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Expensive Gifts or Poking the Weasle

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Part two of Diagon alley

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Mortuus Magica

“Creature or spirit”

AN: welcome to the next installment of everyone's favorite story Mortuus Magica. I have a few things to say before we begin so bear with me. First of all the wish is still up for grabs and it warms my heart to see all of you thinking of such unique ways for me to use Lord Runs-From-Death-Like-a-Little-Girl's soul. Very out of the box but so far you've been thinking out of the wrong side of the box. Also if you submit a guess please allow PM because its really difficult for me to grant a wish without being able to ask for more details. Second a big thanks and congratulations to Arkane291 for finally taking up the first challenge I have already made plans for your OC's introduction in a chapter or two. Finally a BIG thanks to the rest of you reviewers including but not limited to one helpfully picky reviewer named goku90504 for picking out those typos in chapter 2 its little tweaks like that that help raise the story quality beyond spell check levels. OK I've ranted enough on to the part you've all been waiting for the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I do not now nor will I ever own Harry Potter or Bleach unfortunately those photos I “found” of Rowling making out with David Bowie were fake so no blackmail there.

Snapping out of his daze Harry realizes that he'd missed half of what his escort had already told them.

“... and then well be finishing up with a treat at the ice cream parlor for a little treat if you two behave yourselves alright.” Professor McGonagall finished somehow managing to make even ice cream sound tedious. Nodding stupidly Harry was about to ask if she could repeat herself when Sam spoke up.

“Well lets get goin then. Ah wanna get started learnin this magic stuff ASAP.” She exclaimed happily her strange accent shining through in her excitement once again prompting Harry to ask her.

“Hey Sam I've been meaning to ask what kind of accent is that anyway.” He looked over to his fellow student with a curious look to his eyes.

“That's an easy one Specks Ahm form America. Ma daddy moved us here last year cause he said England's history helped him write better. Said it makes for good fantasy stories and what not.” She with a proud grin. Harry quirked an eyebrow at her.

“So your a yank then?” He asked.

“Hail no I ain't no yankee. Ahm from South Carolina you don't get any less yankee than that.” she responded in a deeper drawl than before leaving Harry even more confused than before but he just shrugged and kept walking. Their first stop was a trunk shop because as the professor said.

“Best start here so you have someplace to put everything after you buy it.” Nodding at the logic of that statement the children start looking around the shop for trunks that catch their eye when a salesman saunters up to them asking.

“Well hello there. Preparing for Hogwarts are you might I recommend this model specially equipped with Four separate magically expanded spaces each with multiple compartments of their own accessible depending on which lock you choose to open it with. It also comes standard with featherlight and self shrinking/resizing charms. Along with all that it comes with optional security charms guaranteed to last your full seven years, special library drawer which can store nine full size bookcases worth of books which can be retrieved with a simple command, garment warmer, ink dispenser, food preservation charms, beverage purifier, and a maximum of four hidden compartments revealed only in the personalized owners manual.” He finished with a grand gesture meant draw the eye back to the trunk. “And all for the low low price of Thirty-two Galleons and Two Sickles fully equipped.”

Somewhat upset over the price Sam started asking, “What if I only want the optional library, security, and three hidden compartments?” She questioned trying to get a cheaper price. The shop keeper grinned. And pulled out sheet of parchment from the top of the show model and started erasing check marks and watching as the price updated itself.

“Nineteen Galleons seven sickles.” the clerk replied. Sam looked down in frustration. The price still being the majority of her budget.

“I'll take two with the security charms, library, and hidden compartments.” seeing the look of disappointment on this nice girls face slowly shift into one of shocked surprise.

“Very well then that will be forty-two galleons even sir.” The clerk said his eyes nearly turning into Galleon signs at the thought of the commission he'd get off this sale. Accepting the absurd amount of money with barely restrained glee he nearly ran to the back of the store to get the pairs trunks claiming he'd be back in a matter of moments. Harry turned back to Sam with a big grin only to be hit in the arm.

“Ow! Sam! What the bloody hell was that for?” he asked surprised.

“Who told you to blow so much money on me anyway there's no way I'll be able to pay you back for it.” She retorted.

“I don't expect you to pay me back just consider it your birthday and Christmas gifts rolled into one.” he responded rubbing his sore arm.

“A gift? You just met me and your already buying me expensive things honestly Specs I just don't get you.” she said in disbelief. “But damn rich, famous, and no hesitation to buy a girl an expensive gift. Just gotta teach you to cook and you'll be the perfect boyfriend.” She half joked off-handidly.

“I can cook.” he deadpans not noticing the joke. Sam slaps her forehead exasperated.

“Next he's gonna tell me he's built like some kinda kung-fu master.” Sam whispers to herself with a snort. “Yeah and then it'll start raining Galleons” Sam rolled her eyes and turned to wait for the salesman to return. With their trunks in hand the students made their way over to Madam Malkin's across the street. Opening the door to the little shop a little witch came scurrying up to them.

“Hogwarts.” she more said than asked. At their nods she pointed them to the fitting rooms and said she'd be with them in a moment before heading to the back for more robes. Walking towards the room Harry began pulling off his shirt exposing is Martial artist build to Sam who had stopped mid step with a dumb stricken look on her face.

“Well I'll be damned” she mumbled stupidly turning to the window half expecting to see gold coins falling from the sky. Meanwhile somewhere over magical Bolivia a dragon carried shipment of Gringotts gold hit a large updraft shaking the crate open causing a large amount of Galleons to basically rain over the slowly dying magical community of Santa Teresa. Back at Madam Malkin's Harry stood on his stool being fitted for his school robes the well kept blond boy next to him deigned to take notice of him.

“Hogwarts to eh. I'm looking forward to it myself. Any idea what house your gonna be in. Father says I'm a shoe in for Slytherin. That's where all the really good wizards are sorted. I'm really looking forward to Potions to my godfather Professor Snape is teaching that class it's gonna be an easy O for me.” The boy said not giving Harry a chance to respond and most likely just wanting to hear himself talk than anything. Smiling at the topic anyway Harry replied.

“I'm looking forward to learning more about Kido actually. I'm up to the mid sixties in destruction and binding but my healing techniques need some work hopefully the professor will have something I can practice on.” He said with a big grin finally getting to talk about his own unique type of magic completely forgetting that his book had told him Kido wasn't a well known magical branch. “Not to mention there's three whole sections of my book I can't even open yet, and I still haven't figured out how to form my Zanpakuto maybe..” The blond boy who slightly reminded Harry of some kind of ferret or weasel interrupted him mid sentence.

“What are you blathering on about you simpleton there's no such thing as Kaido or what ever you call it what kind of idiot makes up fake magical classes anyway.” The blond weasel waved his hand dismissively deeming Harry no longer worthy of his notice. Getting angry at the boy for dismissing him so easily and calling Kido fake Harry discretely pointed a finger at the boy and muttered under his breath.

“Way of Destruction Number One: Shove” just as the seamstress was beginning to push a marking pin into the other boys upper pants leg causing him to stumble into the floor and the pins in his outfit to start jabbing into him. Laughing to himself Harry stood still while his seamstress finished hemming his robe before removing it and throwing his shirt back on. Heading out into the main shop he finds the professor and Sam waiting for him.

“What was all that racket in there Mr. Potter?” McGonagall inquired with a suspicious look in her eyes.

“Just a very clumsy weasel Professor.” Harry replied with a fake innocent smile. Turning away from the boy McGonagall led them to the register to pay for their robes and left taking them to the book store Flourish and Blotts to fill there required book list and picking up a few books for private reading and study. Harry and Sam picking up extra books on all their subjects and Harry picked up several books about himself wondering what the wizarding world believed him to be. Although if the titles were correct he was afraid he'd be disappointing them quite a bit. The BWL in Dinner with Dragons, The BWL in The Dark Cult, not to mention The BWL in Adventures in Atlantis just to name a few. Apparently they believed he was some kind of godly powerful uber saint without a mean bone in his body. Moving on the the Apothecary they picked up all of their remaining supplies and a few extra sets of ingredients on their professors insistence something about petulant simpering snakes who were to busy bullying students to teach or something like that. Heading out from there McGonagall stopped at the local ice cream parlor and bought them each a small Sunday like she promised she would.

“You know Specs. Even though the Professor is paying for the ice cream I'm gonna count this as our first date.” Sam said a smirk playing across her lips as she watched a sputtering Harry choke on his ice cream before he got a hold of himself and decided two could play this game.

“And just how far were you planning to go with me on our little date then?” He asked inwardly laughing at Sam's blush before she slapped his arm responding with.

“Not nearly as far as you'd wish perv.” She growled out crossing her arms over her just beginning to develop chest.

Back at Sam's home they bid farewell to the Brash little red streaked blond with promises of meeting on the train. Turning to Harry just before opening her door Sam smirks before giving him a peck on the cheek and closing the door in front of him while laughing to herself over getting the last hit in their little game if the blush on Harry's cheeks was anything to go on.

“Well Mr. Potter are you just gonna stand there blushing like a ninny or are you coming with me?” The professors asked smiling lightly at the boy's distress. Feeling the by then familiar squeezing sensation Harry found himself standing back where he first left from. Turning to the teacher and thanking her he began walking home already thinking of what to read first and wondering if using his wand to cast Kido would have any effect.

AN: And cut great job guys that's another days work done. Some of you have been asking about it so information on Harry's Zanpakuto is on my profile. A lifetime supply of E-Cookies if you can guess what any of the locked portions of Harry's book are and the first person to figure out all three gets to have me answer one and only one question about the story. I know I'm offering to many prizes but what can I say I like giving people chances to win things. And remember the wish is still up for grabs so put your crazy hats on and think outside the other sides of the box. Till next time. Taddy-bye
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