who, sweetheart?”
“Gerard, of course. Who else?!” she giggles, seeming to find something humorous.
“Oh, Gerard. Yes.” I nod, unsure where this conversation was coming from. I knew that she was fond of him, almost as much as I was. Gerard was just that sort of person, friendly and kind, he made you feel happy and at ease for no apparent reason. He was a truly amazing, pure person.
“Do you like him Father?” I frown, confused. Of course I like the raven haired man. Why else would I have let he and his brother stay at my home, and feed and clothe them. Why else would I have brought him with me on this visit?
“I do, yes.”
“Very much so?” she questions, getting to her feet and walking over to me, and perching on my lap, her long, now tangle free hair swaying behind her as she moves.
“Yes. I like him very much. He is an incredibly good man, and a very dear friend of mine.”
“Oh.” Elizabeth gets to her tiny little feet, and sighs deeply.
“Goodnight father.” She blows a kiss at me and leaves the room, leaving me and my troubled, confused thoughts alone.
Was it something I had said that had caused my daughter to leave so suddenly?
I mean, of course I liked the other man a lot, he was good company and the first person to ever see past the title and wealth I had, Gerard saw me as a normal person and he liked me for who I was, and not for my riches or power. I really liked him a lot, perhaps too much if I was being honest…
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