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Nikki's Idea

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Nikki has an idea and wants to meet Tommy's parents.

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A/N: Sorry I've been submitting such short chapters recently; I'm sort of bogged-down with schoolwork and I'm a really bad procrastinator, so... I promise, I'll start writing longer chapters as soon as the plot starts flowing better.


He wakes up, and Lee is still asleep beside him, his sinewy arms draped out in front of him. Sleeping, he looks much older than seventeen. Nikki smiles faintly, then frowns. Shit, he can’t believe he gave the kid China fucking White; how stupid is he, to have forgotten the effect heroin has on first-time users? He should have just shot Lee up; maybe he’d have passed out and not been aware of getting sick. Or he could have warned him, at least… fucking hell. He knows Lee doesn’t care, knows the kid will continue to stay with him—for now, anyway—but still, Nikki feels guilty. And he doesn’t necessarily like that.

Tommy’s stirring now, shifting in Nikki’s arms. Hurriedly, the bassist shuts his eyes, because, for some reason, he doesn’t want to seem awake when Lee first opens his.

Tommy Lee

When I wake up, Nikki is lying beside me, still sleeping, his soft black hair falling over his makeup-smudged eyelids. I don’t know how he feels about being woken up, but I can’t help myself—I have to kiss him. So I do, and his eyes open, and he smiles, bringing one hand around behind my head and pulling me closer, kissing me back.

“Morning, Lee,” he murmurs.

“Morning.” I reach up and run my fingers over his lips, and he shuts his eyes and swallows hard. Then he opens them again and, in one fluid motion, has me pinned back against the mattress, his rough fingers clasped over my wrists, mouth on mine in a sweaty, heated kiss. For half a second, I have a sense of exactly how powerful Nikki is, and I’m almost afraid, but the feel of his skin on mine is making it really hard to concentrate, so eventually I forget about it and just focus on him, on the way his crotch is slowly hardening against mine.

And then he’s planting soft, fast kisses on me, on the corners of my lips, on my cheeks, on my nose. I’m dizzy, weak with lust; a sort of fog has come over my vision. Between kisses, he’s speaking, and I have to focus really hard to understand him:

“Lee… I have… an idea…” His voice is husky, intimate. “You should introduce me to your family… and I’ll ask them if you can come live here.” He pauses and looks down at me, gauging my reaction. Apparently my expression pleases him, because his eyes soften and he leans down and kisses me again.

When he pulls away, I say, “A-are you serious?”

“About you moving in me? Yeah, kid, I’m pretty fuckin’ serious.”

I swallow. “W-why?”

He snorts a little. “Because you’re my boyfriend, and I want you with me…? I mean, if you don’t wanna come here, I’ll understand…” He raises his eyebrow, and I feel a flush rising up on my cheeks. Hurriedly I link my arms around his neck, pulling him down to me and kissing him. He lets out a grunt of surprise and kind of jerks back, staring at me, a strange expression on his face.

“Shit, Lee, tryin’ to break my fuckin’ neck?”

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” I whine, blushing. “I just… I wanna move in with you. I didn’t want you to think I didn’t want to.”

He sighs quietly. “Great, kid. I’m glad. When d’you wanna go and tell them?”

I swallow. “Today…?”

And he nods. “All right.” He rolls off me, and a rush of cold air hits my body. He slides off the mattress and pulls a black tank top over his pale torso. He puts on leather pants and a jacket, covering his tattoos. Then he looks over at me.

“Lee, do your parents know about me?”

I shake my head, pulling a shirt on. “They don’t even know I’m gay.”

“Imagine the looks on their faces when you walk in with a fucking junkie who says he’s been fucking their precious son up the ass, then.” Nikki laughs, and I laugh too, standing up and slipping on some jeans. I step into my Converse, and he reaches down and takes my hand.

“Lead the way,” he says, nodding at the door. I swallow. It occurs to me that my parents are not gonna be happy with me. Fuck, I’m not even sure if I’m happy. I have no clue what the hell I’m doing here; it’s all moving so fast.

And then Nikki sort of pinches my wrist. “Kid? You with us?” he asks, and I give myself a little shake. This is Nikki Sixx we’re talking about. Of course I know what I’m doing.

“Let’s go,” I say, and we walk out together.
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