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Mortuus Magica


AN: I have a present for all of you. The next chapter of Mortuus Magica. Please please no applause just throw money. Seriously throw money I'm broke here. Anyway thanks once again for all your support. I'm happy to here such good things about my story. Your love is like candy to us authors. I noticed my ficwad rating jumped up form -1 to 1 so thanks to everyone who went and helped me out there. Now for the bad news the wish has been claimed. I know your all disappointed but I will continue to hold challenges in this story and may giveaway another wish at a later date. Congratulations to Nidaime otokage yoko no oto your wish has been granted and assimilated into the world. Now enough with talk on with the show.

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter do you really think I would have stuck the main character with Ginny no screen time Weasly fuck no. And if I owned Bleach Ichigo would have been sleeping with Orihime before the series even started.

Forcing his heavier than normal eyes open Harry looked up to see a very unfamiliar ceiling. Sitting up abruptly he looked around to see six other beds around the room sharing the same red and gold motif as his. Groggily forcing himself to his feet he made his way to the showers. Climbing down the stairs clean and refreshed Harry sat down in a particularly comfy armchair near the fire took out his copy of Transfiguration Vs. Conjuration a Comparative Guide by Aldrich Shaper. And began reading. Half an hour later he was shaken form his thoughts by a pair of arms wrapping around his shoulders and Sam's tired yawn sounding off in his ear.

“Morning Specks sleep well?” She asked pushing him over and squeezing next to him on the chair still sitting mostly in his lap.

“Sam do you know what personal space is?” Harry asked sarcastically. Sam gave him a sideways look and responded.

“I'd love to get more personal Specks but I'm to tired maybe later.” She said rubbing her head into his shirt with a smirk on her lips sure she had flustered Harry again.

“It's to early for this Sam at least let me get some food in me before you start trying to push my buttons.” Harry groaned out trying to wriggle out from under blond. Pouting Sam stood up and turned to Harry with a fake hurt look on her face.

“Oh your no fun at all.” she said while perching herself on the arm of his chair and looking over his shoulder. Quietly thanking the universe that his teacher Yoruichi also had boundary issues and helped him get used to similar people. Meanwhile back in Harry's dorm Alex was just getting back from the shower himself and was walking over to his bed when out of the corner of his eye he spots a small leather book laying on the floor at the foot of Harry's bed. Moving over to the book he bent down to pick it up. When he lifted it off the floor it seemed to stay on the floor while being picked up at the same time a new book fazing out of the old one in Alex's hand looking over the new book he noticed it was made form the same black leather as the one on the floor a white image of a cross on the front with the words Mortuus Magica written in crimson above the cross. Below the cross though was a word that resonated deep within Alex's soul Fullbringer.


Breakfast was an amazing spread any Breakfast food you could imagine from American Biscuits and Grits to Chinese Bao Zi and Congee and even good old fashioned toast and sausage. When Harry asked why there were so many different types of foods a fourth year told them that the house elves working in the kitchens pride themselves on suiting a variety of tastes. Helping himself to an eclectic plate with bits form several different dishes Harry began forming his opinions on different nationalities foods. Sam however choose to stick with a traditional southern meal and Ron was eating far slower than usual due in no small part to the fact that Sam had forced him to sit beside her. The ever present threat of a slap to the head had him eating at a much more sedate pace. Partway through the meal Professor McGonagall was passing out the time tables for the students.

“Yay we just have one class today.” Sam cheered loudly ignoring the annoyed looks most of the others students were giving her.

“What's the double mean in Double Potions anyway is it extra long or something.” Alex asked unenthused at the idea of longer classes.

“The double part means that you'll be sharing the class with the slimy Slytherin's.” Fred (or George it's damned hard to tell) Weasly told them.

“It also means your day is gonna be twice as bad.” George (or Fred honestly they need their names tattooed on their foreheads or something) finished for his brother.

“It cant be as bad as everyone says it is.” Harry asked uncharacteristically optimistic. He blamed the ginseng tea for it. “Can it?”


The Potions class room was definitely not what one would call a calming learning environment. Of course the fact that it was in a dungeon had nothing to do with it. Aside form the poor lighting, damp air, and general sense of doom that permeated the room the image the professor first displayed to his students successfully flayed the students nerves. Bursting into the class room and magically closing the few windows around the room leaving only the torches for light Professor Snape turned and addressed the class in a very arrogant drawl.

“As there is little foolish wand waving in this class many of you will not believe this is true magic. I don't expect most of you to appreciate the refined beauty of a gently simmering pot as it release its vapor over a roaring fire. The elegance of liquids seducing the mind and ensnaring the senses, but for the few of you who possess the aptitude I can teach you to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death. So long as you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I'm usually stuck with.” The beak nosed man finished. Turning to his desk to retrieve his roll book his black cloak billowing out dramatically. Beginning roll call he made sure to fix each student with a truly withering glare until he reach on certain name. “Ah yes Harry Potter. Our newest celebrity. Tell me Mr. Potter what would you get if I were to add powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?” He asked referencing a potion that wasn't in the first year curriculum.

“I don't know sir our...” Harry began only to be cut off by a pleasantly smug professor.

“It seems fame isn't all it's cracked up to be, lets try again shall we. Where would you look if I asked you to find me a Bezoar?” Snape asked secure in his superiority. 'I know this one' Harry thought.

“Do you men the one from the stomach of livestock or the one that forms in the stomach of people who eat hair?” Harry asked. Snape's sneer deepened.

“I wanted an answer Mr. Potter not another question. One more try shall we and please try not to display your ignorance to severely this time.” The professor replied angrily. “ What is the difference between Wolfsbane and Monkshood Mr. Potter?” Perking up at the question Harry quickly responded.

“Nothing sir their the same plant. It can also be called Aconite a very potent poison used to treat Lycanthr...” Harry elaborated believing the professor cared about his students knowledge of potions.

“Ten points for Gryfinndor for being an insufferable know it all Mr. Potter. I asked for the difference between the two not what they could be used for. Now your directions are on the board. Brew the potions exactly as instructed and place them on my desk before you leave.” The Man said turning to his desk. Just as he got near a set of spare cauldrons Harry extended his hand in a grasping motion under his desk and incanted.

“Way of Binding Number Two: Lock.” The biased teachers leg immediately seized up mid step causing him to stumble into the pile of cauldrons. Standing up red with rage and humiliation Professor Snape began taking points left and right for every snicker of grin he saw. So blind in his anger he never realized more than half the points he took were form his beloved Slytherin's. The class itself was fairly uneventful after that Harry and Sam managed to finish their potion with little problem. Neville somehow turned their simple boil-curing potion into a highly acidic compound that caused massive boils on exposed skin. The real funny part came when Malfoy thought it would be a good idea to tamper with Alex and Hermione's potion not only did he over shoot his prickle seeds into another Slytherin team's pot causing an explosion Alex saw him aiming at them and used the distraction to dump Malfoy's incomplete project all over him and his partner Pansy Parkinson. The Potion ate clean through every last bit of clothing and hair on the pair of course had they been older it would have also had the benefit of cleaning up any skin conditions they had developed. As it was it just left them naked, bald, and humiliated.


With classes concluded Harry found himself in a fairly secluded spot near the lake and began working through his training program. A series of intensive warmup exercises followed by almost two hours of katas and form practice all in full weights. He hadn't even noticed his first magical friend had been sitting on a rock watching him till she began humming the tune to Kung-fu Fighting which made him stumble in the middle of a high kick and fall flat on his arse. The embarrassed blush on his face only served to increase Sam's laughter.

“Why didn't you tell me you knew kung-fu anyway specks.” Sam asked as Harry joined her on her stony perch after finally getting his composure back.

“Hakuda.” Harry said as if that one word clarified everything.

“Gesundheit.” Sam replied.

“It's called Hakuda not kung-fu Sam. And I didn't think you cared.” Harry clarified. “I didn't think girls liked fighting very much around here.” He continued believing himself to be making complete sense.

“Specks I grew up in a small town in the American deep south. There's not much else to do but fight and wrastle. Plus my daddy's been teachin me Muay-Tai since I was old enough to walk.” Sam replied pretending to flex and show off. “How's about a spar Specks you and me?” Sam asked moving to the center of the area and shrugging off her outer robe leaving her in the uniform underneath. Shaking his head as he stood up Harry made his way to center of the area and stood across form his friend. Taking stance Sam placing her hands near her face with her legs bobbing ready to move at any second. Harry responded with a low stance, feet evenly spaced apart, and his arms guarding his body. They stayed that way for a moment waiting and watching. Then at some unseen signal Harry darted forward going in for the preemptive strike Hakuda fighters were known for. Aiming for the solar plexus hoping to end things fast before Either of them got hurt he was shocked to find his arm caught mid strike. Smirking Sam delivered a hard jab to his stomach before following it up an elbow to the jaw and a kick to the chest sending Harry skidding back. Charging forward to keep up the flurry of blows Sam was unprepared for Harry to regain his bearing so quickly and deliver a series of quick strikes to her abdomen before moving behind her and wing clipping her while she was off center. Quickly spinning Sam aimed to take Harry's legs out from under him. Using the momentum from her spin to work her way back to her feet even as Harry jumped back. She moved in with a series of swift strikes and jabs trying to catch her opponent with a blow and start another combination Sam soon noticed Harry was matching her movements and quickly changed her pattern. Managing to land a knee to his side Sam was quick to follow up with a batch of jabs and knee blows. Seeing the incoming uppercut Harry quickly leaned back and flipped backwards catching Sam's chin with his left foot on the way back. Both stopped moving staring each other down for a moment before charging forward together. Both managed to deliver a heavy strike to the others stomachs knocking both to the ground. Looking up to each other the pair made quick eye contact before they both burst out laughing.

“That was the best fight I've had in ages Sam.” Harry chuckled out holding his bruised jaw. Sam was similarly nursing sore spot on her stomach while nodding her head. Neither had ever really had an even spar before both being taught individually by adults and thus easily overpowered. Helping each other to the castle infirmary to pick up some bruising salve neither realized that Harry hadn't removed his limb weights before the match. A few yards over just within the forest Alex was busy practicing with the training sword he had managed to get permission to bring in with him. According to the book he was borrowing from Harry (Who didn't know he had it at the time) A Fullbringer was able to get the best results with a tool that they are intimately familiar with. And there was no tool he was more familiar with than the training katana his mother had given to him before she passed on. He'd had it since he was three and had been training since he was six. Growing more and more frustrated as time went on and nothing happened he began unconsciously channeling more magic through the blunted weapon and for a brief second the blade shifted and passed cleanly through the tree he had been practicing on. Seeing the deep smooth cut Alex's grin widened and he sheathed the once again blunt practice weapon and turned to leave and figure out what he had done different the last time. If he had stayed around for even a moment later he would have seen a glow emanate from the trunk of the tree around the cut before it burst forth in a small explosion.


A growing craving was all she felt, all she had been feeling since seeing those ghosts before her sorting. Something was drawing Hermione's mind constantly to the many ghosts that haunted the halls of the school. Calling to her almost constantly that the power would be delicious. Shaking her head the bushy book worm dove deeper in to her studies hoping homework would push away the gnawing in the back of her mind demanding ever louder that she somehow consume the spirits. Taking out her favorite possession a small leather bound journal her father had bought for her once she began jotting down more creatures that swam through her mind both real and made up hoping to drive away the feelings.


It was growing dark and Harry found himself in an abandoned class room determined to draw out his Zanpakuto this time. Drawing the same ritual circle he had drawn all those years ago he began to meditate. His wand sitting before him absorbing his spiritual and magical energy as he drifted deeper and deeper into the trance. Soon the circle began to glow faintly and like it was meant to do began to draw on the ambient energy around it and focus it into the ritual participant who in turn channeled into his wand. Suddenly Harry was torn out of his trance by a crack and looked down to see his circle destroyed and in place of his wand lay a long spear like staff. A long blade like something off a short sword topped one end the metal a deep royal purple. The haft was a deep red with black leather wrapped around it that seemed to draw in the light around it. At the counter point of the blade sat a large yellow jewel slightly larger than Harry's fist. Lifting the weapon up harry could feel his magic sing louder than it had when he had found his wand that his spear/staff had taken the place of the problem was how he was going to hide such a large item from sight. With a sudden flash of inspiration he concentrated on the form of his Zanpakuto and the form of his old wand and slowly began convincing one that it looked like the other like his transfiguration book had suggested. Slowly the weapon began to shift and shrink until it looked just like his old wand. Practicing shifting it between staff and wand until he was sure he could preform the change quickly he placed the now wand shaped Zanpakuto into it's holster and headed off to dinner. He had a craving for some nachos.

AN: Done phew that was fun. I've had some people not so subtly hint at the idea of a harem so I'll let my beloved fans decide stick with just Hermione and Sam or give Harry even more lovin. I'm already pretty sure of who the other girls will be but leave your vote and any suggestions in a review with a good reason why harry should pair with the girl/s you want and I'll take your opinion under consideration. Till next time tootles.
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