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The ride to hogwarts

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Mortuus Magica


AN: Ladies and other assorted people whose genders make then far less important to me, welcome to another episode Mortuus Magica. I'd like to start off thinking Mr. agnar for granting me my very first flame a very important milestone in every authors life as I've been told XD. And also thanks to all you wonderful people out in cyber land for your wonderful reviews. I'd like to take a moment to ask everyone with a ficwad account to find my story there and giving it the rating you think it deserves. Thanks in advance. On with the show.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter And Bleach belong to J.K. Rowling and Tite Kubo. I am saying this of my own freewill and am in no way being forced at gunpoint to say this.

For the last month or so leading up to September first Harry had put aside his Book to read up on his school textbooks and prepare for his first day of school. At least when he wasn't training with Yoruichi who despite Harry's insistence would not give him a break from practice to prepare for school even going so far as to write up a full training regimen for him while was at school. And Harry would stick to that regimen religiously on threat of a slow painful death involving shoe horns, a cardboard box, and fuzzy slippers. He was afraid to ask what she was planning. He'd already made it through the potions, charms, transfiguration, and herbology books and was well into the rest. Hearing the car come to a stop Harry put away his book on magical theory and stepped out of the car.

“Now remember Boy We'll be here to pick you up at the end of term and we'll only be waiting five minutes if your not in this car before then we will leave you to make your own way back understood?” His uncle called from the front seat. Harry's display's of power still not putting enough fear into him to receive proper respect. Still it had curbed the violence significantly and that's what mattered. Nodding to the living meat sack Harry turned away and started walking into the station. Looking down and reading his ticket he began wondering just what was wrong with wizard's heads. 'Platform nine and three quarters? What kind of moronic train station has a part of a platform anyway?” Sighing to himself Harry is about to continue on when a sudden yell catches him off guard.

“SPECKS!” Harry hears turning around to be blindsided with a hug by Sam of all people. Letting the green eyed boy go Sam stepped back. “Fancy seeing you here specks I didn't think I'd see yah till we were already in school.” She said with her signature playful smile stuck in place.

“Hey Sam it's good to see you again.” Harry said a real smile working its way onto his features. “I don't suppose you've been able to find the platform have you?” He asked hoping to get to the train before all the good seats get taken.

“Not yet me and daddy were looking for a while but he had to leave gave me these.” She said holding out a rather fancy looking watch and a Stiletto switchblade knife. “Told me if someone tried mugging me to give them the watch and if they kept up to give'em a good jab with the knife.” The blond with a thoughtful look. “Don't suppose you've got any clues as to where we could find it do you? Kinda silly ain't it they give us a ticket an expect us to find it ourselves, and I'll ya now it ain't between platforms nine and ten.” Harry was about to respond when he herd a woman behind him saying something about muggles. Turning to see a large woman with red hair leading a small troupe of equally red haired kids behind her. Harry grabs Sam's hand making her blush and giggle out. “My Mr. Potter your awfully forward today. Whatever has gotten into you.” She said in a fake southern belle routine. Unfortunately before she could continue Harry had drug her off after the mini red army following them up till they reached the barrier between platforms nine and ten.

“Excuse me? Miss my friend and I were wondering...” Harry began the woman turning giving them a motherly look.

“How to get onto the platform?” She finished for him and watching the two children nod, the woman gave a big smile. “Oh don't worry dears its very simple just walk towards the barrier between the two platforms and don't stop. Best to do it at a bit of a run if your nervous. You know its Ron's first time at Hogwarts to.” She said gesturing to her youngest son. “Percy be a dear and show them how it's done would you?” she asked her oldest who nodded primly and began walking quickly towards the wall only to disappear into it a second later followed closely by a pair of twins who had taken much pleasure in confusing their mother before leaving. After the twins were through Harry and Sam began moving towards the wall them selves nearly sprinting to keep form losing their nerve. Drawing closer the wall continued to look solid as ever. Finally reaching the wall they were surprised when they passed through the solid stone as if it weren't even there. Stopping and looking back harry could see only a wall behind them with the boy they had been introduced to running through it with Kitty perched on his trunk. Jumping down to favorite spot around her masters feet Kitty began nuzzling his leg telling Harry she didn't want to walk. Scooping up the lazy little cat Harry and Sam made their way onto the train.

Finding an unoccupied compartment at the back of the train the duo removed their trunks form their pockets and placed them under their seats before resizing them and sitting down to chat. A few minutes later just as the train began to pull off the red head Ron cam into the compartment. “Sorry to bother you. Mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full.” He asked which Harry doubted but he nodded anyway. The boy sat down across from Harry and Sam and holding out his hand to them. “Names Ron Weasly nice to meet you.” He said. Sam took his hand shaking it responding.

“Samantha Jenkins but you can call me Sam everyone does.” She said with a smile. Harry took his hand next and introduced himself.

“Harry Potter nice to meet you.” He said making Ron go wide eyed.

“You mean your THE Harry Potter.” He asked star struck.

“Well I should certainly hope so.” Harry joked. “I'd hate to have gone my whole life thinking I'm someone I'm not.” He finished Ron staring at him dumbly while Sam chuckled next to him having gotten the joke. “Yes Ron I'm THE Harry Potter.” Harry said clearing it up.

“Is it true then?” Ron Began “Do you really have the scar?” He finished leaning closer as if to get a better look only for Harry to ask.

“Which one?” Making Ron take on a look as if Harry had asked the dumbest question ever.

“You know the one on your forehead.” Ron replied making a lightning bolt gesture over his forehead.

“Oh yeah that one sure I have it.” Harry said brightly pulling back his bangs to show Ron.

“Wicked!” Ron exclaimed only to be interrupted by Sam who began examining Harry scar rather closely.

“That's a very sexy scar Specks. A few more like that one and I might just wind up jumping your bones in a few years.” She said making Ron sputter at how straight forward this girl was being and Harry blush before he smirked and fell into the already established pattern of flirting with Sam.

“Well I have a couple more if you wanna take a look.” He offered making his friend blush in turn before she retorted with a naughty smile and a playful look. Leaning closer to Harry she nearly whispered right in his ear.

“Maybe later Handsome. In private. I might even let you see my birth mark.” she said sitting back and laughing at the dumbfounded look on Harry's face. Ron looked Harry over and turned to Sam.

“I think you broke him.” He said making Sam laugh harder. Pulling themselves together the trio began to talk about anything that came to their minds which consisted mostly of Quidditch.

“OK let me see if I got this right. The Chasers compete for the Quaffel running it up and down the pitch and throwing it through a trio of rings that the keeper protects. The Beaters use bats to knock around the Bludgers and keep them off their Chasers while simultaneously trying to hit the other teams Chasers. And the Seeker flies around looking for this little golden ball called the Golden Snitch. And if he catches this Snitch it ends the game and scores his team one hundred and fifty points? A Quaffel though the goal is only worth ten points and finally the game doesn't end until the Snitch is caught.” Harry asked trying to summarize this wizarding sport. Seeing Ron's eager nod Harry asked what seemed like the most obvious question to him. “Then why not get rid of the Seeker position all together?” He asked causing an aghast look to cross Ron's face like he'd just listened to blasphemy.

“But the Seeker is the most important position. How else are you supposed to know when the games finished?” He asked trying to defend the position and enlighten Harry as to the greatness that is Quidditch.

“I'm just saying it sounds like something tacked on to the end of the game to make one player more important than the rest without having to really play most of the time is all. Just get a clock and end it after a couple hours.” Harry responded. Ron looked about ready to argue when the compartment door opened and a pudgy little boy poked his head in and introduced himself as Neville Longbottom asked them all.

“You haven't seen a toad around here anywhere have you I can't find Trevor anywhere.” He stated worriedly. The others shook their heads while Harry gave Kitty a questioning look. The cat turned to him with a look that seamed to say. 'Me eat a toad yuck that's disgusting.' Before turning around and going to sleep. Neville left to find his toad and the trio went back to their discussion. A few moments later the door opened again and a cheerful little witch poked her head in and asked them.

“Any thing off the trolly dears?” Ron shook his head sadly saying.

“Nothing for me I'm all set.” Pulling out a bunch of sandwiches he had smushed into his pocket and giving the sweets and snacks on the cart a sad look. Harry reached into his money pouch and pulled out a handful of coins saying.

“Well take the lot.” Ron was happily eating from the pile of sweets in front of them while the other two went at a much slower pace. Finally getting fed up with his manners Sam reached out and slapped Ron's hand away from the junk food in front of him.

“Slow down and eat like a person Ron it's not gonna run away from you.” She said getting a sideways look from Ron who said.

“Oh yeah.” he picked up an unopened chocolate frog and placed the treat on the table top from which it promptly began jumping around. The little jumping treat caught the of the board cat who began chasing it around the compartment before it managed to jump out of the window. Ron watched the cat with a bit of a jealous amusement. “That's a real neat cat you got there Harry. All Scabbers here does is eat and sleep.” He said holding the sleeping rat up by it's tail. “He's so boring you know my brothers taught me a spell to turn him yellow but it hasn't worked yet. Wanna see?” He asked. Seeing his new friends nod the takes his wand and begins to wave it at the rat only to be interrupted as the door opens once again and a bushy haired girl with two buck front teeth pokes her head in and asks them all.

“Have any of you seen a toad around here this boy Neville lost his and...” she trailed off seeing Ron's wand and scooted in next to him asking. “Are you doing magic? Oh I forgot I'm Hermione Granger and this is Alexander Blake.” She said motioning to the tall boy who none of them had noticed until that moment. Stepping in and sitting down next to Sam Harry could see the boy looked a little taller than normal. His light blue-gray eyes offset by his spiky black hair. Waving to the others with a fairly carefree smile he said.

“Hi I'm Alex. Nice ta meetcha.” He had an accent similar to Sam's but different less of a drawl and more of a slur. Like his words were closer together than they should be. Turning back to Ron Hermione asked him.

“Well.” She insisted gesturing to him.

“Oh right sorry.” He apologized before he started waving his wand around again saying. “Sunshine daisy's, butter mellow, turn this stupid, fat rat yellow.” He said giving his wand a final flick over the rat causing it to flash for a second and then settle down looking the same as he had before. Hermione huffed and asked Ron.

“Are you sure that's a real spell?” She said in a slightly superior tone making Ron's ears turn red. Ron was about to argue back when Harry interrupted him with a question of his own.

“Hey guy's you ever wonder why were only learn wand magic at school?” He asked getting an incredulous look from Hermione.

“What are you talking about. Of course were learning wand magic you cant do magic without a wand.” She replied condescendingly.

“Yes you can.” Harry argued back.

“Prove it.” Hermione challenged back with a smirk believing she had won with logic. After all, all her books said magic couldn't be done without a wand and books were never wrong.

“Fine.” Harry said holding out his hand to the space between the window and the table and chanting out. “ Fold and cushion, bind to the sky and suspend, catch the fallen and protect them in your embrace. Way of Binding Number Thirty-seven: Suspending star.” He finished a small cloud gray platform shaped like a six point star formed connecting the wall to the table. Picking up Kitty Harry placed her onto the platform which sunk slightly like a hammock. Turning to Hermione to see the dumbstruck look on her face.

“But you cant... How did you... that's not.” she stumbled out flustered before turning and rushing back to her compartment to look through all her books to see if she missed something. Alex leaned back slouching in his seat before shrugging his shoulders.

“Looks like I'm Hanging out with you guys now.” He said but was interrupted by the door opening once again. The blond boy Harry had met in the robe shop only this time he was being flanked by a pair of apes in school robes. The self important weasel smirked at the people in the compartment before zeroing in on Harry.

“Their saying Harry Potter is in this compartment I take it that's you. May names Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.” He said making Harry snort 'he expects me to trust someone whose name is bad faith that's rich.' Harry thought to himself.

“Hi Draco I'm Sam Jenkins.” Sam said about to take Draco's offered hand when he pushed her away from him saying.

“I wasn't talking to you girl.” Ron and Harry snarled before Ron stood up and pointed his wand at Draco.

“That wasn't called for Malfoy.” He growled out making Draco sneer even deeper.

“Oh please who do you think you are. I don't even need your name. I mean just look at you red hair, freckles, and hand-me-down robe's. Your obviously one of the Weasly's blood traitors the lot of you. And why are you defending this filthy little mudblood tramp anyway. All she good for is..” Draco was about to continue when Sam stood up and promptly drove her fist into Malfoy's gut causing the little cretin to bend over to clutch his stomach in pain only to have the enraged girl grab his head and drive her knee into it breaking his nose. Draco's bodyguards were about to jump on the red streaked blond when Harry leapt forward and delivered a few precise strikes knocking the larger boys arse over tea kettle out the door with their boss. Slamming the door behind them Sam turned around pretending to dust her hands off saying.

“Like mah mamma always said 'If a child ain't got no manners it's just cause they ain't been beat into em yet.”* Alex burst out laughing at that before a chime sounded through the train. Seeing the others confused looks Ron clarified for them.

“That means we'll be arriving in an hour. We should probably get changed.” he suggested to which the others agreed. The boys had just begun undoing their shirts when Sam spoke up.

“Of course you'll be waiting outside for me to change first right?” She asked/told them. Nodding quickly so as to not incur the wrath of the violent girl the turned to leave when she spoke up again. “You know Specks you can stay and watch if you want.” She said waiting a second for him to respond before closing the door in his blushing face laughing the whole time. Ron threw his arm around Harry's shoulders saying.

“That's one crazy bird you got there mate. Fun, but completely mental.” And Harry could only nod in agreement.

Stepping off the train completely dressed the quartet looked out over the town the fading light casting a long orange and red glow over the horizon. Without realizing it Sam had slipped her hand into Harry's before they got swept away in the crowd of students. Looking around confused Harry began to panic not knowing where to go when Sam squeezing his hand drew his attention to the figure of an enormous man lumbering over a group of younger students calling out.

“Firs' years or' here. Firs' years this way.” he large man was calling out waving. When it looked like he had gathered everyone up he moved on to a set of boats tethered to a dock sitting on a black glass like lake. “No mor'n four ter a boat.” The large man called out. Harry, Sam, Ron, and Alex sat in a boat right behind the large man's. Once all the first years had piled into the boats they began gliding across the surface of the water barely even disturbing the surface of the lake. “Ye'll be catchin' yer firs' look o Hogwarts in jus' a second.” The Half-Giant called over to the students.

Rounding the corner they all got caught up in the sight of the massive castle lights in all the windows towering over the lake perched on the edge of a cliff moon high in the sky above it stars unobstructed by light pollution. Sam and Harry unconsciously leaned into each other at the sight before them. Moments later the beast of a man called to them.

“Watch yer heads now.” Just as they passed under the ivy covered overhang entering into a massive natural cavern beneath the castle. Dismounting the boats as they approached the new dock and were led up a set of worn stone steps carved from the cavern floor. At the top was the woman who had show Harry and Sam around Diagon alley. “Firs' years here professor.”

“Thank you Hagrid. I'll take it from here. You can make your way to the feast now.” McGonagall replied politely nodding her head in thanks. Hagrid for his part lumbered off through the doors behind the professor who was looking over the students nervous faces with that strict look she was so well known for. “Welcome to Hogwarts. In a few moments you will be sorted into your respective houses. The houses are Gryfinndor, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.” she began. “While you are here your house is your home and your housemates your family. You will eat, sleep, learn, and hopefully study with them. Any achievements will garner you house points while any rule breaking will result in points deducted. Feel free to get acquainted for a few moments I will return when the ceremony is ready.” The red headed teacher said before turning and leaving through the doors Hagrid had left through.

As the students were milling about a group of ghosts came floating through walls pretending to not notice the students in their own conversation. Harry began looking around at the others reaction. Mostly it was the expected looks of shock and surprise but the strangest look was on Hermione's face. She had taken on a distant hungry look while watching the ghosts. Like a starving man being offered a five star buffet. When the ghosts finally decided to pretend to notice the students most had gotten over their surprise and were happily chatting with the ghosts. Finally McGonagall returned after a few moments later and herded the students into the main hall. Lining them up against the far wall the professor approached the front of the room and a tall man with an extremely long white beard stood up from the head table and began speaking.

“Welcome one and all to another exciting year in Hogwarts I am headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Before we begin our esteemed sorting ceremony I'd like to take the time to remind forgetful students that the restricted section of the library is restricted and the forbidden forest is in fact forbidden. Also Mr. Filch as asked me to remind students that the list of banned items, which has reached record lengths he is proud to say, can be found on the door to his office. And finally the third floor corridor on the right hand side is strictly off limits to anyone who does not wish to die a most slow and painful death. And on that note let the sorting begin.” He concluded his speech and McGonagall placed a shabby hat on to a stool. Everyone leaned forward as a rip began to open near the brim before going wide and the hat broke into song.

Oh,you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.
You can keep your bowlers black,
Your tops hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.
There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.
You might belong in Gryfinndor,
Where dwell brave of heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryfinndors apart;
You might belong in Huffelpuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Huffelpuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet wise old Ravenclaw,
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends.
So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And you won't get in a flap!
You're safe in my hands(though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!!

The hat finished it's song and sat still as if it never moved in the first place. Professor McGonagall took out a long roll of parchment and began reading names form it Harry not paying attention except when names he was familiar with were called. Draco was sorted to Slytherin, Hermione, Alex, and Neville went to Gryfinndor. Harry listened well when Sam was called up. She began walking away letting go of Harry's hand having forgotten she was still holding it and walked up to the hat. After a few long moments the hats brim opened wide with a declaration of “Gryfinndor!” Harry didn't bother to listen again until his name was called.

“Potter, Harry” the professor called out. Harry approached the stool to whispers like 'the Harry Potter.' and 'can you see his scar' and even things like 'THAT'S Harry Potter'. Sitting on the stool the hat was placed over his head and fell around his eyes.

“Hm interesting very interesting Mr. Potter. I see it even now you've a good strong mind with a need to learn very raven like of you but that thirst is also a distraction something that may need to be curbed. You've got the loyalty of a badger but it seems that trust isn't going to be to easy to gain. I see a lot of courage and a strong temperament that would make any lion green with envy. But of course you also have to have that drive to succeed that ambition. Now just to figure out where to put you. Hmm tough choice. I'll have to say no to Ravenclaw. Part of being here is to help fix your people problem. No for Huffelpuff to though you'd find many loyal friends most puffs wouldn't be able to get in deep. So it's down to the age old battle the snakes or the lions. Lets see now lets see. Ah yes a person is already starting to break through to the real you is she well well well that makes this much easier gotta be. Gryfinndor!” The hat finished with a yell. Finally having his eyes unblocked Harry could see most of the Great Hall cheering and shouting. The Weasly twins dancing on their table singing happily.

“We got Potter. We got Potter.” getting up to make his way to his seat Harry plopped down next to Sam who had pushed an older student out of the way to make room for him. After Ron was sorted it was soon that the headmaster stood up to make a few last statements.

“Congratulations on your new families all of you now before we can fill our rumbling bellies I'd like to say a few words and those are; nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak. Thank you.”As soon as he sat down the tables quickly filled up with food and everyone began digging in. But none more so than Ron. His food was barely reaching his plate before making it's way to his mouth. Halfway through his umpteenth bite of mashed potato Sam got fed up and slapped him in the back of the head.

“What did I tell you on the train about eating like a person.” She asked him. Ron nodded his head and began eating much slower. To everyone's relief. After the feast they all moved to their dorms following the prefects through winding paths and sudden turns so numerous no one person could possibly remember it all in one go. Settling in to his bed in the first year boys dorm and settling in for bed. It had been a fun and eventful day.

AN: Done finally been working on this for two days. This is the longest chapter I've ever written. And I have to say I'm on a roll and it's all thanks to you guys all your reviews and PM's kept me thinking about this story. So please keep em coming. A bit of Harry and Sam fluff in this chapter. For now it's still innocent though. They might be teasing each other pretty severely but remember their eleven they know about sex but the hormones haven't fully kicked in yet. Well I gotta stop here before my brain pops so till next time. Hasta-luago.
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