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second chapter;)

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one down... the halloween fic you auditioned for, PART TWO xD

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A/N: hope you like it so far, apologies if i killed you already xD dont forget to R+R, let me know what you think:) -ash

‘So, how long do you think we’ll be here?’ Julia said airily, trying her best to make light conversation. Her Alice-in-wonderland style dress was tattered and a little blood splattered. Ray sat with his back to the wall, his bulky arm wrapped tightly around tanner, mikey sat in between Hayley, holding her hand, and Gerard who had a very worried-looking wynter on his lap. Frank and Cassidy were whispering in the Corner while Chelsea, Aimie and Hozzie exchanged scared looks.

‘I wouldn’t fret too much.’ Frankie said coolly, her and bay had been pacing for about an hour, Frankie’s calm and bay’s worried.

‘This is not normal.’ Bay said, pacing quicker and frowning in thought.

‘Depends on your definition of normal.’ Frankie replied. ‘Anyway, I want to take a look at the body, see what happened to her.’ Frankie started to walk away before bay grabbed her arm, she froze.

‘Please go with someone, if not for your safety, for our piece of mind.’ Frankie growled but agreed.


Cassidy, hozzie, Gerard and Chelsea followed Frankie to where they had left netties body. The blood on her costume had dried but she still didn’t look at peace.

‘There doesn’t seem to be any damage, the blood all came from inside her mouth…’ Frankie mused aloud, ‘yet she manages to cover herself in her own blood…’

‘This is a sick game.’ Gerard spat. He crossed his arms and walked away from Nettie, refusing to look at her any longer.

‘this isn’t a game, its anything but a game.’ Chelsea said coldly, suddenly her eyes began to lose life and she clutched her throat, gasping for air.

Then the blood began to pour out of her mouth, tears ran down her face but she had no expression. She was choking on her own blood, suffocating….

‘Shit!’ Cassidy cried. She grabbed Chelsea’s shoulders and shook her but it did nothing, she shoved her hand over Chelsea’s mouth but the blood wouldn’t stop. It covered her black dress and splattered her messy black hair.

Finally the blood stopped, Chelsea’s grip on her neck loosened and she rasped her final words, though they were incomprehensible and mainly consisted of blood, the group made out ‘love’ ‘frank and ‘family’ before her limp body hit the cold wooden floor.

‘Another one bites the dust.’ Frankie whispered, she walked up to Chelsea and looked her up
and down. ‘Shame.’

‘Chelsea littles, age 16.


The eerie silence was broken by the soft sobs of Gerard, shortly followed by others. There was a moment of silence out of respect.

‘Okay kiddies. Time for bed, it’s been a hard two days.’ Frankie sighed.

‘T-two days?’ Bay stuttered. Frankie held up her wrist, on it was a tiny watch; it held the time, date and a tiny voice record button. The group thought it best not to ask.

‘It’s 11.30, 2nd of November. We have been here all this time…’ Tanner said quietly.

‘Let’s find somewhere with blankets, and we will sleep in the same room. Two people will keep watch. Cassidy, Hayley, you two first, we will swap at 3.’ Bay used her best in-command voice before leading everyone out of the room and up the grand staircase.
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